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I hope this will enable us to sell him at a decent price .. sell him we must
23rd Nov 2012 13:11
23rd Nov 2012 13:17
"Well desrved award Joe! Never had a doubt this would have been your first MOTM award of the season! Absolutely brilliant! hope you will show other displays on that level from now to january! Keep up the good work lad! YNWA Joe Cole"
23rd Nov 2012 14:14
"only glad he had a decent game so someone like west ham might come in with an offer in january now!"
23rd Nov 2012 14:17
"i think suso and sahin should both be ahead of assaidi, especially sahin who i thought was a contender for motm. for me carragher and gerrard were disappointing. im telling you they are past it, especially carragher! i cant believe how much hes played more than coates and even sama."
23rd Nov 2012 14:17
"Well done Joe. Lets hope this is a start to continue, hopefully up front with Luis. It has proven a successfull partnership. We need you to play well and LFC will progress, Please Stay at Anfield we need you. YNWA"
23rd Nov 2012 14:37
"One swallow doesnt make a summer. His days are over at end of season thankfully. Will allow us 100 grand a week for real talent. "
23rd Nov 2012 15:16
"I think he should have a run in the team, he's obviously coming back to fitness now and if carries on his performances will get better. He can definitely link up with Gerrard and Suarez. However, if he picks up some more knocks i predict it will be the end for him at Liverpool, we wouldn't be able to have another Kewell situation. "
23rd Nov 2012 16:13
"LIVERPOOLFORCE i was quite impress not saying he was exceptional, he played well yesterday but everytime i see joe, it reminds me how much he is earning weekly. I totally agree with you...a must sell and less camera zoom up on him would be nice"
23rd Nov 2012 19:27
"I give Suarez worst man of the match. He needs to show more maturity because it was his childish act that led to their equaliser and now we are no longer favourites to qualify on paper, IMAGINE!!!"
24th Nov 2012 9:20
"Joe Cole has proven ability, he did it for West Ham, Chelsea and as recently as last season in France. If he gets regular run outs and stays injury free, he still has the ability to be very effective. We saw glimpses this week, how much sharper could he become after 3 or 4 more matches ? You never know and of course, You'll Never Walk Alone."