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Let's put them on their heels right from the beginning boys! Then lets take it to Swansea this weekend and get three more points! YNWA!

21st Nov 2012 14:31
21st Nov 2012 14:32
"last 3rd photo: what was gerrard thinking??"
21st Nov 2012 14:33
"Nice pics! Pleased to see such a great effort and a good mood around the training pitch! hope it will bring good luck! pleased even to see Stew Downing in the session! should not he be at the fringe of the project from a while? hope he will play tomorrow YNWA"
21st Nov 2012 14:48
"Great to see Lucas back in training! Who's he giving stink eye to though? Ha ha..."
21st Nov 2012 14:55
"Hey guys, I read today on the nº1 journal from Uruguay that Liverpool FC. it´s going to hire CAVANI !"
21st Nov 2012 14:56
"A win for Liverpool in this match could give our players some energy to beat Swansea. We need to beat Swansea. Comeon Redmen, we need to climb up the table. YNWA"
21st Nov 2012 14:58
"good luck lads! we need to sort it out tomorrow!"
Rush job
21st Nov 2012 15:21
"I say start with our strongest 11, then make subsutions 'if' we can throughout the game. Ive altered my view on this competition and would love to win it. And its true, aside from British clubs (euro snobs) its a trophy held in high regard throughout Europe."
Rush job
21st Nov 2012 15:22
"Liverpool to beat a Rafa managed Chelsea in the final. I would love that....."
21st Nov 2012 15:35
"Men v boys show them how real men play YNWA"
21st Nov 2012 15:49
"The difference in body language between Stevie and Cole says a lot, I think JCs time at LFC is almost over as he has no confidence left! Buddha131304, are you John Henry or Tom Werner in disguise?"
Rush job
21st Nov 2012 15:53
"Out of the 3 managers that won 'trinkets' last season, theres only 1 left in a job- which actually concurs Buddha's views. However, I feel that football as a spectator sport is finished if winning trophies becomes a 'distraction'."
Rush job
21st Nov 2012 15:55
"Attending games will become totally pointless if the 'Spreadsheet brigade' get their hly grail of Football ownership. For people with no emotional attachment to a football club- i get the business 'model'- for me- trinkets and glory is and always will be the way."
Rush job
21st Nov 2012 15:56
"As an Arsenal fan said very recently on a 'football phone-in'- There are no pictures of fourth place dotted around the Emirates....."
21st Nov 2012 15:56
"How about getting Torres out of his mess at Chelsea in January and sending Benitez a short sharp shock for his future there - traitor !!!"
21st Nov 2012 15:57
"put a relatively second string side out there v youngs, they aint good enough! swansea can't beat us 2 times in a row so i hope our top lads are giving a full week rest"
Rush job
21st Nov 2012 15:58
"And Buddha- before you get on your high horse and see this as a veiled attack from me- it isnt. Its just what I think. Its what ive always thought, and although I was 'distracted' early season, is what I will always think. Its just my views which are neither right or wrong."
Rush job
21st Nov 2012 16:00
"I also totally believe that winning breeds winning. And I want 11 winners playing in red."
21st Nov 2012 16:02
"For the first time in what seems like a decade we have our own "Young Boys" coming up, in fact i figure 2-3 of them to factor immensely tomorrow. ATTACK DAMN YOU, ATTACK, go get em gents!YNWA "
Rush job
21st Nov 2012 16:04
"The Chelsea model IMO is what is totally and utterly wrong with modern football. They have spent 84 milion pounds on manager compensation- more than Neverton have spent on players since the prem was formed. (contd)"
Rush job
21st Nov 2012 16:06
"And thats all money going straight out of football. People can come on here and post whatever they like about hw modern football clubs should be run, but ill say one thing. I AM SO GLAD THAT I DONT SUPPORT THE RENTBOYS- ROTTEN FROM TOP TO BOTTOM..... An embarrassment to football."
Rush job
21st Nov 2012 16:09
"Over and out."
21st Nov 2012 16:18
"Please give Assaidi a full game!!"
21st Nov 2012 16:21
"i think we need to put a strong team against young boys if we are to have any chance of getting through to the knockout stages.and we'r playing at home which isnt so bad for the senior players. the swansea trip is going to be a long tiring one."
21st Nov 2012 16:22
"damn!! Cole is training...really hope he doesn't start..was really poor last time out!!!!"
21st Nov 2012 16:22
"damn!! Cole is training...really hope he doesn't start..was really poor last time out!!!!"
21st Nov 2012 16:23
"damn!! Cole is training...really hope he doesn't start..was really poor last time out!!!!"
21st Nov 2012 16:24
"Start Assaidi, Suso and Luis"
21st Nov 2012 16:39
"Win this one and seal the qualification early boys! Then have a great win this coming weekend against the Swans! YNWA!"
21st Nov 2012 16:56
"Start Assaidi, Downing and Suarez, then make come in Suso in the second half as Young Boys players will be tired and he can kill the game! I pray for a first Suso goal in Red shirt! YNWA"
21st Nov 2012 17:04
"nice hat luis LOL mid you if you keep the goals coming you can wear anything YNWA"
21st Nov 2012 18:00
"Rushjob...totally agree with you on all you said (and you said a lot) as a coach I use that mantra "winning breeds winning", we also should be trying to win the FA cup. When new players come to a club they say I wanted to go to a club that will win trophies."
