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Just don't rush him back, give him a couple of reserve or under 21 games so he can find his feet.
Niall J
23rd Nov 2012 14:41
23rd Nov 2012 14:44
23rd Nov 2012 14:47
"Hope to see you back in the first team soon. We need a natural DM to help out with quick counters. Certainly underrated midfielder and unlucky to have two nasty injuries in two years."
Rush job
23rd Nov 2012 14:52
"Totally agree Brendan. Hoping he'll shore up the midfield and allow Joe and Stevie to get forward more. Very exposed in the middle of late."
23rd Nov 2012 14:57
"LUCAS!!!!! bem-vindo de volta :)"
23rd Nov 2012 14:58
"Thank god for that!!"
Big Eyes ex R.S.A
23rd Nov 2012 15:21
"Welcome back Lucas BR should build for the future around you as like Stevie, Carra and Pepe you are a true committed RED who is not at the club for the cash YNWA."
23rd Nov 2012 15:30
"Brilliant news. competition for the centre midfield roles is high which can only be good for us. I'd personally play lucas alongside sahin with Gerrard in front as I think lucas can break up play wheras Sahin can play a deep lying playmaker role with Gerrard freed up in front of them. Allen can slot in for Sahin if we need more protection in front of the back 4"
23rd Nov 2012 15:45
"Very important coming with the hetic Christmas period good luck Lucas don´t rush anyting."
23rd Nov 2012 16:23
"Faultless performance from Lucas this afternoon. One every tackle and 100 percent pass rate. Great to see he back on the pitch. Wish he had been able to play last night, result would have been different. ynwa"
23rd Nov 2012 16:23
"Faultless performance from Lucas this afternoon. One every tackle and 100 percent pass rate. Great to see he back on the pitch. Wish he had been able to play last night, result would have been different. ynwa"
23rd Nov 2012 16:50
"it will be important not to rush him back to avoid setbacks and new injures, hope he will play at least one or two other U21s games. Please Lucas be careful in the tackles, it's an adivice for your good!"
23rd Nov 2012 17:26
"lets hope so could do with his magic on the field ynwa"
23rd Nov 2012 17:32
"Consuiering we should win against So'ton anyway, hopefully he won't play the full 90, if at all, just for the extra training and rest. As rushjob says, with Lucas back LFC should be so much better, with Allen getting a bit more forward."
23rd Nov 2012 17:42
"All the best Lucas."
23rd Nov 2012 18:20
"This guy will enable BR to get rid of dead weight. There are still a few players clogging up the wage bill. A good performance here and there from a hapless player will not paper over the cracks. We would have a tussle between Allen, Jonjo and Suso for the remaining midfield berth, which is so healthy for LFC."
23rd Nov 2012 18:29
"Just heard that we are buying back Ince for 6m after selling him for .25m, brilliant piece of business, not. And then you have some inebriated fan championing those who sanctioned Inces sale, crazy!"
23rd Nov 2012 19:31
"He'll bring out the best in Allen too!"
23rd Nov 2012 20:14
"Please dont`bring him back to early like the last time."
23rd Nov 2012 20:42
"I'm really glad Brendan rates Lucas so much. He's amazing. I always stuck with him when he was getting a bit of stick. Brilliant player. Him and Allen plus Gerrard is some midfield. NOW LETS START SHOWING THIS PREMIERSHIP HOW GOOD WE ARE!!!"
23rd Nov 2012 20:58
"After last night it is obvious we some quality to protect the back four. Steady return, Lucas."
23rd Nov 2012 21:51
"Just hope he gets back to his best again, a tireless warrior who nevers gives up, who believes every ball is worth winning, one super guy with an amazing atude, I honestly hope he can go on to captain Brazil and play in the next World Cup, maybe the new Dunga? We miss him badly, it proves how valuable a player is the void they leave behind when they are not there like before."
23rd Nov 2012 22:25
"'Underrated' Are you serious?"
23rd Nov 2012 23:07
"From what I saw of Lucas in the U21 he has still retained his football brain and sense of position. He was mopping up anything that came through and was making forward telling passes. This is what we have been lacking.However i hope BR doesn't rush him back. A few 50 to 60 minute games to get back to fitness.YNWA"
Buckie LFC Supporter
24th Nov 2012 2:17
"without playing Lucas is getting labelled as the worlds best player. He defence duties were GETTING top notch but his attacking aspects needed plenty of work. With a years absence it will probably take him 5+ games to get hopefully to the level he was at, but his return doesn't mean that Allen, Shelvey, Hendo & Sahin don't need to improve their basic defending!"
24th Nov 2012 5:39
"We need to have options last season we droped points when we lost him..lets get the two central mids from Ajax..and huntella.fsg is on u.."
24th Nov 2012 7:28
"Desperately need Lucas back, top midfielder who frees up the play and allows players to get forward. Really should take Allen's place, am not convinced about him."
Nigerian Elite
24th Nov 2012 8:27
"Welcome back Lucas Leiva. You are our shield. Maybe, it's the end of Nuri Sahin. Though, i'll prefer Sahin to sub Allen times."