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I am really happy that there is a so tight relationship between you and your more experienced teammates like Lucas. Listen and accept the advices of the eldest teammates is a sign of maturity and an aim to improve and grow as a man and footballer. Well done Hendo! Keep going so lad! YNWA Hendo!!
1st Dec 2012 9:54
1st Dec 2012 10:05
"sorry but both of you are the worse midfield players we've had since Diao and Bruno or what ever his name was...You make Voronin look good! Both of these so called pro's will never ever come near Masc or Xabi. And hence why we can't win a free kick at present never mind a game."
1st Dec 2012 10:05
"sorry but both of you are the worse midfield players we've had since Diao and Bruno or what ever his name was...You make Voronin look good! Both of these so called pro's will never ever come near Masc or Xabi. And hence why we can't win a free kick at present never mind a game."
1st Dec 2012 10:08
"Jordan has improved this year but is still not the finished article. He tries too hard and goes into "headless chicken" mode he is then knackered after 70mins. He lacks confidence especially in the opposition area. At least he is getting there "
1st Dec 2012 11:31
"Cue a slgging off from people who call themselves LFC supporters.. You find out a lot about people in adversity... I'm starting to hate LFC fans these days, like all other clubs do.. I kind of get their point now.. "
1st Dec 2012 11:38
"Gettin a bit sick of all this bs coming from non-educated LFC fans, yes hendo and lucas aren't at the standard of xabi and masc but they're by no means bad players, this is LFC for sake! get behind your team or keep your mouth shut. kind regards, a true liverpool fan. "
1st Dec 2012 12:00
"I think LFC fans have to be a bit more patient.I believe in Brendon, and so hope he proves all you doom n gloomers wrong. Keep the faith. LFC till i die"
1st Dec 2012 12:07
"Over the years Liverpool FC have had players from all over the globe playing for them, players who have realsied how lucky they are. "
1st Dec 2012 12:08
"In modern times however when players are holding clubs to ransom, players getting swayed by riches and instant success elsewhere it is extremely regreshing to have a player from Brazil who came to these shores at such a young age not knowing the English language, unfamiliar with the playing style and endured a lot of flack but fought. "
1st Dec 2012 12:09
"Lucas got his head down, embraced the ethos of LFC and is proving to be such a true gentleman, inspiration and hero to many. I get a similar vibe with Pepe and Agger. We are lucky to have such players at the club. Dirk and Luis Garcia were 2 other players who realised how privilaged they were. "
1st Dec 2012 12:10
"Hendo hasn't had the best of starts but with players Like Lucas, Pepe, and of course our local lads i feel he realises how lucky he is and want's to fight for a future at LFC. Which is why I think it is harsh all this 'misfit' nonsense. "
1st Dec 2012 12:10
"We will do well to stick by Jordan and i am sure in a few yrs time he will be getting the praise that Lucas currently has. Sorry for the essay BTW!"
1st Dec 2012 12:55
"Lucas has wasted his time, Henderson is rubbish along with Downing, both of whom Brendan keeps playing, neither of them add anything good to the team! "
1st Dec 2012 13:10
"No disrespect meant here but it's the same spiel, almost corporate talk.Can we please revert to Shankly & "do your talking on the pitch", as in scoring goals.Talking never won a game"
The Naysayer Slayer
1st Dec 2012 13:10
"Jordan "Marmite" Henderson. Don't worry Jordan. The true fans can see your hard work and your potential. As long as you learn from your mistakes and try hard everyday we have high hopes for you.We need more Lucas's and Jordans in our team."
1st Dec 2012 13:27
"hendo.. learn whatever u can, coz it will help u n even the club..."
LFC Nuuk Greenland
1st Dec 2012 14:12
"Keep the spirit up lad. You'll get there soon enough, as you're still young. I remember just a few years ago, many "socalled" LFC fans told Lucas to get the crap out. Now he's one of our best. So please give Hendo before he's loosing his spirit and confidence. I thrilled that Lucas is back after his terrible injury. Hopefully BR subs Allen and let Lucas take his place back."
1st Dec 2012 14:21
"Keep your chin up lad, it will come good soon. Good luck today lads, winning run starts today! YNWA."
1st Dec 2012 14:51
"We will keep improving!"
1st Dec 2012 15:00
"You can't help admiring the mans determination. He's had the hardest job of all, learning many positions."
1st Dec 2012 17:00
"You will suceed Jordan, Lucas didn't seem all that great at the beginning but he had the determination to prove all the doubters wrong and he did it by sheer perserverance and hard work, you can do it as well, you have the same mindset and hunger YNWA Hendo. never fotget the Tortoise and the Hare Story."
1st Dec 2012 17:06
"You can become the ultimate utility player Jordo Hendo, that type of player is priceless, keep going lad!"
1st Dec 2012 17:41
"Keep it up."
1st Dec 2012 19:27
"hahahaha scousemolby96 what a joke of a fan you are soft lad. Love to get a lobotomy on people like you to see where the kind of crap you come spouts from. Who hurt you lad? Was it the parents neglecting you? Honest opinion; Lucas is better than Mascherano."
Afrika Kop
1st Dec 2012 20:26
"I am happy you are learning from a true star. I really want henderson to succeed. But after watching him today, it is starting to look like too much of a yoyo perfomance from him. Get steady on the ball, don't rush, try to maker forward passes, and try to move with the ball a bit sometimes. "
1st Dec 2012 21:07
"Keep working hard Hendo. Our team is starting to gel. Good times ahead!"
2nd Dec 2012 10:05
"Forget Henderson... Get Diame from West Ham.. That guy is a monster and the way he outclass chevs' midfield n defence was sheer class. We need that kind of player and not the likes of Henderson who always play back and side passes."