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Can't blame FSG for not giving an inexperienced manager big money to sign players that fit his unproven formula that has never produced results: Watford, Reading, Swansea. Especially when, if we're being real, he will probably be gone in the June, unless something drastic changes with results. We are LFC, not Villa.. New manager will want his own players and Jan buys are pricey eg AC.
27th Nov 2012 11:34
27th Nov 2012 11:39
"I don't like this one bit, loan signings pff... Brendan are you scared buying another borini flop??"
27th Nov 2012 12:13
"YNWA-22, What is Wrong with you? How can a player be a flop when he is Injured? Its better to keep Quiet than undermining our club. You have choices-Man City, Chelski, Manure e.t.c. Please choose where it suits you."
27th Nov 2012 12:14
"dont know what is going on with this club anymore.I hate these mixed messages sent by BR.#fact-we have a very lean squad,we didnt invest properly in June and need to do so in Jan.FSG should have never bough the club if they wanted emmediate profits.the formular is simple invest in the (squad)team in Jan and June.we get back to CL football and then profits will be realised"
27th Nov 2012 12:44
"Some of these comments about BR being gone etc someone else, We are a team on the up, Have Faith!!! YNWA!"
27th Nov 2012 12:48
"dont buy scrap players pls, just buy 1 super striker who help Suarez in the box..."
27th Nov 2012 13:04
"I approve some loan acquisitions as Darren Bent but no crap loanees, please one excellent permanent acquisition, I don't ask more, Huntelaar, Remy, Grosskreuz never mind, it will be enough he's a centre forward with an eye for goal!"
27th Nov 2012 13:15
"SGM73 fans like you really disapoint me. Clearly there has been a vast improvement in play since last season and rodgers has made a diffrence. Back the manager don't him off."
27th Nov 2012 13:32
"Tbabs I have seen him play before his injury, and you can support freakin mancs yourself!"
27th Nov 2012 14:11
"TBabs, i think youre out of order having a go at YNWA-22, i also think Borini is a waste of money and a major flop. he is no where near as good as the strikers BR has got rid of. Kuyt, Bellamy and Carroll so maybe you should listen to other fans opinions and not have a go at them for it.."
27th Nov 2012 14:15
"SGM73 back the club and stop whining, i have watched your other comments and do you have nothing positive to say? I think BR has done better job than KD tacticaly! Give BR time he will come good! It doesn't help club if we change manager every season!"
27th Nov 2012 14:40
"Face the facts before you flap your lips. BR is not going to be given huge amounts in January; players for sale are usually suspect; loan players can be selected in numbers and culled; KD and Comoli laid a minefield for BR. LFc have a plan and a future."
27th Nov 2012 14:51
"Great plan bent proven 28 last chance at big club and we don´t pay squat except his wages if he fails which he won´t YNWA "
27th Nov 2012 15:00
"Rodgers style of play is great but will not win LFC games regularly to challenge for top 4 or even win cups ,unless FSG give him the money to bring in the top players that can play his style of football from the go .LFC are in danger of becoming a mid to bottom of league table team permanently,so please get in the players "
27th Nov 2012 16:45
"Move heaven and earth to sign Falcoa...or Cavani!"
27th Nov 2012 17:36
"Rodgers is doing well and will only keep on improving. Anyone who can't see that needs a major reality check!"
27th Nov 2012 17:37
"Kennys team this time last year were playing better football than Rodgers team. Getting more points, scoring more goals and had higher tempo to their game. We have to be honest with ourselves. If we can only get one or two loan signings in we are f**cked. Much better to bring back Andy C as a matter of urgency."
27th Nov 2012 17:38
"Bent? You cant be serious. AC much better than him"
27th Nov 2012 17:45
"How many of you fans out there would marry a beautiful model before you seen what she/ he ,for the girls was like in bed? I'd like every new player to be on loan with a view to buy if it works out."
27th Nov 2012 17:56
"FSG said signing BR would be a long term investment! so all u BR hatter's jog on or get behind him because he aint going nowhere for a long while. in Brendan Rodgers i trust, keep up the hard work nd YNWA!!!"
27th Nov 2012 18:01
"dont you people understand liverpool are not man city or chelsea, we dont have funds to buy everyone we need now so Brendan is only doing what is needed. wake up people be realistic and support your manager nt team. in Brendan Rodgers i trust YNWA!!!"
27th Nov 2012 18:22
"WhelanR, KK had more depth last year in the squad than we have now BR, is trying to change things at LFC for the best, he wants to put his stamp on the team but before he can do that he had to make drastic changes. Yes he got rid of good players most of them 30 plus years of age most of them on 60k plus a week we are saving money to spend on younger talent, cheaper talent. cont.."
27th Nov 2012 18:26
"sorry to say but king kenny made some bad signings and we are paying for it now as fsg are scared to put there money on the line if brendan goes in june i fear the worst cont..."
27th Nov 2012 18:27
"we dont need to keep changing managers it would only make our nightmare worse. i believe BR is the key to unlock that door that has been locked for so long, the thing we crave most of all the BPL le. in Brendan Rodgers i trust YNWA!!! "
27th Nov 2012 18:27
" a new manager comes in clears out a lot of players and brings in players we cant keep doing this every second year new manager new system new players we need stability and to give brendan a chance to develop our young players and mold them into his system give him time ynwa"
27th Nov 2012 18:45
"FSG came in and saved the club financialy, then handed Camolli and Kenny all the money they wanted,and they bought over priced players. These are businessmen and are not going to make the same mistakes again cont.. "
27th Nov 2012 18:49
"..cont, we are going in the right direction...slowly, if we had just one more goal scorer along side Luis from the start of the season we would not have drawn so many games and would be at least top 4 now,this is how Manure and sir purple nose started many years ago."
