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Let's get the 3 points tomorrow and then Sunday! YNWA
21st Nov 2012 16:06
Rush job
21st Nov 2012 16:08
"Go for the jugular. This is Liverpool Football Club- 'We exist to win trophies'......"
21st Nov 2012 16:19
"Strong XI or at least have a strong bench to impact if necessary. Forget about the Swansea game, lets go for this."
21st Nov 2012 16:45
"delighted to know that tomorrow you'll line-up a strong side for the game BR, this means that we want to close the qualification issue and then start to focus only on the EPL. I share this view and hope all goes well! Let's bag this blessed three points tomorrow! YNWA"
Gerrard o ya beauty
21st Nov 2012 16:50
"It's all about Sunday, we need to win on Sunday more than tomorrow. Looking at the league table it could change so quickly with a few wins on the bounce. We all no what we want the most and that's top 4, BR do what u gotta do! YNWA"
21st Nov 2012 17:15
"Evra4liverpool, i just can't get my head around your name. Irksome, that."
21st Nov 2012 17:15
"Rest for Agger,Allen, Gerard,...and Suarez down if we have lead 2 and more goals... reina - wisdom, cara, skrtel, johnson - henderson, sahin - sterling, shelvey, enrique - Suarez ."
21st Nov 2012 17:33
"Start: Reina, Carra, Coates, Wisdom, Robinson, Lucas, Henderson, Downing, Shelvey, Pacheco, Cole Bench: Jones, Wilson, Flanagan, Sahin, Gerrard, Morgan, Suarez"
21st Nov 2012 18:19
"rest agger leave suarez and gerrard on bench if we need either use the on the hour mark, we should have enough without them to win,YNWA"
jimmy liddel
21st Nov 2012 19:03
"good luck for tomorrow lads, also to rafa if he gets the chelski job. have great faith in buck bu rafa will always have a soft spot in my heart."
21st Nov 2012 19:29
"the league is far more important put the youngsters in for the experience coz if we put a strong team out win then draw on sunday he will moan about playin 3 games in a week"
21st Nov 2012 19:30
"if we dont beat swansea on sunday we are going backwards"
21st Nov 2012 19:46
"RAFA is BACk but he is BLUE. TORRES will flourish!"
21st Nov 2012 20:01
"Torres isn't half the player he was at LFC. He's a sulking arrogant prima donna who turned his back on LFC when we needed him. Everytime he fails at Chelsea I love it. Suarez is ten times the player Torres ever was and ever will be."
Billy B girl
21st Nov 2012 20:09
"Good luck for tomorrow! we need to start winning something! Rafa is only at Chelski till end of season so we could grab him back then - FSG will see what they missed!"
21st Nov 2012 20:28
"all you rafa loverswake up hes a phoney he ll be sacked by february again "
Mr Ostrich
21st Nov 2012 20:39
"Sort of gutted to see Benitez join Chelsea, even if it is on a temporary basis. Part of me wants to see him do well but I also want to see him fail, so to not feel awful that we could of snatched him up this summer."
Mr Ostrich
21st Nov 2012 20:41
"In addition, his arrival won't suddenly improve Fernando Torres. He performances from us were a result of playing with Gerrard and receiving respect and love from the Anfield faithful, something he doesn't receive from the plastic Chelsea fans."
21st Nov 2012 20:41
"how is rafa aphoney won champs league with lfc 2005 reached another final 2007 won the fa cup your the phoney"
21st Nov 2012 20:45
"just goes to show how far weve dropped dimatio wins f.a.cup and champs league couple of bad results sacked. then again kenny won carling cup got to final of f.a.cup and was sacked wonder what will happen to rodgers? "
Gordon Ottershaw
21st Nov 2012 20:49
"OK have to face the fact that Rafa is now at Chelsea. Cannot complain as he loves football and needs to get back. We had the chance and went with BR so no tears from me. Still was hoping that well wishful thinking anyway that Fenando may have come back to us. Now not a hope. Well best wishes. Rafa brought us the fifth and will always thank him for that "
21st Nov 2012 20:57
"Chelski are doomed! HA, HA, HA, HAAAA! The players definitely won't take to him especially the old guard who still run the team. Benitez messed around with FT whilst he was here - if he's not performing or he wants to change things tactically he'll take him off and el sulko won't like that! Benitez will last 6 months and *uck em up! and FT will be gone in Jan - Fantastic News all round!"
21st Nov 2012 21:07
"KINGOFCLUBS yeap I wouldn't be surprised if you are right. Back to more important things good luck to the lads for the next game. We need to go on a roll of wins to get confidence and belief sky high. "
21st Nov 2012 21:07
"FSG have hired Benitez and sent him on a covert mission to destroy Stamford Bridge - Don't let us down Rafa! "
21st Nov 2012 21:17
"Who's rafa? And more importantly who cares?"
21st Nov 2012 22:07
"So annoyed rafa gone chelski we could of had him yet we got brenda who brings the worst players? Y? Y? Y? Fsg havnt got a clue. Rafa only left coz last owners sold our best players and didnt replace them and rafa didnt want to sit around for us to fall! When fsg came in they should have got him in instead of kenny and seen who rafa could of bought!"
