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Watched him last night, certainly didn't look injured. Last contribution he made was bursting down the wing. Still, not quite sure why he doesn't use a natural RB like Flanagan or McLaughlin.
23rd Nov 2012 14:45
23rd Nov 2012 14:46
"I have earmarked this kid for a rosy future..."
23rd Nov 2012 15:33
"he should have put flanno ystrday instead of wisdom. or atleast should have put himm on the match. hendo's a midfielder not a right back. "
23rd Nov 2012 15:41
" Wisdom will be class,simple as, get well soon kid YNWA"
23rd Nov 2012 18:58
"Brendan is the boss if he thinks playing wisdom at RB is the right choice respect his decision as he works with all the lads day in day out. i think Rodgers has a really good idea on the strengths and weaknesses of our players but he needs more help in january. YNWA!!! In Brendan Rodgers we should trust!!!"
23rd Nov 2012 20:01
"I don't trust Rodgers I'm afraid! I will support him because he is the manager of my club. I don't want anymore excuses, cleverness, bs or arrogance. Just sort out the results and get us back where we belong!"
23rd Nov 2012 20:56
"harbin91 Simple answer, he is much, much better. Flanagan has heart and ability but is much too small. McLaughlin has the chance to develop but 'Norman' is a class act already."
24th Nov 2012 1:54
"Good to see the way BR looks after players. 'Norman' is a brillant prospect and hard worker who has rightfully taken his place in the first team. Hope more young players follow."
Nigerian Elite
24th Nov 2012 8:11
"Now, am beginning to doubt BR. Why on earth can't we win young boys? Why can't we win 2games in a row? Again, why must Reina remain our goalkeeper? Wasn't Brad Jones better? Fumming!"