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Everything is about money.Just to watch this short video too,i've to upgrade
22nd Nov 2012 9:43
22nd Nov 2012 10:03
"Haha that was nice! "
22nd Nov 2012 10:11
"its only 5 pounds a months, stop complaining."
22nd Nov 2012 10:20
"really skillful and tricky! This lad is worth the price of the ticket! YNWA Raheem Sterling"
22nd Nov 2012 10:46
"Come on Raheem,hurry up and sign a 5 year contract!! What's the hold up?You're clearly integral to the future success of LFC and Suarez loves playing alongside you!"
22nd Nov 2012 13:56
"I agree, they think they can charge for anything these days .. ridiculous "
22nd Nov 2012 14:40
"come on ratio we live in a world built around money personally i dont mind giving my football team 5 pound a month you get all the highlights and goals free to watch lfctv and all the matches are archived great if you ask me ynwa"
22nd Nov 2012 14:56
"Love the technique of this lad. Definitely a new John Barnes."
22nd Nov 2012 15:05
"Some people are thick, your not just paying for that clip you get access to everything. They do sometimes have free clips."
22nd Nov 2012 16:05
"nothing special about this video"
22nd Nov 2012 16:08
"access to 18 000 interesting videos how ever, I ve had this e-season ticked for years and its worth every penny.. this video how ever is nothing.."
22nd Nov 2012 16:11
"Lfc future star!! YNWA raheem!!"
22nd Nov 2012 16:21
"L-MAN07, he has to wait till he's 18yo.. ;)"
22nd Nov 2012 16:53
"Doh!Blessin22...You're right mate forgot that!Just keen as mustard to get him signed up as all the London clubs are sniffin around him!"
22nd Nov 2012 17:21
"if its only 5 pounds a month then why cant they just make it free???"