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Absolutely yessssssssss!
26th Nov 2012 10:33
26th Nov 2012 11:21
"agree with rosso76 he would be a good addition but we are in more need of at least 2 top strikers"
26th Nov 2012 12:14
"Cant wait for the window to open then we will see the bigger picture.Think we played well yesterday and are getting better with every game.Ok we are drawing to many but we have started to get the defence right.."
26th Nov 2012 12:50
"he is bad player NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! "
26th Nov 2012 12:53
"i watching borrussia games and inow how he play most time he sit on the bench no technik "
26th Nov 2012 13:09
"YNWA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
26th Nov 2012 13:41
"heard that we are linked to Remy, Grosskreuz and Llorente and all these names relly please me, but it's strange after BR said we won't splash the cash immediately in january! Where is the thruth indeed?"
26th Nov 2012 16:53
"no thanks "
26th Nov 2012 17:20
"we need to do something in the transfer window to keep luis happy which im sure we will , keep up the good work guys ynwa"
26th Nov 2012 21:02
27th Nov 2012 11:47
"It's silly season again, as we are linked to dozens of players by agents / bored journalists. I'll watch the press conference when the player joins, thanks. But 1 good thing about being bottom half of league is, at least we won't be linked to any top players, so I won't have to get my hopes up and then have them dashed..."
Coolock Red
27th Nov 2012 21:47
"Just wait until january. the papers are full of it. BR will be keeping his cards close to his chest.Would love a look at his wish list though . "
28th Nov 2012 7:42
"Please make this one happen!"