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we need to make sure we go there and keep doing what we've been doing..NOOOOOO..we must draw,no loss..only winning will be accepted..shoot more often..
27th Nov 2012 8:45
27th Nov 2012 8:47
27th Nov 2012 8:47
"you have good potential..the problem is the manager "
27th Nov 2012 8:47
"This guy is a player for the future.. May be he only need to raise his game a little and then we can talk about another"Didier HAMANN' for LFC!!!"
Big Eyes ex R.S.A
27th Nov 2012 8:48
"Jordan, not your fault you arrived at such a high cost you just lack that creative spark and confidence, work on that and you will be a good solid player you are still only 22."
Afrika Kop
27th Nov 2012 8:51
"I like Hendo and like him to succeed at Liverpool. He looks like a good kid. When playing along side Joe Allen, he need to make more game changing forward passes, running forward, into spaces and not just hit the nice side ways and short continuity type passes. His heart is in the right place. "
27th Nov 2012 8:51
"he's been doing better recently, still not a starting 11 player but would definitely keep him in the squad"
27th Nov 2012 8:52
"I've always believed in you Henderson. Prove the doubters wrong."
27th Nov 2012 8:55
"really ? :)"
27th Nov 2012 8:58
"ah good enough for liverpool? cheeky stuff from him implying that the team is mediocre"
27th Nov 2012 8:58
"Kedep on working lad - your quality and potential is there for all to see. But we won't see the best of you until Lucas is back and one or two of the older members of our team have hung up their boots."
27th Nov 2012 8:59
"I don't know about others but I find this comment arrogant , slightly. A bit of disrespect to the club. Frankly I feel he is the most frustrating player and a long way to go. "
27th Nov 2012 8:59
"We'll see"
27th Nov 2012 8:59
"No, you are not."
27th Nov 2012 9:02
"His good display against Wigan builds on my optimism: I've always been aware of his enormous potential, but doubted his mentality, whether it's strong enough for a big club. "
27th Nov 2012 9:12
"I really admire the work rate of Henderson and think he has the potential to be a quality player for Liverpool if he can improve attacking side of the game."
27th Nov 2012 9:12
"Whatever you say Hendo."
27th Nov 2012 9:17
"This guy needs to play as defensive mid as cover for Lucas - Good att.itude, grafter and a decent player if given more of a chance."
27th Nov 2012 9:18
"the cheek of it. impressive on the training ground but can't boss the midfield on the pitch, lucky to be getting so much game time."
27th Nov 2012 9:20
"The original le of this news: "I'm good enough for Liverpool". Why this was changed? Too many negative comments?"
27th Nov 2012 9:26
"Jordan Henderson is still work in progress and one for the future. He hasn't been England youth international at all levels and captained under 21's for nothing so give him the time he deserves. Playing along side Stevie G and Lucas Leiva will help his development. Under BR he will give him the confidence to be the player his potential shows."
Rush job
27th Nov 2012 9:32
"Cant fault this lads atude. Fair play."
27th Nov 2012 9:33
"Expecting and demanding a win at spurs is silly, but we can do it if things work out for us. We have been improving lately but we really need to get both our fullbacks and offensive midfielders to get into more scoring positions. Its not fair Suarez has to score all goals hehe :-)"
27th Nov 2012 9:37
"Not being funny but if you dont start to learn how to tackle,close players down, move the ball forward not just short side ways backward passes you become an ok footballer, at present I wouldn't even have you in reserves. add no value what so ever... "
27th Nov 2012 9:40
"Big improvement this season. Still can be a "headless chicken" at times in his efforts but given time I reckon he will be a better buy than Allen. Better footballing brains than mine seem to reckon him. "
27th Nov 2012 9:43
"you guys talk too much. hendo fact is you lack confidence in front off goal, shoot more try to do something exceptional, learn from suso"
27th Nov 2012 9:48
" hendo acts like an attacking midfeilder who doesn't score and a defensive midfeilder who doesn't tackle"
27th Nov 2012 9:52
"Listen up BR, Play back 4, Mid diamond and 2 up front v Spurs... Reina. Johnson-Agger-Skertl-Robinson. Henderson-Allen-Enrique-Gerrard. Suarez-Sterling. Get as much pace in the side as possible."
27th Nov 2012 9:55
"Not sure if you are good enough for LFC. More than a year and you yet to give a MOTM display. "
27th Nov 2012 10:03
"That is what you want to hear from a player1 feel sorry for him bought for 20 mil as a central midfielder and then played on the right for a year."
27th Nov 2012 10:03
"I echo Runcornleo's comments. At least Hendo leaves nothing out there on the pitch. To be honest I'd rather have JH play than Allen. However in terms of young midfielders at the club Jonjo is probably the benchmark."
