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I was hoping this was on here. Decent player. You just can't go wrong with German players.
21st Nov 2012 12:07
21st Nov 2012 12:36
"Oh yes what an awesome player. I have seen him live as well and he is amazing. Oh my god, wow, what a player, oh boy fantastic. Sorry not seen him really. Any thoughts anyone?? "
21st Nov 2012 12:54
"correct me if i'm wrong but isn't he a bit of a workhorse? don't know much about him but would go for a player with more goals and flair to add to our attack."
21st Nov 2012 13:19
"Decent player but better is there, think instead Kuba could be a winger who better would fit in our system with three attackers! anyway I have always good faith in german players."
21st Nov 2012 13:33
"I was thinking the other day how we could do with a German or two in our squad. How we could do with a Didi Hamman,Markus Babbel or Karl Heinz Riedle now!"
21st Nov 2012 15:39
"Can't go wrong with German Players... Hmmm... Sean Dundee?!! O.K., half German, but still!!"
21st Nov 2012 16:02
"no need for wingers it's strikers we need"
21st Nov 2012 16:17
"no!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is bad player "
21st Nov 2012 16:52
"gotze double swoop???"
21st Nov 2012 18:40
"Whenever we are linked to players I always like to come on here and get the verdicts of our top scouts. LOL"
Champions Of Europe
21st Nov 2012 19:46
"Cunning ploy by the LFC spin long will it take before Spurs are looking at this player too (while we swoop for who we really want) lol"
21st Nov 2012 22:01
"L-MAN07, Couldn't agree more with you, Germans add steel to any squad, their work ethic is second to none, they are a fantastic, resilient breed and we could use them well in our squad. Uruguayans are made of the same stuff, why I don't know but look at Suarez , Coates and especially Diego Peres (Uruguay midfielder who plays for Bologna) Wish we had him! We need Germans, that's a fact. "
22nd Nov 2012 0:07
"1 word MERTENS"
Papa Syed
22nd Nov 2012 2:25
"Any Germans is fine with me. Their work rate are awesome. Why not? Sign him in come Jan 2013! but a winger?"
22nd Nov 2012 7:16
"What about some Irish in the squad? Long would be a good shout WITH an out an out finisher, McGeady too, something different to what we have. Irish usually underrated so can be quite cheap. "
22nd Nov 2012 8:44
"The next Dirk Kuyt, f"
22nd Nov 2012 10:19
22nd Nov 2012 11:25
"How about Ibisevic from Stuttgart? A proven goal poacher!"
22nd Nov 2012 13:12
"I don't mind anybody as long as the player(s) areestablished and proven strikers! YNWA!"
22nd Nov 2012 13:13
"Please get Muniain from A.Bilboa and Dalmiao from International of Brazil.Both r talented skilful young players .Dalmiao as strike partner to Suarez and Muniain can play on the winds or attacking midfield.These 2 players in Jan will make all the difference 2 the squad and results"
22nd Nov 2012 13:14
"Second coach saying that it is chelsea who doesn't fit torres... The guy still good.... Even rafa won't be able to take the best out of him, because you play team to win a match and not a lonely player. Bring back torres!!!"
22nd Nov 2012 13:50
"phanjoo-fab reheated soup I don't know if it works, Torres looks besides slow and unmotivated... take a conclusion..."
22nd Nov 2012 14:35
22nd Nov 2012 15:49
"Has previously stated that his prefered destination in EPL wpuld be 'Old Bog', you know, where 'Bacon Face' hangs out, that place yes! Should we want anyone who would come to us as a compromise option? Especially to that shower? I say give this guy a miss please."
22nd Nov 2012 15:50
"Shane Long!"
22nd Nov 2012 18:11
"Brendan its obvious we barely have enough money to buy 1 player and the one thing that we are in DIRE need off is a TOP GOAL SCORER - so FORGET about wingers & midfielders Get the STRIKER that we need! ITS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!!"
22nd Nov 2012 18:15
"ChampionsOfEurope - if only that was true - unfortunately the numpties conducting the transfers are not that intelligent - look at the debacle in the last transfer window and the mediocre players we bought!-)"
22nd Nov 2012 18:36
"Get the De Jong brothers Siem & Luuk"