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Good Luck to BR and the Team. YNWA REDS
23rd Nov 2012 16:08
23rd Nov 2012 16:29
"you have the fans behind you, and that's all you and the team especially Joe Allen need! YNWA"
23rd Nov 2012 17:09
"Prior and past the game we'll shake their hands and make the compliments, but during the game we'll have to spit blood and sweat to try bring back home three points and overcome Swansea in the table! Do your duty lads and do us proud! Good luck for the game BR and the Team! YNWA Reds!"
23rd Nov 2012 17:16
"Destroy them at ANFIELD ROGERS, revenge from the last match!!"
23rd Nov 2012 19:44
"I have a bad feeling about Sunday's game that our unbeaten run will be over. I just hope that am proved wrong. C'mon Mighty Reds"
23rd Nov 2012 21:01
""No old pals act" Buck? I thought you were talking about Pepe over Brad and Goalless Joe over Lucky."
24th Nov 2012 0:14
24th Nov 2012 0:24
"iMarkLFC I thought we were playing away. Have I got it wrong!!"
24th Nov 2012 5:16
"Elvis was playing the 'false nine' position vs. Swansea in the League Cup. Rodgers was dressed as Santa, giving team selection gifts."
24th Nov 2012 7:57
"It'd be hard game overthere...According to our recent form,draw would be realistic result.But,we have never got draw with Swansea in years...So,4-4-2,Mr.Rodgers.One more thing-Rafa joined CSKA London and his reputation dropped down to the ground for me....Come on,REDS!YNWA>"
24th Nov 2012 20:11
"3pts from this game (plus a few resuts going our way) would get us moving up the table. Keep the form going into the Xmas period and who knows where we could be by then."