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Great photos! Dani and Suso are fine ambassador's for LFC - well done boys!
22nd Nov 2012 9:31
22nd Nov 2012 9:32
"great and encouraging "
22nd Nov 2012 10:18
"Great pics! What a shaping and educative experience Dani and have done! Almost I envy them to have been in contact with the students and the teachers af such a important secondary school! Very shaping! Two young ambassadors for LFC! Well done Dani and ! YNWA"
22nd Nov 2012 10:25
"Look at the 3rd pic where some cheeky chappy is trying to nutmeg Pacheco. Awesome."
22nd Nov 2012 11:06
"That's why I love Liverpool!! Not many football clubs will have the vision of setting up a Learning College which allows the students to both excel in football and in their academics! Great stuff and I feel so very proud right now!! YNWA!"
22nd Nov 2012 12:06
"Dani Pacheco comes across as a damn funny character. Did well in his cameo vs Anzhi the other week. Hope to see him and Suso linking up against Young Boys tonight."
22nd Nov 2012 12:34
"The headline sounds like a cheesy le for a 80's frat boy comedy! :)"
22nd Nov 2012 12:35
"The headline sounds like a cheesy le for a 80's frat boy comedy! :) "
22nd Nov 2012 14:31
"Playing in the rain'll tighten them. need some hard fellas in the squad"
LFC Nuuk Greenland
22nd Nov 2012 15:07
"A great social responsible club and players. Love it. YNWA"
22nd Nov 2012 17:46
"that's the most ugliest, and ridiculous LFC training jacket ever 0_0 urggh its like what the army used in the 40's winter war! well at least warrior brand gives us good financial deal than adidas -_-"