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Get him then....or is it another media fiasco!
Papa Syed
25th Nov 2012 10:28
25th Nov 2012 10:34
"Fantastic talent who I never took in consideration as I fear he has a too high price tag for us, by the way I would not give up on him too early."
Papa Syed
25th Nov 2012 10:38
"Get him to help Luis upfront!"
25th Nov 2012 11:07
"Let's hope he's friends with Lucas. Then we may have a chance."
25th Nov 2012 11:09
"Time to start putting all the words and statements into action and get the players in we so desperately need to get the Red machine working again."
25th Nov 2012 11:45
"Papa-Syed Take it easy, it's just roumors. Don't get so exited aboout every player we are linked with, the pappers have to get some earnings too and they do it by lying some times. It sucks but it's the truth mate :D "
25th Nov 2012 11:56
"He is a striker that can score more than 15 league goals a season. I would only sign him if as Bruce Forsyth would say, "The price is right!" "
25th Nov 2012 12:10
"Get him! If it's even near our reach though... Cracking striker."
25th Nov 2012 12:19
"Apart from 1 or 2 exceptions Italian players don't do that we'll in the prem...!!!"
25th Nov 2012 12:22
"DoH..!! I meant to write that in the one about alberti"
25th Nov 2012 13:14
"RichLFC360..... even if you were, he's not italian either?"
25th Nov 2012 13:54
"i like the way this says we have Joined the groups of side interested in him??? Liverpool have been chasing him for about 3 years now! we were the first team in England to show any interest in him!! sad old Journos who dont know anything... "
25th Nov 2012 14:52
"would be brilliant if true"
25th Nov 2012 15:32
"I can only dream!"
25th Nov 2012 15:38
"fsg get him"
25th Nov 2012 16:40
"hatever we do, do not buy Sturridge. Greedy, arrogant player who believes he is better than he really is. The guy is not really a likeable, fan friendly player and as a goalscorer there are much better out there. Break the bank for Cavani, Jovetic, Lewandowski or the brazilian Damiao."
25th Nov 2012 18:16
"come on fsg do it one more time give BR the money to buy this guy or cavani n we'l be doing much better. "
25th Nov 2012 20:54
"25 million and Barca a others are interested in him too. DREAM ON!!"
25th Nov 2012 23:39
"we could sign him as Lucas has ear marked him as a major talent but as another transfer window looms the rumors start to fly, we need a couple of players everyone knows but only the management know who."
Papa Syed
26th Nov 2012 1:26
"SG-8 spot on but we are not seeing any good results to look upon like the draw yesterday...of course everyone is frustrated as me...need to take the lemsip now!"
26th Nov 2012 2:31
"would be a huge signing, very impressive every time i've seen him. really did well at the Olympics too, has an eye for goal and very young. big fan of hime and would love to see him in a LFC red shirt!"
26th Nov 2012 8:06
"Lazy journalism. Lucas says he's like him at Liverpool, the media pretend that we're interested. As far as I know, Lucas does not pick the transfer targets at LFC."
Gordon Ottershaw
26th Nov 2012 17:06
"Silly comments over a tabloid rumour story that keeps the newspaper in people's minds. Please commenters use your noggins. These ridiculous stories are just the start in the lead up to the January transfer window. LFC will buy the players they want and not these so called targets that will keep up being mentioned."
26th Nov 2012 20:43
"cant see this happening brendans already told us there will be a small amount of funding in january"
26th Nov 2012 21:54
"BR if he costs 20me so he is worth of that...theres no better quality in these market today and what a talent he got and balance...we need him."
27th Nov 2012 11:59
"why beat yourselves up over this? It's not true. It can't be true. He's a top striker & we're bottom half of the table (11th) with a manager that finished 11th in PL with Swansea and 13th in a lower league with Watford."
27th Nov 2012 12:00
"YEs, BR won a play-off final, but is that really relevant to top class football?? We may be out of Europe next week, out of League Cup and we're in 11th. What kind of 'progress' will we see next I wonder?!? More claims to have re-invented the wheel? "
27th Nov 2012 12:01
"YEs, BR won a play-off final, but is that really relevant to top class football?? We may be out of Europe next week, out of League Cup and we're in 11th. What kind of 'progress' will we see next I wonder?!? More claims to have re-invented the wheel? "