27th Nov 2012 10:20
"...and that is where you err my friend. Do not be desperate. Chill, relax, and remember you're not sweating by some conveyor belt. Enjoy your football and we'll see if those laudations are justified or not. (Personally I think not, sorry) "
27th Nov 2012 10:20
"we have to recognise the huge improvement done by Jordan since he wears the LFC shirt, but as much as that he has a lot of work to do to become the finish article, a complee all-round midfielder as we expect, anyway congratulations to him to have earned the faith of BR in the space of this three months of the season. An advice for BR: no more JH at right back, he's terrible! YNWA JH"
27th Nov 2012 10:24
"i think Hendo is more of an athelete than a footballer, hopefully that will change over time... can't fault his work rate or atude mind you and that says a lot for me"
Gerrard o ya beauty
27th Nov 2012 10:27
"To many players at LFC think a draw is a good result, I heard Johnson say the other week after the Chelsea game "we probably would of taken a point b4 the game" no us fans want to win every game! It's been the liverpool way for years! Drawing games in the prem gets top clubs nowhere, a draw would be a good result in the Champs leauge but not prem! YNWA"
Truth Hurts 13
27th Nov 2012 10:32
"Sorry mate! The only reason u a around coz ur age. Grow up B O Y or u r out!!"
27th Nov 2012 10:36
"Keep at it! He cant be doing much wrong if hes being selected for England and also he was selected for the euro's i think this guy has a lot of promise and could offer liverpool alot in the future."
27th Nov 2012 10:37
"Mate I'm sorry but you need to tx downing and cole and pack your bags because you guys are just horrible Also Gerrard please fix up of have a rest maybe your tired "
27th Nov 2012 10:46
"All the shallow and bitter fans need to off"
27th Nov 2012 10:48
"guy u missed the best chance last weekend against Swansea, try improve on that and watch more of Xabi Alonso terrific shot marking skills ok."
27th Nov 2012 10:49
"The comments are the usual mix of supporters and naive kids. Whenever JH is mentioned those who don't understand the game or our club always come out to attack him and us. This story will be no different.."
27th Nov 2012 10:51
"If his play was as aggressive as his words we might be on to something, but far too often on the pitch he bottles it."
27th Nov 2012 10:56
"you need to start playing better, some of your game is ok, but your passing at the moment is awful, just to the side, no forward movement and sometimes back to the keeper..."
27th Nov 2012 11:10
27th Nov 2012 11:12
"No need to tell us Hendo, we get it. The Lane is a difficult place to play. They only have 3 corner pegs and 1 goal. So we'll just go down to defend a point. That's the spanish way."
27th Nov 2012 11:15
"and before all the haters come out and have a go at me, ive been a fan long enough to remember that only the best and a win was ever close to being good enough. this guy does not offer anything and all he does is soak up our wage bill and take the place of somebody tha is good|!! he does nothing! why can nobody see that! the fans groan when he comes on! what does that say!!"
27th Nov 2012 11:24
"Jordan..I like you as a man. You have a fantastic doubt about it. But sometimes you have to put your hands up and say this isn't going to work out. Raheem Sterling is 17..and is showing his potential. You are 22..IMO that's the age where you determine whether a player makes it or not. Cont.."
27th Nov 2012 11:26
"You are below par. Need to improve a lot."
27th Nov 2012 11:28
"It's going to be extremely hard for you to succeed here when you have players like Allen, Shelvey, Suso in front of you. I don't doubt you're a good player..but we are LFC we don't need good players..we need great players. I think you should save your career and go elsewhere..because unless KK comes back. Cont.."
27th Nov 2012 11:28
"I doubt you'll ever be a regular again. If its any consolation..I rate you more than Downer :)."
27th Nov 2012 11:57
"I'll bet he'll still struggle even if he plays a the ladies! He'll never be good enough for LFC in a 1000 years. Keep dreaming kiddo."
27th Nov 2012 12:15
"Can Hendo be bettet than Charlie Adam one day?? no hope."
27th Nov 2012 12:17
"Can the pessimists leave the guy alone? He is trying to prove himself unlike all the player haters who only praise when we win and moan when things get harder. LFC is not for xmas presents, its for life. You are either in or out!! Period."
27th Nov 2012 12:17
"'I'm desperate to succeed at LFC because i will not get the salary I am on now anywhere else!' Do Liverpool a favour and look for a new club take a pay cut and try to play better!"
27th Nov 2012 12:24
"TBabs - why LFC become avarage club? because we have many average is not temporary...we are three years in the middle table....some players proved to be avarage and should leave this club... Support on the stadium, but critics suit here."
