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Ince and Sturridge would be two good additions to our ranks, but I don't know how much they would increase our standard specially young Tom, rather I'd prefer we went for Walcott and Mertens who are more proven on a certain stage, anyway pleased to know that the money is there.
23rd Nov 2012 10:01
23rd Nov 2012 10:12
"love to see tom ince back why we sold him on free i dont know mistakes have been made no doubt bring in isco and iker munuim sturridge ok prefer diamo or huntalaar time to spend fsg nice to see raffa back"
23rd Nov 2012 10:20
"That would be increadable stupidity, we could bring in 1 world class prospects striker with that money. Someone like Jovetic or Damiao. Suarez is great excaple of what kind of difference quality makes to squad compaired of quany. Sturridge cant even beat off form Torres and what has Ince JR done to be worth of 6M£ cheese"
23rd Nov 2012 10:44
"Huntelaar / Lloriente / Walcott or Leandro Damio everything else is hopeless and lack of ambitions. Rodgers till needs to show ambitions with a big signing and stop wasting money on avarage players."
23rd Nov 2012 11:26
"sikhred> what planet are you from? "why we sold him on a free" We didn't sell him or let him leave on a free, he left because he wanted to play first team football and not sign a new deal. "
23rd Nov 2012 11:31
"i don't know why we want Sturridge while we can get more experienced and more talented striker like Huntelaar for less Money. i hope BR will manage the money like we did last year and hope he will get the right player for the right price but i don't think Sturridge is the right player."
23rd Nov 2012 11:34
"i meant i hope BR use the money wisely for this transfer which wasn't the case for KK. "
23rd Nov 2012 12:14
"Please please brendan get in contact with shalke and find out what they want for huntelaar and just pay them and bring him over,some player for the sort of money thats been talked about,has to be worth it! !please dont have us all on this website crying next Feb when hes smashing in goals wearing an aresnal or spurs shirt cause we were too slow and missed out!!"
23rd Nov 2012 12:17
"roonow It was Kenny who singed Suarez & Enrique who are a best players in league in they position. Hendo and Carroll are both very promising young lads even BR has not played them very much. Kenny also singed Bellamy who was again briliant for us... BR singings has so far not delivered and we have being back in downhill since Kenny left."
23rd Nov 2012 12:18
"these to would not make any diffrents to are team at all. br needs to think bigger theirs much much better then these to out thier."
23rd Nov 2012 12:40
"Reports this morning say that spurs are tracking tom ince. Now why am i not suprised!!!!"
23rd Nov 2012 13:20
"we shouldnt buy them bcoz 1)we alredy have 4 young talented strikers in ngoo.morgan,yesil n pacheco who are like 1/2 yrs younger than them 2)it wont be fair on our kids as they are working very hard trying to improve buying more younger strikers will just spoil their confidence coz they'l feel BR thinks Ince n sturridge r better than them "
23rd Nov 2012 13:21
"3)we dont need more younger inexperienced strikers we need a quality proven and older striker who's clinical n not fighting for a spot in thier respective teams i.e:sturridge n walcot. rodgers really needs to consider this.he cant buy strikers who will be future stars n not impact players coz we already have them in morgan n ngoo"
23rd Nov 2012 13:38
"I hope we don't go after Sturidge as I don't rate him as a Liverpool player as if he doesn't get into a Chelsea team most of the time then how would he get into ours? Money is precious right now so DON'T go wasting it on him. YNWA REDS "
Big Eyes ex R.S.A
23rd Nov 2012 16:27
"Agree with AndyPanda Sturridge overated and over priced would be a total waste of money."
23rd Nov 2012 16:39
"papertalk and everyone takes it seriously. Different players linked every day"
23rd Nov 2012 18:01
"lfc since 1973 he was on a free part of adam deal fact "
23rd Nov 2012 18:17
"Adam transfer to US was a month earlier than Tom Ince to Blackpool. Tom Ince refused a contract extension and left for an undislosed fee believed to be in the region of £250,000"
23rd Nov 2012 19:52
"it was a down paymet for charlie adam they wanted 1 of our best youth players thrown in. i agree with sikhred"
23rd Nov 2012 20:04
"I like Ince we should not of let him go when we had him at Anfield he was groomed here now we are having to pay to get him back its another blunder by the coaching staff of the past,"
23rd Nov 2012 22:03
"Really, really hope this is more nonsense. "
23rd Nov 2012 23:45
"we buy stupidly .. hate our deals we need Cavani not Ince!!!!!!!!!! if his sooo good why did we let him go?? we got to have better vision n plans .. shame "
24th Nov 2012 0:44
"Don't know about Sturridge but as for Tom Ince I think he should have never left Liverpool."
24th Nov 2012 1:37
"Edison Cavani wants to play in the premiership and with Suarez... "
24th Nov 2012 2:02
"i want ince theo has nothing about him apart frome pace he cant cross and he wants to be the main man upfront but he is not as good as suarez "
24th Nov 2012 11:16
"Ince has said himself that he wanted to leave and now wouldnt mind comming back, also I think Sturridge is another over rated English player like Walcott, they should only be bought in the summer when transfere fee's arnt inflated, Cavani or Huntelaar should be priorities but dont think it will happen."
Denza Red
24th Nov 2012 17:32
"Not only is Christmas nearly upon use, but also the transfer speculation silly season! Large pinches of salt required."
24th Nov 2012 18:10
"Did we not stupidly let Ince go 2 seasons ago for next to nothing...... brought worse players like Hendo and Adam and now we want to pay 6 millie for him. No wonder the Yanks dont trust our management with money lol. Pathetic"
25th Nov 2012 16:45
" are oh so right.I wonder if Brendan will finish higher than 8th be in two finals, and win at least one cup just like the king did,not forgetting some great purchases, such as Luis Suarez.h'mmmmm' I wonder."
26th Nov 2012 2:44
"easy there cestip, Brendan has come in and made a lot of overdue and significant changes and this without the money the King was given!! get behind our manager, i trust him, you should too"