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Not much use if it's going to be shut all winter. I am sure there is worse weather to come Dec to Feb.
21st Nov 2012 16:15
21st Nov 2012 18:15
"Very odd, closed more than 24 hours before the game,whats this saturdays lotto numbers as you seem to know we will have adverse weather conditions before it actually arrives!"
21st Nov 2012 18:48
"the long range weather forcast is more rain with high winds on the way, not much fun can be had in that, plus if the winds are much higher that predicted theres the safety issue to consider, common sense I would say,"
22nd Nov 2012 6:54
"Javejay..understandwhat you are saying but when this family park was first advertised in July, the club made such a "song and dance" about it etc, its closed more than its open!"