21st Nov 2012 18:41
"Cole to start and silence some of these armchair critics that Lucas had to endure. YNWA"
21st Nov 2012 19:20
"I would like to see the likes of Suarez, Gerrard and Sterling rested for this game. We should beat them by having Downing, J.Cole and Assaidi in the starting 11. "
21st Nov 2012 19:47
"RAFA is BACk but he is BLUE. TORRES will flourish!"
21st Nov 2012 20:19
"Lucas is key to our rise. With Lucas in the team and back on form, it releases a lot of players. Enrique and Allen will be given greater license to get forward. The shape of the team will be more balanced. I'm worried Rafa will come knocking for some players. He can "£$% off!"
Rush job
21st Nov 2012 20:26
"No talk about Rafa or Torres please. This is a Liverpool FC website- and those 2 have got nothing to do with Liverpool Football Club. Rentboys."
21st Nov 2012 21:29
"Its really great to see lucas training with the rest of the lads again.Good luck lads for tomorrow night...."
21st Nov 2012 21:35
"Completly agree Rush job 9 Torres sold his soul to the Devil when he moved to the plastic flag brigade NO way do we want our need him back Cause he s TRASH!!!"
21st Nov 2012 21:42
"Wise up red squirel 9 cole is a tart.He s completly useless.Needs to go in january!!!!"
21st Nov 2012 22:29
"Alex_Regal, I just don't hope but pray it happens, because Cavani, suares and Sterling would be one of the deadliest attacks in the league, and a midfield of Lucas, Allen, Gerrard would make it more easier. Lets just hope it happens."
21st Nov 2012 22:35
"Rushjob. Got out of the wrong side of bed today lad? ;) I agree though and no it's not to argue/score points of someone very familiar with these boards. I know 4th place will gain massive finances, but trophies is what I celebrate and I feel most other fans. Money has ruined the game. "
21st Nov 2012 22:35
"Even fans are taking finances into account and ultimately condeming the FA Cup- Why? Because it doen't get Champs League. This isn't the 'typical' LFC fan I have been familiar for 30 odd years. That Arsenal was correct. Every year 4th place, no cups and generally out of Champs League Quarters. Trophies is what it's all about!"
The Naysayer Slayer
21st Nov 2012 22:36
"I think we should play GK- Doni CB-Joe Cole & Suso RB-Shelvey LB-Suarez DM-Assaidi CM-Downing RW - Carragher LW-Skyrtel ST-Hendo ST-Coates. Just my opinion before they take me away."
21st Nov 2012 22:38
"Excuse my writing BTW. Not had as much spare time the last few days. So make quick statements/essays and then do one......... "
The Naysayer Slayer
21st Nov 2012 22:53
"Ani - I think as Brits the FA cup is important. League cup take it or leave it. A lot of fans are foreign and don't understand the fairytale of it (cont)"
The Naysayer Slayer
21st Nov 2012 22:55
"especially for the teams from the lower tiers. The Europa Id like us to win it but only if we do it with young players to give them experience and certainly not at the expense of the big CL nights. Its what we live for."
22nd Nov 2012 0:05
"redahead- I see your point mate but I would rather win the Carling Cup/ FA Cup every year than finish 4th constantly Like Arsenal. Your right, I guess for many foreigners the FA Cup is deemed insignificant and they want to see LFC play Europe's best. "
22nd Nov 2012 0:05
"Maybe it's me being old fashioned or maybe it is just a foreign supporter thing? But I wana see trips to Wembley and lifting trophies (something I grew up on). Back in the days when money and Champs League qualification was insignificant as only champions played in the European cup and not 4th place. "
22nd Nov 2012 0:07
"Anyway, back to tomorrow or should I say tonight now? Good luck LFC and welcome back to training Lucas. Night."
22nd Nov 2012 0:32
22nd Nov 2012 0:36
22nd Nov 2012 1:13
"No joe cole!"
Papa Syed
22nd Nov 2012 2:19
"Ahoy! Let's get three more points each Y Boys, Swansea and "Chelsea" hahaaahaha...."
Vosta Lee
22nd Nov 2012 5:08
"Looks like the forum has some Chelsea fans trying to get rid of Torres by sending him back to Liverpool. He's not into the game as he was before - FACT."
22nd Nov 2012 6:16
"I am fearing the worst for Ashley Williams... "
22nd Nov 2012 6:35
"Rushjob9. You confuse me. We only have OUR HISTORY on our sude because present and future are pretty DISMAL. And if Rafa and el nino are not part of it them I fail my history exam :("
Rush job
22nd Nov 2012 7:03
"Ani rd final. Got out of bed....! Nah, just starting to get tired of people posting who think they are holier than thou. I'm gd for a bit, then around Nov time, it starts to grind at me. Comment, but don't preach- it just gets my back up. Looking forward to tonight. Reckon there's a cracker coming up. Come on you Redmen."
22nd Nov 2012 7:48
"Best image - seeing Lucas there! Let's get the three points tonight lads! YNWA!"
22nd Nov 2012 9:13
"Really happy to saw all player,hope we can win the game tonight!good luck,rogers!Y.N.W.A"
22nd Nov 2012 14:17
"Downing right at the back in the first pic... guess he's off then YNWA!"
22nd Nov 2012 15:15
"torres wont flourish, hes nothing without stevie g!!!!"