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I've heard this before..
26th Nov 2012 9:07
26th Nov 2012 9:09
"pass the ball forward..!! show some urgency to score..!! winning run MUST come..!!"
26th Nov 2012 9:13
"Come on fellas, don't talk it!!!"
26th Nov 2012 9:23
"Although when we tried 3-5-2 in the europa it was a bit flat, i think it would work much better with our first team players, with johnson and enrique as wingbacks and allen, gerrard and shelvey in centre midfield with saurez and either suso or sterling up front. Anyway, whatever the formation, i think we will get there. On another note, chelsea fans are plastic."
26th Nov 2012 9:26
"Glen is a great pfofessional and happily plays anywherefor the team.I think him or Aggar would have easily filled Lucas' job. As it is he always appears more likely to score than our midfielders "
26th Nov 2012 9:57
"it always the case. we were denied three points yesterday just like against Everton."
26th Nov 2012 10:03
"an advice for Glen, it's useless and silly trying to run with the ball for 30-40 metres with our midfield uncovered till lose the ball itself instead of pass it and link-up with a free teammate to finalize the action in a dangerous way! Please Glen and lads, no more silly and stubborn individual actions!"
26th Nov 2012 10:13
"i don't think rogers will take anywhere near top 4 finish at all because to me i can't any reason why stat hendo ahead of jonjo and bring in cole instead of suso the same gamble he took in europa league it happen again he doesn't have the charisma."
26th Nov 2012 10:18
"are players told to say things like this or do they think that the fans are stupid? isnt it obvious that nothing will happen when you play the likes of Drowning and Henderson!! utter utter rubbish!! yet again"
26th Nov 2012 10:20
"and no back to back wins in a year!!! speaks volumes..."
26th Nov 2012 10:27
"drno, I agree, fed up of talk and not action. If the Rounders Boys weren't so tight with their wallets we could have been top four by now. As businessmen they are not too bright. Simple rule of economist - Speculate to Aculate."
26th Nov 2012 10:31
"Stupid comment -BUY FALCAO"
26th Nov 2012 10:35
"8 games unbeaten, only conceeded 4 goals in 7 league games including against Everton, Newcastle and Chelsea (the only teams we've conceeded against in the last 7). It's not looking too bad is it lads?"
26th Nov 2012 10:55
"Yawn. We go there looking for a point, because it's a difficult place to play (just like the bridge last week). Then when we succeed, we say we could win if we were lucky. On, on..."
26th Nov 2012 10:58
"Glen... Should i trust or should i ignore? Glen just pace up the play as we did against wigan... Me sure it will come good... "
26th Nov 2012 11:05
"Here we go again... "we'll bounce..." There should be some kind of punishment for making that statement in public. Either 5 hrs extra shooting training, or the bench two next games! No joke!!"
26th Nov 2012 11:11
"if we played glen right back and jose left with sahin or suso instead off hendo in middle this would off been are stronger 11.i know we have to try new things but it wont work-there rumors today were not going to spend big in jan. well i hope we get a defender and two strikers for sure.onwards and upwards-(this is not a rant btw)"
26th Nov 2012 11:12
"You were outstanding at times yesterday. Your runs forward into the box are awesome. Your link up play with Sterling is looking really promising too. Sometimes you and Jose try to beat too many opposition when a pass to a man in space is better... "
26th Nov 2012 11:16
"I wouldn't swap Glen Johnson for any other right back in Europe. Brilliant player, great atude, better than Alves going forward. Zig zagging and swerving past players, always creating space and getting in dangerous positions. YNWA"
26th Nov 2012 11:38
"What else can a player do but be positive bcos he isn't gonna get much positivity from you lot our so called "knowledge fans". "
26th Nov 2012 12:01
"We have the best srtiker in the league and people say buy Falcao. Our team needs an attacking midfielder like Cazorla. Someone like SG used to be (I'm afraid). We also need a very good left back and a winger/striker like Cavani or Soldado or even Pedro. It was GJ who missed a great chance not LS. What's with comments 'buy Falcao'. "
26th Nov 2012 12:04
"Oh Glen, I hope your optimism comes true. It's frustrating to watch when we can't put teams away. A silver lining is that we are not losing at least! Forever Red!"
26th Nov 2012 12:07
"Glen has really improved over the last 12 much better defensively and now I believe has established himself as one of the best fullbacks in the world.."