27th Nov 2012 12:32
"I'd like to see him play like he played against Wigan more often - he seemed quicker and more aggressive - if he played like that every game I would have no complaints!"
Billy B girl
27th Nov 2012 12:36
"There is something about you Jordan that I like - your honesty, on playing for England you are fantastic - you are a central midfielder playing on the right most of the time? love to see you play in the central role but no hope with Blue boy Allen!"
27th Nov 2012 12:56
"ithink u need to be sent out on loan like shelvey was he came back a better player u give it a 100 percent every game u play but its just not good enough. i think we will beat spurs coz we have to and stop drawin if we have any chance of gettin in the top half of the table"
27th Nov 2012 12:58
"Take it easy pal. Dont be desperate but be calm and concentrate. I see your passion you will be rewarded just be committed and up your game besides your energy and enthusiasm"
27th Nov 2012 13:01
"No for Joe Cole"
The Naysayer Slayer
27th Nov 2012 13:10
"Dare I comment? To all the HATERS out there this guy will prove very soon what a valuable asset he is. He is a true LFC player. He may not be perfect at the moment but he shows flashes of brilliance when played in the correct position. He CAN move the (cont)"
The Naysayer Slayer
27th Nov 2012 13:13
"ball forward. He CAN tackle, He Pressurises. People on here say he deals with the ball as a problem - The ball is always a problem when it isnt in the back of the oppositions net. His one touch football is the best around (contd)"
The Naysayer Slayer
27th Nov 2012 13:15
"And when we develop our players to understand Hendo a bit more then our team wil be unstoppable. I know LFC is about the team and not just one player but this guy IS a team player. He puts LFC before himself. Give the guy a chance!"
27th Nov 2012 13:25
"I cant understand what he done wrong the last day, obviously some of you dont watch the matches and think well it must be hendersons fault we dont win,"
27th Nov 2012 13:25
"I cant understand what he done wrong the last day, obviously some of you dont watch the matches and think well it must be hendersons fault we dont win,"
27th Nov 2012 13:25
"grow up the attack that would have led to a goal was led from a simple pass from henderson, the tackles that he doesnt do well I seen him put his foot in more times than alot of other players so watch the matches and stop badmouthing a good future player"
27th Nov 2012 13:27
"Jordan u got the ability mate but u gotta start making more offensive runs and passes!"
The Naysayer Slayer
27th Nov 2012 13:32
"lfcfootballsuitsme - Exactly mate, simple pass. But some of these plastic fans don't like to see a simple pass - they prefer to complicate things and prefer to see a player go round 3 defenders and then waste it."
27th Nov 2012 13:33
"U r short on confidence as i saw u in europa league against anzhi... Have some self confi n pace in ur game... U will surely succeed... All the best... "
27th Nov 2012 13:49
"hendo has agreat engine and tries very hard but i think he is lacking in his skill on the ball,his proper position is centre mid,shelvey has had half the football hendo has and done twice as much,always passing backwards facing the wrong goal"
27th Nov 2012 14:14
"Well another account and username. Don't think I need 3 guesses to work out who bubbled on me. #crybaby Kept away from pages once I realised I couldn't post on Sunday and as much as it initially infuriated me, it did make me realise how much bias, stubbornness there is. "
27th Nov 2012 14:15
"That coupled with your usual sad lonely person sitting at home, pretending to attend LFC games and making out as if he is on a superior level to us â"
27th Nov 2012 14:16
"But that aside, this is the website of my local team who I have supported for 30 years and viewed by my fellow brothers and sisters of the LFC family: YNWA!"
27th Nov 2012 14:16
"Relax Hendo, You are good enough to succeed just give it some time... "
27th Nov 2012 14:22
"Chances always await players that are positive atude and hard working! Talent alone can't go far... jus look at Messi and Ronaldo. Good luck lad... I got strong belief in u."
27th Nov 2012 14:35
"I am liking Jordan's at=i-tude. Sadly though, I believe he may not have a future at LFC. All the top clubs in the prem can afford to have players who may not play week in/week out. For us however, unless it is a youngster on under 10 grand a week then they are a expensive liabilty. "
27th Nov 2012 14:36
"Most top sides have been able to carry squad players over the years. Manu with O'shea and Brown etc. City and Chelsea could make 2 compet-i-tive sides. Even Spurs. We can't though, which is why I cannot see a future for Jordan as a red..."
27th Nov 2012 14:38
"high time to keep on winning at all costs "
27th Nov 2012 14:48
"Jordan - speak to Lucas Leiva. He had a difficult start but worked hard and succeeded."
27th Nov 2012 15:16
"There is an issue with Henderson is that Sunderland were prepared to sell Jordan for a fee around 4/5 millions Dalglish went on his way and paid 16 millions whether such a hefty transfer fee is affecting /will affect Henderson well I do not know."