21st Nov 2012 22:31
"I feel sorry for Rafa as his heart is still at LFC. The meglomaniac will humiliate him within 6 months. What is Rafa remit? He must do the Quadruple otherwise he is a goner.YNWA Good luck to Roberto who must wonder how he ever got the sack!!"
21st Nov 2012 22:33
"As for tomorrow we must field a strong side either in the first half to kill the game and then put on the youngsters or in the second half if needs be. Either way winning every game from now on breeds that fortress mentality.YNWA"
21st Nov 2012 22:37
"All the guys who wanted Rafa back can finally put it to rest and back BR to the hilt. As for Torres he was on a downward spiraleven when Rafa was at LFC. Anyways Abramowich will be picking the Team and Torres is not his favourite anymore.Abramowich does not tolerate even minute failures so Tosrres will be on his way."
21st Nov 2012 23:09
"I never make predictions and I'm not going to start now but I do think we will win :) Come on boys! "
21st Nov 2012 23:24
"Chelsea 9th manager in 8 years...10th manager should be Abramovich himself...he could save moneys and nerves and prove he understand football better :)))"
21st Nov 2012 23:28
"Torres is poor for Chelsea...I bet somebody advice him work with muscles...because he completly lost touch on ball...he was delicious in the box for LFC..and he is less mobile, dynamic than before. Sometimes happen if body work isnt balanced player is example CR7 improved muscles under Fergie, but his skills stayed fine."
21st Nov 2012 23:35
"3 points tomorrow and then top half of the table on Sunday would be amazing :) "
21st Nov 2012 23:45
"Neither Rafa nor Kenny are FSG standard, but Rodgers is. lol"
22nd Nov 2012 0:08
"I'm a Chelsea fan as of today after being a Liverpool fan for 32 years. Liverpool is getting from bad to worse. The club is not heading in the right direction. I really hate to read those ungrateful comments that criticize Rafa and Torres after they have done so much for this club."
22nd Nov 2012 0:18
"Good luck against young boys, this should be a formality win for LFC as we are playing home.Any result other than a win is not LFC std. especially against YB.Also good luck Rafa hope you proves all your doupters wrong. "
22nd Nov 2012 0:21
"I will be happy to see Rafa win the league instead of the two Mancs. "
22nd Nov 2012 2:13
"rushrush - see ya, shut the door behind you as you leave and don't come back :) "
Papa Syed
22nd Nov 2012 2:30
"Be the best!"
22nd Nov 2012 4:06
"let's win the europa league this season to qualify for champions league!! i have high hope on you liverpool..YNWA!!"
22nd Nov 2012 6:48
"Looking forward to knocking chelsea out of the europa in april and grabbing 4th spot off them in the same week..... Hope hazard is glad he chose to play for the blue volgas and with europa action for the next three years..."
22nd Nov 2012 6:59
"Please play Ngoo"
22nd Nov 2012 7:59
"Well Said Chucker. Need the win Redmen, lets get three points from every game from now on, why just aim for top four, be as unrealistic as you wish, but go for number 1, Come On You Reds, YNWA"
22nd Nov 2012 8:15
"Play the same team that you want to field on Sunday BR, coz Young Boys plays similarly to Swansea and Us nowadays, so it would be a good test and warm up for the boys "
22nd Nov 2012 9:04
"Hopefully things will go well.YNWA"
22nd Nov 2012 10:38
"Gerrard o ya beauty: i think you're right, we need the win on sunday more than this one... let the youngsters get european experience and esnsure we climb the EPL. "
22nd Nov 2012 12:04
"Bee-dee, bee-dee, bee-dee, bee-dee, bee-dee. Whatever you say Buck. "
22nd Nov 2012 12:20
"rushrush - Congratulations on becoming a new Chelski fan! Now we won't ever have to read your negative LFC comments on this site anymore. You "traitor" you!"
22nd Nov 2012 12:47
"Rushrush, can you please be a manure fan too? and citeh. They all have nice sets of fans, I'm told. ta-ta"
22nd Nov 2012 13:07
" 32 yrs a fan of LFC and now you're off to support, I mean FOLLOW, another team. All the very best, who will you follow when FT and RB are off-loaded? YAWA!"
22nd Nov 2012 14:56
"Billomanic at Chelski had been fring managers coz he felt that they were not moving th club in right direction. No doubt he's intelligent, otherwise wouldn't have had billions. But its puzzling as to why can't he understand the fact that it is bcoz of him that they are not moving in right direction. God pl give him brains in this matter."
22nd Nov 2012 16:13
"RushRush. Do you realise how much of an idiot you have made yourself sound? Follow a club for 32 years and then change to a club with plastic fans and an endless pot of money. Makes you sound like a glory hunter. LFC don't need fans like you anyway. Avoir "
22nd Nov 2012 16:21
"you can see it now! Should we qualify past group stages in Europa, Chelski being omitted to the Europa League, then a 2 legged European tie btwn the 2 teams again but this time Rafa on the opposing side.It would seem surreal. "
22nd Nov 2012 20:57
"Even if you can master Swansea's style of tiki-taka, it doesn't get you anywhere. It just isn't tiki-taka by Barcelona. Barcelona's results can only be achieved with Barcelona's set of players. Stop getting obsessed with tiki-taka."