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It's silverwear and it can illustrate to the rest of Europe we are still a good team! Four times please!
21st Nov 2012 13:47
21st Nov 2012 13:58
""In one of the newspapers i saw that Arsenal may make a move for Sterling. In return they will offer Walcott + 8 mn. Is it true? If this is true, LFC show make a counter offer - Downing + 8.000001 mn for Walcott. ""
21st Nov 2012 14:04
"If LFC plays with a 2nd string team, then this should not be an hindrance. Suarez, Sterling, Gerrad, Skertel, Agger, Enrique, Johnson, Lucas, Wisdom should not start. Luis,Sterling and Gerrad should not be named in these subs list as well. If we loose them,who willmake and score goals."
21st Nov 2012 14:20
"Silverware is always nice and looks good and shiny in the trophy cabinet. We just need to have faith and believe and many more trophies will be ours in the years to come. We must conquer the forces of defeatism and pessimism. "
21st Nov 2012 15:01
"no brainer win trophy any day and give us an interest after Christmas Does it matter if we come 8th 9th 10th? Play the first team not young boys vs young boys"
21st Nov 2012 15:04
"also how come Stevie Johnson Sterling can play Wed and Sat when England are mid week but not Thur and Sunday for Liverpool explain that one to me!!"
Rob Willis
21st Nov 2012 16:06
"The game is about winning and winning silverware breeds a winning mentality that makes you stronger in the league. Winning the Europa Cup would be a great start to a new dynasty and would move the whole club forward. Otherwise a mid table finish and no silverware puts more pressure on next season. Let's put out a good team tomorrow and keep the winning mentality going. YNWA "
21st Nov 2012 17:05
"The EL is our best chance of silverware this season. The Young Boys game alone will have done wonders for the youngsters involved, and a strong team tomorrow night would produce 3 points so that the youngsters can have another crack versus Udinese. We're not going to challenge in the CL for a while, and the PL was never a realistic, and I personally would love a trip to Amsterdam in May. "
21st Nov 2012 17:20
"The fan2001- While I know what you mean, but a win on Thursday, coupled with Udinese not winning and we're through with a game to spare, surely we have to go for it?!"
21st Nov 2012 18:41
"A club as big as liverpool! every game is just as important as the next one!"
21st Nov 2012 19:34
"Making the PL the most important is fine so that we can get back into UCL but we should not wipe away a trophy chance. If we're in it we should try & win it. That's it. Plus, if we win it one more to make it 4, we can say that LFC have won the Europa League the most # of times"
21st Nov 2012 23:25
"Lets be honest any silverware is welcome and the Europa lg. is no exception. Provides valuable experience to the likes of Sterling and other youngsters to gain European game time and travel. Besides teams not progressing in the CL will drop down to the Europa so competition is still good.Also theres a chance to play CL champions in the Supercup if you win Europa Cup."
21st Nov 2012 23:32
"It depends if you are a big club or not."
Papa Syed
22nd Nov 2012 6:12
"Win it for the Fans at LFC worldwide and families affected by Hillsborough tragedy!"