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It's true what you say Martin, we need to start winning games, but at the moment, giving our lack of finishers, we have to be pleased of what we have which is a strong defence, a great keeper and some electrifying youngsters who are coming through the ranks but who don't still give us guarantees enough! If in january we won't be able to strenghten, we will be anyway a mid-table mediocre team! YNWA
26th Nov 2012 9:53
26th Nov 2012 10:25
"FSG please buy a proven striker and a winger ..please"
26th Nov 2012 10:37
"martin you are the best"
26th Nov 2012 10:45
"good first half yesterday, dour second. frustrating watching downing's reluctance to overlap enrique, especially second half. good teams built on solid defence and keeper so not long before with decisions 'evening' themselves out and better support for luis we will move up the table. have patience and keep the faith ywna"
26th Nov 2012 10:53
"we want goals,goals,goals..!!"
26th Nov 2012 10:54
"we have better defensive record than man.utd, but we hard score goals..."
26th Nov 2012 10:59
"sorry, cant believe i spelt ynwa wrong. thinking about game making me 'yawn'"
26th Nov 2012 11:08
"It's easier to keep clean sheets when you play a defensive line-up. But same old, same old, we lack goals and the ones we do have (that haven't been shipped out) are sitting on the bench for 80 minutes?"
26th Nov 2012 11:10
"Good defensive display even with Downing there!Read in the paper, won't be spending much in January,that says it all! Mid table end of season due to on going problem of passing the ball all around the pith and not having more options up front to finish teams off.Same old problem we've had for a few seasons can't score goals,passing ball around all match DOESN'T WIN GAMES"
26th Nov 2012 11:53
"Stick a Falcoa or Cavani in our team and we are top 4. Definitely. Please recognize this fact FSG and remedy the problem in January if possible. If you want us to compete with the best then the solution is one of the aforementioned strikers! YNWA"
The Doctor
26th Nov 2012 12:27
"It wasn't 'the linesman's flag' that denied us the three points, it was the fact that Jose was oide so what else could the linesman do? Raheem's shot deserved a goal, but hit the bar, that's where we left off last season."
The Doctor
26th Nov 2012 12:30
"Why all these calls for a striker. we had one but Brendan didn't like him so sent him on loan (he scored on Sunday too Nice one Andy) so why should FSG pay out more money for another one, when BR wouldn't give Andy the time of day, never mind a chance to play."
26th Nov 2012 12:49
"According to BR there will be no significante signings in January.I am going to say if we mess up again in the tranfer window and finish worse than last seson I for one will not be to happy!!! I will be calling for new owners!!! I await with baited breath roll on January!!!!!"
26th Nov 2012 12:52
"The doctor!!! what are you on have you been selve medicating???Andy Carol was given more chances than most to shine he is rubbish and can stay on loan hes not and never will be a liverpool player!!!!!"
26th Nov 2012 12:54
" The Doctor; "Why all these calls for a striker?" Because we've only got Suarez as a striker! Andy Carroll has scored 1 goal all season so far. We are LFC and need a world class number 9. Unt have Rooney and Van Persie, City have 4 top international strikers. We are lacking that cutting edge and are 11th in the table..."
26th Nov 2012 13:06
"Buy Tevez!!!!He would be perfect to line up beside suerez. "
26th Nov 2012 13:20
"Some teams sill win without recognised strikers so pinning our hopes on a new striker is not gonna turn around the ship in seconds.Maybe we need to put more bodies in the box to win games not admiring Suarez and Sterling"
26th Nov 2012 17:55
"He's right - LFC are only going to go from strength to strength under Brendan Rodgers. In Brendan we trust - walk on!"
26th Nov 2012 18:18
"Well Martin make sure prove it with a clean sheet against Spurs on wednesday night."
26th Nov 2012 19:58
27th Nov 2012 0:08
"Modern technology is an absolute no brainer.When you see every match on television analysed there are up to a dozen mistakes made by officials in each game.Some are critical. Letâ"
27th Nov 2012 0:12
"Modern technology is an absolute no brainer.When you see every match on tv analysed there are up to a dozen mistakes made by officials in each game.Some are critical. Let us have the correct result, win lose or draw. One additional feature provided by Rugby Union is the citing of a player for violence. Would Stoke have lost their centre half until Christmas if this was in place?I think so!"
27th Nov 2012 3:56
"we need to start winning games"
27th Nov 2012 5:40
"The defence provides a great platform and Rodgers packs the midfield, with the team defending high up the park too. However,the effect of defending deeper might be that more gaps open up further up the pitch. If the game's in deadlock, teams can be beaten by soaking up pressure and hitting them on the break. This way, the opponents half would be less congested, and clearer chances could develop. "
27th Nov 2012 8:06
"With Lucas coming back defence is only going to improve but hopefully we can also improve our attack which still lacks quality."
Dede 7
27th Nov 2012 19:27
"yes. now our midfield should start creating chances.YNWA."