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could be worth a go but i still think we will end up with some crap player the owners want pay big money for the best players.
26th Nov 2012 13:18
26th Nov 2012 13:36
"just a dream, lure him away from A. Bilbao needs more than £20m. I am sure he will go to a Champions league side..."
26th Nov 2012 13:58
"I was on a stag do in Bilbao this weekend and went to Atletico's game against Deportivo. Llorente was horrendous, not going up for headers and not making runs. Happy or not, he should still be trying so I wouldn't sign him. Munaian was brilliant though, what a player!!"
26th Nov 2012 14:13
"We need attacking enforcements that can play anywhere in the from three or four positions depending on the system... Llorente is a target man."
26th Nov 2012 14:28
"He's not a Brendan Rodgers's type of player, it's all gobbleok!"
26th Nov 2012 14:36
"I like this guy, is skillfull and can head the ball well. Should be on our list"
26th Nov 2012 14:41
"I would love to know what a BR type of player is/looks like. Borini?? We would be very fortunate to have Llorente in our side at LFC"
26th Nov 2012 16:28
"This will never happen so stop dreaming folks. The best we can offer this guy in terms of Champions League is 2014. He's 27 so if he leaves it will be for a team who can offer champions league next year."
26th Nov 2012 16:52
"would be amazing"
26th Nov 2012 16:57
"This is a non-starter. "
26th Nov 2012 20:37
"Boss player who needs a new challenge - Buy him!! "
26th Nov 2012 22:04
"Llorentes been seen before..past time player no future..again and again i hope Damiao..please please me,,,,"
26th Nov 2012 23:16
"Iker Munain, that's all the Bilbao players we need. Aupa!"
Red Yank 1969
27th Nov 2012 2:17
"chelski making a $40 million bid for Suarez...FSG better bring in some support for Suarez...YNWA"
Big Eyes ex R.S.A
28th Nov 2012 11:52
"Would be a really good signing, the good thing about BR is he is not going to be ripped off like we have been in the recent past."
28th Nov 2012 15:44
"Liverpool are 11th. Possibility of finishing as high as 6th. Why would he come here? He will probably go to Arsenal as they are capable of giving him CL. If he goes to Manc, no guarantee of regular 1st team football. "