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Why would LFC buy a player that the poor Lazio won't have in their floppy team ?
25th Nov 2012 11:49
25th Nov 2012 11:51
"No thanks! We need 1 big striker signing who can score more than 15 league goals a season. "
25th Nov 2012 14:32
"Agent is boosting his clients price & fame before the sell. It's happening every day and until his picture is on I don't believe it."
25th Nov 2012 14:54
"no he didn't exactly cover himself with glory last time he was in england we should be aiming higher personally hooper would be better"
25th Nov 2012 21:06
"we got no chance getting him now stoke are in for him"
26th Nov 2012 2:29
"i think he's a decent player and if we can get him on the cheap and Brendans a fan then I'll be behind it. i think he can play wide as well as thru the middle too"
26th Nov 2012 4:50
26th Nov 2012 5:04
"I'm sorry but if he couldn't even get into the team at Birmingham, never mind Lazio, what the h3ll do we want him for!?!?!?!"
26th Nov 2012 6:06
"i dnt think its a good idea,i would rather prefer to see JOVETIC or Tello ,Belandha n Aubameyang not bad..i think we should buy three of them at least..jovetic n tello should be top target."
26th Nov 2012 8:05
"Zarate dear god, he's scored 35 goals since 2007!"
26th Nov 2012 13:51
"Nothing unusual the transfer media has already started however if Bent is available on loan up to the end of the season so why not?"
26th Nov 2012 20:59
"push the boat out and buy balloteli"
27th Nov 2012 10:48
"Remember guys, this is the press up to their tricks again. Don't be fooled as easily as that. "
27th Nov 2012 23:10
"No please don't waste money ,if LFC is going to buy then get Huntelaar, Dalmiao and Muinain then look at others on loan"
28th Nov 2012 1:58
"Mediocre player linked with LFC - As long as FSG are in charge this is the headline we'll be seeing a lot more of."