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its just around the corner. we will finish 4th ths season.....i said it..
21st Nov 2012 8:51
21st Nov 2012 9:10
"yes come on the reds!! i had missed the time i woke up early in the morning (malaysia time) to watch champions league football!! YNWA"
21st Nov 2012 9:26
"To be in CL you need to play like a CL player! "
Rush job
21st Nov 2012 9:27
"With the right signings in January, and a bit of luck regarding injuries, you just never know for this season where we may finish. With Luis in the form he is in- anything is possible....."
21st Nov 2012 9:47
"agree with Rocking-Red think we will get top 4 ith right additions come on you mighty reds"
21st Nov 2012 10:02
"New signing I'm looking most forward to is... LUCAS LEIVA ok he has been here a while but not played much in the last calendar year. Really hope he stays fit till the end of the season as I think he will be more important than who comes in. "
21st Nov 2012 10:09
"Im hoping when lucas comes back and takes your place,that you still get as many games and show us what you can do more forward,i for one have faith,your record so far shows you deserve that chance,ynwa"
21st Nov 2012 10:12
"I wish you any sake Joe as for me you are a good guy and a great talent. Keep working on your body strenght lad, Premiere League and European football have a huge demand in that sense, a physical improvement would help you to further step up your level! Please listen to my words! Good luck for the upcoming duties Joe!... YNWA Joe Allen"
Billy B girl
21st Nov 2012 10:14
"iMarkLFC - I agree Joe not CL player. Just heard Rafa might be going to Chelski - hope this isn't true as I want him back home at Anfield!!!"
21st Nov 2012 10:41
"Better play with strong side, we have to make sure we go true"
21st Nov 2012 10:58
"Weren't arsenal in a similar position last season around this time? Anyway, Lucas back means Joe can go forward more, but I'm very happy with him so far(good passing and retaining the ball).Who's coming in, in Jan...? Win and Udinese don't and we're through! So play a good team and get the win."
21st Nov 2012 11:05
"I too hope Rafa Comes back to us as soon as this January. He is the one person who understands the Club and can take us to CL, no1 else right now"
Billy B girl
21st Nov 2012 11:11
"FSG are idiots if they let Rafa get away from us - can't they see that most of us want Rafa in charge????"
21st Nov 2012 11:11
"I know this is not the right place and time, but pls give some time to pray for the kids in GAZA! #PrayForGaza... YNWA GAZA"
21st Nov 2012 11:29
"If you take into consideration that CL places are decided by country co-efficients (ie how English teams perform in Europe)then with City and Chelski going out early this year,CL places may soon be down to the Top 3. Therefore we need to be aiming to win the League every season or at least Top 3!"
21st Nov 2012 11:51
"Kind of atude we need. Let's hope and pray we can get back withe big boys in the Champion's League (where we belong)."
21st Nov 2012 12:22
"Why are you muppets still talking about Benitez?? YNWA Rodgers & Allen!!"
21st Nov 2012 12:44
"allen is a good lad and when he has hendo alongside him he has more freedom to influence the game. lucas coming back will be a boost as he is also capable of controlling that area. our midfield is strong now unlike it was after alonso and masc left and we had sg injuries."
21st Nov 2012 12:51
"i know most pple are calling for benitez, i dont think he is the solution, lets keep faith with rodgers, he is taking the club to the promised land, let him do his BR I TRUST"
21st Nov 2012 13:03
"on Benitez going to Chelsea, personally I hope it happens . Will be watching with interest the reaction of the likes of Lamps and Terry subjected to an autocrat with the wrong ideas. Dear rentboys, make way for the sleeping giant; I seriously think we'll be in contention for top 4. "
21st Nov 2012 13:06
"Billy B girl We want to move forward not backwards. Just when we are getting things right some of you want Rafa back. I liked Rafa when he was here and he has done wonders in setting up the Academy but we have a 39 year old Manager for the future.YNWA"
21st Nov 2012 13:06
"The lad has done very well since he arrived at the club, he can only get better.Our best buy since Suarez. ynwa"
21st Nov 2012 13:08
"We have been crying out for new and fresh ideas and BR is the man for the job. The Jan transfer window will be the defining moment to see what can be achieved this year. 4th place would be a bonus and i can't see why not with other top teams struggling."
Gerrard o ya beauty
21st Nov 2012 13:09
"We have to beat the teams around us to get top 4, but more importantly our home form is crucial, we need to be winning the weaker teams. Swansea is a big test this weekend, they are a very good attacking team, and very dangerous on the break! Hope Allen scores his first goal against his old team, that would be nice! YNWA"
21st Nov 2012 13:11
"LFC1958, exactly."
21st Nov 2012 13:19
"Important that we field a strong side and make sure of the win. We don't want to exit another competition with a wimper!!"
21st Nov 2012 13:25
"Our owners are not ambitious enough to buy top quality players like manu, chelsea, mcity etc who actually win trophies and feature in CL every season. fsg hope to win things using bargain basement substandard rejects."
21st Nov 2012 13:29
"wish CL would only feature the actual league champions from each country like it used to in the real european cup, not this farce that it has become."
