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We will win 2-0. Come on you reds.
28th Nov 2012 8:59
28th Nov 2012 9:17
"Iv got a bad felling about this one not great visiting spurs over the past few seasons well get thrashed I predict 4-1 spurs I hope I'm wrong come on you reds YNWA"
28th Nov 2012 9:47
"We have not scored any late goals this forget us scoring a consolation late goal..."
28th Nov 2012 9:56
"No Pressure, bu tme tea leaves say, Jose is in for two, and either Hendo or Johnson for 1, possibly each.....we will not have a clean sheet, but will take the three points. It's in the tea leaves, so must be true. YNWA"
28th Nov 2012 12:05
"Howie5o whatever brew your drinking I'll have a pot of that LOL cheers mate."
28th Nov 2012 12:32
"Hey RainbowMan I've read your comments over the last couple of day and to say that they've been NEGATIVE would be a severe understatement. Are you sure your a Liverpool supporter or an undercover Manx? YNWA REDS"
28th Nov 2012 12:38
"Fair assessment and a nice bloke tbh. I see a red card for Bale in this one. "
28th Nov 2012 13:04
"I am not so optimistic about this game Dave! You are right to be upbeat, we are the underdogs, lose or draw this fixture from more than a decade, so I will be vey happy if we will be capable to snatch a point tonight, I don't believe any more, I am sincere, with a win I'd get over the moon! Come on you Reds!"
28th Nov 2012 13:14
"If Jomjo started rather than Hendo vs Swansea we would have and be contending for 4th. This will be tougher, but unless Jonjo replaces Hendo at start, with same starting lineup vs Wigan for the rest, then we may have a chance...."
28th Nov 2012 13:42
"I think we should keep up the reputation of this club and not keep throwing betting adverts in peoples faces. Betting industry is filth. It relies on making people skint and here we are promoting it, like it's some sort of charity! Sort it out Henry!"
28th Nov 2012 13:50
"We have not been able to cut Spurs 2 Liverpool 1"
28th Nov 2012 14:34
"Hope Dempsey has his 3M boots on instead of his 6M :-)"
28th Nov 2012 14:54
"Seeing highlights of Spurs this season suggests to me that most of their goals are created by Bale. I'll tempt e by saying they look a bit one-dimensional and Lennon is much less of a danger. If we're vigilant and cap Bale, then I think we can win this one."
28th Nov 2012 16:54
"We just cant score regularly enough. I would take a point and move on"
28th Nov 2012 16:57
"Yes we will win 2-0, Only time Spurs beat us is when we play awful, if we play the standard we are capable of will will definetly win. When they won 4-0 we were down to 10 men due to Charlie Adam's recklessness. Raheem the Dream will make them scream!!"
28th Nov 2012 17:45
"I will be very glad if we win but I don't think this is going to happen. It would be a miracle and a nice dream for tonight!!!."
28th Nov 2012 17:51
"Have a feeling Brendan will pull a master stroke and play Michael NGoo tonight, he will scare the life outa them, like another Peter Crouch."
28th Nov 2012 18:30
"the good displays have come often enough to suggest the plan is worth persevering with. Both clubs have started down a road that will have pitfalls along the way, but the potential rewards at the end of it mean patience is required. How come fans at other clubs can see this and some of us can't?"
28th Nov 2012 18:43
"By the looks of things, I am too optimistic. I have a good feeling about tonight. We will win 2-1 Goals by: Suarez and Gerrard. Come on you reds."
28th Nov 2012 18:52
"more of a chance of caroll scoring a hat trick hope we beat saints at weekend cmon redmen prove me wrong."