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You're rifht Joe, talented team. Hope you give it all your best while you're here, hope that will get you more games and pour plenty of confidence and experience over the young lads!
23rd Nov 2012 8:56
23rd Nov 2012 10:27
"I have to recognise that Joe did a really good game yesterday, probably beacause he's been swept along by the youngsters who did really well also, credit to him who recognises their merit and seems give it all much more since right now the young lads came out with some brilliant performance! hope Joe will get more games from now to january, then we will see... YNWA Joe Cole "
23rd Nov 2012 10:35
"Congratulations on your game Joe. A real 'shut up' performance. Now for your big prize, 5 articles a day until our next game."
23rd Nov 2012 10:47
"Man of the match for me Joe, great performance!"
23rd Nov 2012 11:26
"we knew that before kick-off,did you have to play to find out.?"
23rd Nov 2012 12:16
"Baaghhh, you all threw it away, just go and lose to Udinese and let's get it over with."
23rd Nov 2012 13:15
"Kennysheroes you sound like a happy fellow.We all need to keep the faith and back BR. I have no doubt we will win our next game and go through and then you is goen to have egg on your miserable face.Y.N.W.A"
23rd Nov 2012 13:18
"You used to be Joe! Better last night but still not up to speed, not 100% fit. Keep it up coz we need a good deal for you in Jan - YOU OWE US!"
23rd Nov 2012 13:45
"If we can't beat Udinese at home, how can we expect to win in Italy? We haven't a hope in hell of beating them over there, we had our chances and we BLEW IT..YET AGAIN! We are expected to get behind the team? A team which persistently dishes up Garbage results, think about it, are we supposed to praise garbage results? Are they honestly playing as if 'They are priviledged to play for us?' NO Way."
23rd Nov 2012 14:15
"yeah suso was excellent but then got took off for some strange reason!"
The Doctor
23rd Nov 2012 15:00
"And we were very very average, too much ponsin about passing the ball round and back to Reina, we now need sat nav to find out which way there goal is."
23rd Nov 2012 15:03
"Loz99- We beat Grak away but lost at Home in 2005. We beat barca in Spain, but lost at home in 2007. "
23rd Nov 2012 19:05
"He's right - and under B Rodgers it means LFC face a very promising future!"
24th Nov 2012 5:41
"Cole can still be a big asset. To some, it's as though he's on the scrapheap, having just turned 31! I think I'm right in saying it's only him and Johnson who have ever won the league in the team (Cole x3). If there is a possibility of him returning to league winning form, why would we want to get rid? "