26th Nov 2012 12:07
"Give me Mata, Oscar and Hazard and I assure you BR will win the PL. Look at Chelsea and Man City and how much they've spent!and try to convince me they are playin better football that us. No way. Three more excellent signings (i.e. Cavani, Erikson and Cantrao) and Lucas, I believe we will be a side to watch. I really beleve it."
26th Nov 2012 12:15
"If the prediction is not correct, we will be playing in league 1 next season."
26th Nov 2012 12:31
"Quit moaning, Jonno is right we need a bit of luck. We are definitely heading in the right direction.. And he deserves a lot of credit for the way he has been playing.."
26th Nov 2012 12:35
"Oh and just one more point.....we cannot play the same players all of the time, we have a small squad and we have no option but to rotate...sure it would be great if we could just play our strongest 11 but it aint gonna happen...Get behind the team and the manager."
26th Nov 2012 12:49
"Oldred101, I agree with the size of the squad being small but that is why BR should forget the cups and concentrate on the league. He should not play any of the first team in any of the cup games. SG and Suarez should be wrapped up in cotton wool and unleashed in the league games in tandem up front, simples..."
26th Nov 2012 12:53
"I guess with the injury to Wisdom and wanting to play Enrique further forward he felt he had to play Downing. But I wouldn't play him under any cirstances. It would have been better to play Assaidi and have Enrique at LB. And, how BR never played Suso is beyond me. "
26th Nov 2012 12:55
"it's frustrating we know we have small squad lacking quality.Need to move Hendo/Downing on if poss-they offer nothing. Hope BR only playing them to put in 'shop window'."
26th Nov 2012 12:59
"Think Cole/Shelvey should have started after effort in Europa -give them a lift. Maybe thinking rest for Tottenham game-giv BR credit if he thought Swans be a quick game and Cole fitness not up to it. Coles experience would have helped Suarez "
26th Nov 2012 13:16
"Yes: Suarez and Falcao!"
Billy B girl
26th Nov 2012 13:28
"Let's hope the fans can bounce back too! awfully hard watching this ......"
26th Nov 2012 14:14
"We've not won in Swansea in 6 out of 7 league games now. So it was never going to be easy. That said, with no strikers on the bench we were always facing an uphill battle if the game became deadlocked. I expect to draw or lose under BR anyway, so wasn't disappointed or surprised."
26th Nov 2012 14:26
"Stop being repeive, stop talking & do more action!"
26th Nov 2012 14:26
"same old same old..we just cant score and until we sort this out we wont win games. Pleasing that we are getting better defensively. Overall 16 points out of 36 is something we wont want to see again from Rodgers. However we understand we are in building phase. If we get into Europa next season that would be a fine result given where we are"
26th Nov 2012 14:30
"Hey man. we will win but you must look for a partner when you run because it is a waste of time for your team mates to run along you and you don't give them the right ball. if brendan is not telling you that, we fans are telling you don't waste our time by your inadequate running"
26th Nov 2012 14:33
"Well its nearly December so why are we still saying this?"
26th Nov 2012 15:08
"For christs sake.... We are sitting in 10th place in the table. This is a deserved position because we are not the club we used to be. We are tryin to get back up there. Falcao, Damiao and/or Cavani WILL NOT come to Liverpool this January, this summer or next summer probably. Learn that we are NOT City, UTD or Chelsea anymore..."
26th Nov 2012 15:21
"Johnson is only saying what is obvious. It seems to have escaped some that we are 8 games unbeaten and our defence is the best in the league. With an addition of a quality striker and no more ill judged selections from BR we will be challenging sometime soon. Hooray..."
26th Nov 2012 15:51
"Oh no we won't - not until we stop giving the ball away and get the mentality that each game in there to be won."
The Doctor
26th Nov 2012 15:53
"8 matches unbeaten, start predicting bouncing up the table when we have 8 wins. Meanwhile Rodgers is giving us all the bouncing I can take, time he was bounced."
The Doctor
26th Nov 2012 15:59
"BUDHA since when was our defence the best in the league with 16 goals against? Stoke & Chelsea are better than us a many others. 16 against in 13 games is NOT the best in the league by some distance."
26th Nov 2012 17:48
"He's right - LFC are only going to go from strength to strength under Brendan Rodgers. In Brendan we trust - walk on!"