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I am still doubtful about Jeffren, specially considering how he has performed recently with the portuguese outfit. Why not try to go for Mertens or Tello who should be surely more profitable investments?
21st Nov 2012 9:46
21st Nov 2012 9:49
"I would love to know that Cavani's agent has confirmed Liverpool's interest :D"
21st Nov 2012 12:29
"Go get Munaian instead ,and then get Leandro Dalmiao from International in brazil,both are very young and exceptional talents which would bid well for LFC .Buy these 2 players and LFC will be much stronger,remembering that Lucas is close to playing ,and Borini will come back in jan plus we have the likes of sterling,suso,morgan and pacheco to pick as well."
21st Nov 2012 19:13
"cavani is a wish that isn't coming true so set your sights lower people we need someone who isn't on 70k plus a week. i say get pacheco, yesil, morgan, adjoran(texeira) nd ngoo playin until january in cup nd europa games then make the decision if we need a striker. why spend big when you have talented youth YNWA."
22nd Nov 2012 0:05
"MERTENS SHOULD BE A MUST but until then assaidi should get more time as he is very tricky and pacy and also has goals in him "
22nd Nov 2012 1:35
"Cavani keep dreaming! However wouldnt mind Huntelaar especially at the price of 9mil"
Papa Syed
22nd Nov 2012 2:14
"Are you sure about Jeffren, BR???? Another winger is a joke!"
22nd Nov 2012 13:14
"Second coach saying that it is chelsea who doesn't fit torres... The guy still good.... Even rafa won't be able to take the best out of him, because you play team to win a match and not a lonely player. Bring back torres!!!"
22nd Nov 2012 15:51
"Shane Long!!! Check him out"
22nd Nov 2012 16:31
"It's just agents doing what agents do, ing interest by aledging interest from several big clubs in an attemt to get a good transfer fee when the player moves, and therefore a bigger wad for the agent.Wouldn't read too much into this.If the player can't cut it in Portugal he's unlikely to do it in the PL & we can well do without uncertainties"
22nd Nov 2012 18:57
"Why go for a Barca reject who is also struggling to make an impact at a much lesser club and in an easier league than ours? Makes no sense to me. :("
23rd Nov 2012 20:11
"Please I want to know how valid is the move of Cavani to LFC. Thank you dphil85"