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I don't understand this, according to several teenage experts on this website, Gerrard is past it.. Maybe the FIFPro people should listen to our online expert fans when making their decisions instead of watching games?
26th Nov 2012 14:19
26th Nov 2012 14:26
"delighted for Stevie, but I fear he won't go through the last cut-off, anyway pleased that LFC have got still one of the best 15 midfielders in Europe! YNWA Stevie G!!"
26th Nov 2012 14:37
"Clearly that nomination must be based on his performaces last season! Because he has been shocking so far this season! Look at yesterday! When Lucas is back, Gerrard needs to be dropped! Hes a liability! look how often he gives the ball away! "
26th Nov 2012 14:42
"Don't u think that Gerard is playing as how the coach want him to play. Look at Gerard playing with England n Liverpool, n u will see what I mean. It's a shame, as lfc always get the best out of Gerard previously, but now!"
26th Nov 2012 14:44
"On current form, no."
26th Nov 2012 15:08
"Obviously, he is still good enough. Lucas has been out injured for about a year. And it has influenced the way Gerrard plays. We may not have been completely satisfied but I won't drop him when Lucas returns. "
26th Nov 2012 15:31
"Past it hahahaha.these people are too blind to see difference he has changed his game because of his age. And the manager.but I agree lets drop gerrard for the next game and see what happens..... Ridiculous "
26th Nov 2012 15:51
"What about Luis and Dagger or possibly Skrtel ?"
26th Nov 2012 16:53
"redpalm, they're not midfielders are they now? And PJC82, yes, of course last season is taken into account this season is only a few months old! And yes he is having to addapt his game to this new style that BR is intoducing! In comparison to Allen's performance yesterday, Gerrard is still a world beater!"
26th Nov 2012 17:00
"No way is Gerrard past it hemay be slowing a little and makes the odd mistake which is only noteable because in the past he was excellence personified he still has a lot to offer and there is no one i would have in his place."
26th Nov 2012 17:05
"STevie G's game is evolving. Less blockbusters and barn-storming runs but controlled play. After he completes this transition he could play on for 3-4 yrs. "
26th Nov 2012 17:09
"Obviously Xavi and Yaya are the favourites. SG still makes short list without a vintage year shows he is still classed as world-class by his peers across Europe. Only in the UK do fake fans say he's lost it he is just evolving. "
The Naysayer Slayer
26th Nov 2012 18:38
"Buddha? I take it this is aimed at me? All I said was SG had a shocker.FACT.I also said I havent seen him play very well for ages. Something's wrong somewhere as you are generally judged on form and not class.e.g. Torres (Contd)"
The Naysayer Slayer
26th Nov 2012 18:40
"I just hope we can get him firing on all cylinders as his input is greatly missed. And going of topic LIFE called me not only a "Nugget" lastnight but also a friend of yours- he will be saying youre best pals with Ani and Strato next week. I just hope that when he missed the world "GOLD""
The Naysayer Slayer
26th Nov 2012 18:42
"That was meant to say when he said "nugget" he missed out the word "gold" and not "chicken""
26th Nov 2012 19:14
"redahead, actually I was not even thinking of you when I wrote about SG, fortunately I have other things to occupy my mind than ponder over you, lol. Life was being hysterical yesterday so if he bound me and you together, although a miscued assertion, it still represents an honour for you and for that you should thank him. "
26th Nov 2012 19:15
"Glad for him, he 100% deserves it. On the other hand i'm absolutely sure that Brenda would be named a the best managers in the world. lol "
The Naysayer Slayer
26th Nov 2012 19:20
"Buddha I never got chance to deliver the punchline of your story (part 3 of 10) yesterday. I got so caught up in the moment. I suppose I could charge for it. If you would like to here it please contact thejordanhendersonfanclub telephone number 999 "
The Naysayer Slayer
26th Nov 2012 19:23
"What service do you require? Buddhas story part 3 please. Sorry?? Police/fire or ambulance? All three please."
26th Nov 2012 19:44
"the manager picks the team, and if he thinks full back downing, midfield henderson, and forward j cole is the way to progress into the top 4 then I fear for the future of l f c"
26th Nov 2012 20:00
"This is a great honour, though the presence of Lampard maybe damps it a bit. The idea of a World XI interests me a lot - who would they play against?"
26th Nov 2012 20:51
"It's sad to say this but some people need to get real and actually accept it that Gerrard is not half the player he once was. "
26th Nov 2012 20:51
26th Nov 2012 20:51
"He needs to be dropped every now and again and played based on his performances not based on his reputation or past."
26th Nov 2012 21:46
"U are mostly all wrong he is world class no doubt he hasn't changed game coz of age he is playing deeper coz Lucas is out. If Lucas was match fit and match sharp u wud see wt we all knw he is capable of. Also obviously is based on euro 2012 where he was if not England's best player. Which proves your only as gd as the players around u. If he has class players around him he is world class"
26th Nov 2012 21:55
"Anyone says that Gerrard is finished or past , he has no respect for neither the game nor a legend...thats why others are beating you because they are respecting their greats.he still has 5 years at peak .write it down."
27th Nov 2012 3:19
"I think he is worried about the team. He needs support.. By the likes of allen or etc like he had from xabi or mache. I think when lucas s n allen plays a bit back than we can have gerrard back the way he was..."
27th Nov 2012 4:39
27th Nov 2012 10:25
"Most of you 'over expectant' fans complain that Gerrard is done simply because he doesn't fire shots in. You need to sit back and analyse his contributions 4nstead of passes and tacklings to know how much he means to any team. View stats to see who's who in terms of crosses and passes in the EPL this season and maybe you'll stop your criticism of our greatest asset...YNWA!"
27th Nov 2012 10:34
"Great news for Stevie, hes a great player and liverpool legend, for all those that doubt him hes obvioulsy been asked to change his style of play. I have the upmost respect for this guy, and hes still one of the best midfielders in the world."