27th Nov 2012 19:43
"IS it not possible to activate Demba Ba's release clause? I reall it was around £7m and he is a proven striker (goal machine) in the EPL - together with Suarez we'll have the most lethal strike force in EPL! And certainly ensure a TOP 4 FINISH FOR CL and attract better players next season! ONLY problem Br is a Midtable manager who still thinks as such e.g. loan move for D.Bent. "
27th Nov 2012 19:49
"i wish our website would allow us write longer messages its the only place i like putting opinions as its not full of mancs and bluenoses get it sorted LFC YNWA"
27th Nov 2012 20:44
"Borini ins´t a flop!"
27th Nov 2012 21:47
"brendan is the best thing to liverpool in years.we are playing good football and bringing in young players.give him time results will follow.pity he dosen't have the money kenny wasted on caroll,adam and henderson.55m wasted"
27th Nov 2012 21:54
"BR has a big mouth but the unfortunate thing is every time he opens his mouth, he is contradicting himself. january this, january that. just shut Roger, do you Roger that?!"
27th Nov 2012 21:56
"nobody is gonna force nobody from here, just state your case and debate. you are deluded and have chosen to bury your head in the sand."
27th Nov 2012 22:06
"Rodgers has never contradicted himself. He has always said he will strengthen in January but without significant funding. If we loan players in that can score goals and sell players on high wages, more money for significant signings will be available in the summer. This is a marathon and not a sprint. That is the reality. Do not forget the impressive talent coming through the academy. "
27th Nov 2012 23:52
"Where do people like SGM73 come from? Are they really LFC fans? What exactly is the point of constantly ripping on the manager. Unless something disastrous happens, he'll be there in June and beyond. Ignore the trolls. YNWA!"
28th Nov 2012 0:00
"This is spot on. FSG were never going to pile more money on after all that wasted on Carroll, etc. I really don't believe these negative people are longtime Liverpool fans. "
28th Nov 2012 0:43
"Get real everyone. Why would the likes of demba nor Walcott come to us, we did not have money, or do anyone of u think they will come to learn from BR? Beggars can't be chooser, we need to get used to this."
28th Nov 2012 0:56
"I've been a die hard Liverpool fan for almost 15 years, and this is the worst season of Liverpool that I've ever witnessed, I don't hope too much for the next a couple of season, but I wish all the best fo Liverpool.YNWA"
28th Nov 2012 3:37
"Why don't we give Adam Morgan some games?"
28th Nov 2012 5:57
"SGM73 your an idiot if you think Rogers is going in June. He's been outstanding, but we can;t keep paying over the odds. The problem was the ridiculous expenditures of Dalglish/Commoli"
28th Nov 2012 7:12
"Bent??? I hope I get some money back on my season ticket. I don't pay £48 a game to watch total rubbish like him. He can't even get in a team that's in the relegation zone. If BR is talking about players as poor as him it's no wonder FSG have taken away the the cheque book."
28th Nov 2012 7:34
"Darren Bent...NOOOOOO!!! Aside from that, Rodgers is of no better value than Swansea or for that matter, LFC for the past few seasons. To return to where we should be will require a top Manager, top players and no compromise. Eg. Chelsea, ManC, etc"
28th Nov 2012 9:05
"just read how we are 3rd best supported club in PL we are also one of the most popular clubs in the WORld, and yet we are worried to spend what a championship club would spend.Old saying "Pay peanuts... etc. We need to get top four to get revenue. We have the money, lets not be frightened to invest in new players. Even Kenny didnt break the bank after the £50m from Torres considered "
28th Nov 2012 9:53
"Rodgers is not doing great - we play slow, boring, no creativity and without any pressure on the opponent. We do not need Bent or anyone else on loan. Rodgers/LFC show some ambitions and buy a couple of big players. if not - were are doomed to stay an avarage team for a very long time. Buy Huntelaar/Llorente/Gotze/Cavani/Zouma/Walcott.. AMBITIONS PLEASE!!!"
28th Nov 2012 10:11
"Sgm73 how can you call yourself a fan when all you do is slate your manager , team and club because that is what your doing with your negative comments!!! Come On BR!!! YNWA long live the mighty reds!!!!"
28th Nov 2012 12:43
"WhelanR..17:37....Spot on! SGM73....You could well be correct.We are already on manager number 3 under FSG. Boston Red Sox on manager number 5 since FSG bought them in 2002.That's a new manager every 2 years!!!"
28th Nov 2012 13:04
"So it means we have "money" to bring Carroll back and loan some unwanted player."
28th Nov 2012 13:15
"bat-lfc-man 27th Nov 2012 13:15 we might be playing more possession football but results are worse than last season , and at the end of the day its results that count ,but im always a red through good and bad ,but still have opinions "
28th Nov 2012 15:29
"darren bent=414 176 goals therry henry 725,340 sherar 733,379 fowler 589.252 rooney 452 ,201 bent gets goals good loan move"
28th Nov 2012 16:07
"Bring Rafa on loan. He will atleast help BR buy some quality budget players. "
28th Nov 2012 18:07
"Dont worry guys. Its basically a tactic to lower expectations of opposite clubs during the transfer window. Guys, please understand the business of football. "
28th Nov 2012 19:37
"Unless we buy a PROVEN GOALSCORER TO HELP SUAREZ,I can't see us finishing anywhere near the higher league places.Some say we are playing better BUT we are still not scoring ENOUGH GOALS like the last few seasons"
29th Nov 2012 11:23
"Big team goes with big names it is only the summer transfers that will rescue the reds.I'm so worried that liver pool may disappear like DINOUSERS from premiership....GALACTICOS.......GALACTICOS.....GALACTICOS.......IT IS THE TIME TO RESCUE THE TEAM."