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quality young player who could offer us more options across the forward line. certainly a player worth considering
26th Nov 2012 13:25
26th Nov 2012 13:29
"Quality skillful striker with an eye for goal, he's a valid option to weigh up."
26th Nov 2012 13:56
"For 10? He may even be worth 15..Would be a great buy for the said amount..However, LFC should not keep track on this player alone as there are other strikers out there with, more or less, the same amount who could offer more.."
26th Nov 2012 13:57
"10m?????? Do everything possible to land him!!!!"
26th Nov 2012 16:07
"According to various media quotes by BR there is not going to be any big money transfers in Jan! I guess it depends on what he means by big money."
26th Nov 2012 16:32
"Good player. At 25 he should be approaching his peak so could be worth it at 10 million so long as its not the main buy in the striker role. Need real quality and cant see us getting that till the summer."
26th Nov 2012 17:41
"Get Tevez from city please!!!"
26th Nov 2012 18:24
26th Nov 2012 18:46
"So many deluded people. "Get Tevez" behave yourself."
26th Nov 2012 19:38
"did anyone see tevez's wage slip his take home pay is something like £425,000 a week "
26th Nov 2012 19:57
"get him 10M is a steal! YNWA!!!"
26th Nov 2012 20:01
"agree with dazgreen nd redrob, be realistic people! "
26th Nov 2012 20:02
"I would like one or two of theese, Huntelaar, Eder, Walcott, Hooper, Remy, Ayew, Mertens, Zarate, Damiao, Willian, Bony, Isco. Some might be more possible than others I know but I like to dream YNWA"
26th Nov 2012 22:01
"Lazy no and no Let him go to Arsenal...get Damiao his talent proves that."
27th Nov 2012 9:56
"I don't believe any transfer rumours on here and as for some of the articles thing there just un founded at times.supported this club for 40 years and its becoming more evident that its lost its way , the club needs its top four status back ,needs to be reveered by teams not seen as push overs and its down to the players to do this and one target LIVERPOOL FC success not personal gain."
28th Nov 2012 7:01
"Ford anyone actually believe any of this rubbish in these reprts"
28th Nov 2012 15:46
"25 goals in 69 games in the French league & 10 million pounds price tag: NOT A GOOD bargain. How many will he score here?"