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27th Nov 2012 9:18
27th Nov 2012 9:25
"hope you tell Iscoo this, Jose please.. or tello.. we need more spanish wizard's"
27th Nov 2012 9:43
"Agree Amrishmb. Jose gave the forward line the attacking option needed. He has the confidence to go forward and get a good cross in from the dead ball line which has not been evident much. MOTD video showed his goal against Swansea should have been allowed earning LFC two more points. Against Spurs would like to see Johnson at LB and Carra RB if Wisdom still injured where experience is needed."
27th Nov 2012 10:07
""If you don't play well you are on the bench" er..not if you're Joe Allen or Fabio Borini!Only if you are one of Kenny's buys! The jury's still out on BR big time.1 win in 8 games is the only stat I see."
27th Nov 2012 10:08
"Switching Enrique and Downing around is proof that Rodgers knows his stuff. He doesn't get it right tactically 100% of the time but who does? The likes of the great Bob Paisley did things like this."
27th Nov 2012 10:31
"I think it's kind of cheesy, embarrassing etc. that our boss thinks he's the next Guardiola. Be yourself, Buck , a huge ego doesn't hurt in this business but emulate no one. Didn't your folks tell you that? Enough of this tika taka nonsense too. Just win us games!"
27th Nov 2012 10:32
"Great work rate jose. in rb i trust."
27th Nov 2012 10:33
"Great idea that to move Jose to left wing but think that he's right, the best position for him is left back or wing back, anyway it's right for me create some alternatives for a player, he could be so indentified as a jolly player suitable to more positions on the pitch. Well done BR! Well done Jose! YNWA JE"
27th Nov 2012 11:13
"L-Man07/anotherone2.0 I agree with your comments. It's like the emperor's new clothes with BR and his disciples. Under KD I thought we'd win every game & were unlucky not to most of the time. Now, I expect to draw/lose. That's the difference. Job at LFC is too big for BR right now.."
27th Nov 2012 11:17
"Keep going Jose, you're playing well. It was bad luck against Swansea, but not your fault. It's nice to see your versatile side, especially when you chip in with goals. "
27th Nov 2012 11:18
"Keep going Jose, you're playing well. It was bad luck against Swansea, but not your fault. It's nice to see your versatile side, especially when you chip in with goals. "
27th Nov 2012 11:27
"The yellow man is moving again?"
27th Nov 2012 11:30
"We need a winning mentality not spanish... "
Billy B girl
27th Nov 2012 12:34
"You are playing fantastic Jose - did he drop you only to say he brought you back as a better player? I still don't think he's up to it!!! "
27th Nov 2012 12:38
"Johnson as attacking midfield on the right then we have the balance. Need AC back in January as we have ball crossers but no proven attacking ariel threat."
27th Nov 2012 12:40
"Sometimes you read comments and wonder who is the bizarre person behind them. A player comes out and praises his manager and some fans take umbrage? Then, you have some anorak lamenting the dreary days of KK, totally in denial of the facts and with no sense of irony, states; that the job is too big for BR? You just have to chuckle or you will go mad. "
27th Nov 2012 12:43
"Could we do the same with Glenn Johnson in the same role pushing him up a bit futher up the pitch? that would give you a very strong left and right wing as they are both attacking defenders so the team unit would be very tight attacking unit with both a left and right back behind them. YNWA!!!!!"
27th Nov 2012 12:54
"I like the way he shields the ball a really strong fella"
27th Nov 2012 13:13
"as you say jose is a lfc great team but for time being we are mid table. I'll give you the answer. we have player who have great strenght and capable of running but there is a lack of INTELLIGENCE in our game. Players don't pass the ball when need to be and no space created when others get the ball. look on sunday players just took the ball and running on the line"
27th Nov 2012 13:33
"got to love the attacking side from enrique now his pace and power puts the opposition defence in all kinds of problems good stuff"
27th Nov 2012 14:39
"high time to make El Toro a permanent left winger"
27th Nov 2012 15:50
"DRED11 totally agree."
Young sterling
27th Nov 2012 16:06
"runconleo I think yu don't understand football why would yu play carrager at the rb , do yu think he can match bale' s pace yu are a joker m8. Please BR can yu start shelvey ?"
27th Nov 2012 17:26
"I never douted you,you showed your skills from the start,even stevie g has his off days,gratz on the nice skills your showing,,keep it up m8 YNWA"
27th Nov 2012 17:48
"Playing better than anytime since he arrived at the club. Looks very determined on the pitch. Hope this form continues, a good example to some of the other players. Shame he is not a natural goalscorer, we wouldn't need another striker in January. ynwa"
27th Nov 2012 22:42
"At least Rodgers is not scared to try new things! "
28th Nov 2012 1:52
"What? Like the Armada? Great success that was..."
28th Nov 2012 17:17
"Young sterling,when you have a few more years of following LFC like I have (over 50yrs) then you are enled to criticise other fans but respect their views. I don't criticise fellow fans on here but try and offer constructive comments. My reasoning was with respect to Spurs game where experience in defence will be needed against a team very much on a par with LFC so please respect my views. "
28th Nov 2012 17:24
"Carra has played RB many times in the past so is familiar with that role. He may not have the pace but makes up for it by his skill and intelligence."