27th Nov 2012 15:33
"ur not good enough end of "
27th Nov 2012 16:01
"Well well, you have to admire this chap. If only his skills could match his desire but if that was the case for all then every fan would be Pele. I noted the heading got changed to what he really said, which was that he was good enough for LFC, a bold statement for one that has done so little to prove this. "
27th Nov 2012 16:20
"He's a humble honest lad with a good loyal atude who wants to play for Liverpool, only 22 and so enthusiastic. I honestly wish this young man all the very best, I'd love to see him get his shots more on target, that will take time but he's not the only one in the team who's shooting is way below par, is there anyone in the squad good at shooting?"
27th Nov 2012 17:11
"redahead 27th Nov 2012 13:15 I agree. He will either succeed here or he won't but there is something about the lad I like and it's his 100% loyalty and never say die a-t-t-i-t-u-d-e. He turn out to be another Lucas. "
27th Nov 2012 17:15
"This guy is LFC,his work effort is like dirk kuyt"s "above most peoples" and who can touch him with a tennis ball ?,lol forget the douters,id say they dont know football then,,J H ynwa"
Gerrard o ya beauty
27th Nov 2012 17:29
"Hendo is a fringe player, and you can tell he works his socks off, and always gives 100%. But if your chasing a game or trying to get a goal the last person you want on the pitch is Hendo, he can't see a pass, from wot I see he just passes it back to the person who's just passed to him, when there's a pass that could open the opposition defence up! But he always give 100% so fair play there. YNWA"
27th Nov 2012 17:29
"People should realise that to keep on doing what they've been doing is actually a good thing! This team has been unlucky and has been on the end of some poor & unfair decisions - in Brendan we trust!"
27th Nov 2012 18:01
"Wish when he got the ball that his first thought would be a forward pass instead of sideways or backwards. He's obviously got talent otherwise he wouldn't have made the England under 21's but he still has a lot of improving to do before he deserves a first team place. But keep trying !! ynwa"
27th Nov 2012 18:20
"good lad JH we hope you suceed also never mind the knockers keep your head down and do us proud."
27th Nov 2012 19:23
"Say it with your performances on the field mate, not on here."
27th Nov 2012 19:58
"The short term memory on some..... All I have to say is, we already have one perfect example of what can be achieved when keeping head down, work hard and never give up: LUCAS LEIVA ANYONE who is a player at our club deserves backing up until they no longer are. WE ALL make this club special.... don't drag it down to the level of that club down south."
27th Nov 2012 20:00
27th Nov 2012 23:10
"BR, PLEASE DON't Start with Downing- AGAIN!!!"
27th Nov 2012 23:36
"He plays really well when he's played as a CM. Not the attacking one, an actual CM. Should rotate with Allen and Lucas rather than with Gerrard, Shelvey and Sahin."
27th Nov 2012 23:36
"Not every player can be the same. Some are work horses and some have the ability to see a pass without looking or score instinctively. A Team is made up of all different types of players and you are of the work horse category. Hurry and chase opposition players to give your Team mates a chance to use their abilities.Model yourself on Calli and you won't go wrong.YNWA"
28th Nov 2012 1:48
"So are we."
28th Nov 2012 2:46
"when u receive the ball, do not return it to the defense. look forward, like what Allen does.You have potential. "
28th Nov 2012 2:51
"Don't agree Sajadlfc. This is another WIP whether we the fans like it or not. Progress is incremental. As long as players like Henderson really can put in a working shift cross the games he plays, and learn by his mistakes then that's all we can ask for at this stage. Commercial issues are also important factors the players can't be held responsible for."
Papa Syed
28th Nov 2012 5:32
"Mr Henderson - be a super player at midfield and mid-20s and not just being a great player. At your age, you can be a great player but be a superb one like Luis Suarez. By then, you can match the money LFC paid for your sheer determination! One day maybe we can have 2 sets of great teams from a main team!"
Papa Syed
28th Nov 2012 5:36
"As desperate as you are now.....we need more wins for Top4 and not stay at mid table! We don't want to go to Top of The Flops!"
28th Nov 2012 5:39
"You're not good enough for Liverpool. Seriously you have to work harder if u want to stay.U should put Sterling & Suso as your bench mark as those guyz are much better than you."
28th Nov 2012 5:46
"probably the best thing for u to help Liverpool is by allowing yourself to be sold out. From your money, then we can buy much better Champions standard player. You are far way to reach that peak yet. I'm sorry for you as you are one of KK flop purchase. What a mistaken judgement!"
29th Nov 2012 8:22
"13th min v Tott. If you wanted to prove yourself you should have scored. "