The Naysayer Slayer
21st Nov 2012 13:35
"Most of us want Rafa in charge? - delete my name from that list straight away. "
21st Nov 2012 13:45
"BR can't even be compared to Rafa, who has a XCV which includes 2 CL Finals with Liverpool, winning one of them and an FA Cup win, also winning things with Valencia. Brendan hasn;t won anything whatsoever. The quality of players that played under Rafa was amazing, the current squad is impotent in comparison. Don't underestimate Rafa's CV, Brendan is only a little enthusiastic Puppy Dog. "
21st Nov 2012 13:48
"Dont dream too much. Just do your work well. Two seasons ago when wenky's bought blackburn, they also showed Champions league dream to club supporters. Now, they are playing in the championship."
21st Nov 2012 13:48
"Loz99 If that was the case we wouldn't have qualified for the last 22 years and not won in 2005. Your thoughts???"
21st Nov 2012 13:55
"Joe,you r doing good, keep it improving.ur form has dipped a bit in last 3games but i hope u'l improve ur form asap n help us qualify for UCL. ***A MUST READ FOR ALL RED FANS ABT WHY WE SHOULD NOT LOOSE LUIS SUAREZ ANY COST***in 2dy's Mirror football. Link:: (i request every LFC FAN to read this article)"
21st Nov 2012 13:56
"Sorry Joe but 'Physically it's demanding', I am not having that. Try working 12 hour shifts every week or being on the front line in Afghanistan. A couple of hours kicking a ball each day and then two 90 minute matches in a week. It's all in players heads that it is tiring. It really isn't. In the 70's the squad was small with 1 sub and 70 games."
21st Nov 2012 14:02
"LFC1958, you are right concerning the last 22 years, BTW I can't remember when The CL was first introduced but I do remember that we had to become League champions to qualify for most of the European Cups we actually won. It was truly harder to win in those days especially with small squads. It just seemed a more genuine Cup to win."
21st Nov 2012 14:10
"Yeah with players like Joe Allen, Henderson, Borini, Downing, Cole etc lol"
21st Nov 2012 14:17
"Hey guys,jst wanted to knw ur opinion.For me this is our strongest line up with subs.(includng injuries&excluding loan players).wat do u guys say????am i right??? Reina,Kelly,Skrtel,Agger, Johnson,Lucas, Allen, Gerrard,Sterling,Suarez, Enrique. SUBS:Jones,Wisdom, Carragher,Coates, Robinson, Henderson, Shelvy,Suso,Caody, Assaidi,Pacheo,Borini, Morgan,Yesil,Ngoo."
21st Nov 2012 14:28
"(contd) I "WISH" to see one quality goal scorer (CAVANI or KLAAS or BONY),one talented goal scoring winger(Please god!!DRIES MERTENS, my fav(no one else)),one attacking midfeilder (ERIKSEN) to be added to that group.(clearing dead wood..cole,downing,spearing,caroll,doni) . Then i think we will be in top 4 and can challenge for PL& UCL LE. wat do u guys say???am i right??...."
Billy B girl
21st Nov 2012 14:32
"Sorry but I don't think Brendan is up to it! For me, with Rafa going to Chelski I feel like my dad has put me up for adoption YNWA"
21st Nov 2012 14:34
"Loz99 I agree it was harder but I believe it was when the money element took over with TV rights and footballers wages. Those guys in days gone past played for the pride of the club and shirt and not for personal gain and glory.Sports in general has gone that way.YNWA"
21st Nov 2012 14:38
"Billy B girl Rafa's heart will always be with LFC as shown when we had the tribute to the 96. He cried his eyes out that day and has our deepest graude. I hope he doesn't go to Chelski because I don't want to see him hurt by that Meglomaniac owner."
21st Nov 2012 14:41
"I have the confidence and great amount of believe that we will qualify for CL this season. We as supporters of this great club should stick together and support them till the very end no matter what the outcome. I have the believe in my Reds. Come you Redmen. We Will Never Walk Alone and soon we will rule the WORLD. YNWA"
21st Nov 2012 14:55
"LFC1958 21st Nov 2012 14:34 Wonderful times back then when they playing through rain, hail and snow, shirts so mucky it was hard to tell the difference in the teams especially in B&W TV. Then Murdock came along! Pitches like snooker tables and every match gets FA Cup Final treatment, Bells & Whistles, Glitz and Glamour. Bosman ruling, loyalty very rare now, poor DeMateo, Rafa could be next. YNWA"
21st Nov 2012 15:40
"Rafa is on a win, win situation if he goes to Chelsea, he has top quality players to play with but he may have a hard task bonding with them. he certainly has fantastic experience and knowledge, he has owners prepared to spend (unlike FSG). If it turns pear shaped he walks with a super handshake, quids in, can't lose :)"
21st Nov 2012 15:47
"what I can't understand about Chelsea/Ambramovitch is why is he so ruthless with managers and not with players? Why has he been so patient with Torres for so long? What has Torres really contributed to Chelsea, it's obvious he never fitted their set up, hope he comes back to Liverpool and gets a second chance."
21st Nov 2012 16:03
"Think Suarez and Torres would make a lovely pair up front, just wish we could get him back soon and he wanted back to stay. Brendan may have to deal with mood swings though when things are not going exactly as planned, just wonder would the two gel as players and as mates, could be a fantastic combo."
21st Nov 2012 16:32
"Loz99 - I too very much Torres coming back to Anfield. But, with the prospect of Rafa becoming Chel's new manager, that move would become virtually impossible. But, LFC should try. Their crazy owners hiring & firing stuff plus the pressure of not playing upto the expectations plus falco's arival might prompt torres to consider his future. Hope LFC makes a move & Torr accept's it."
21st Nov 2012 16:36
""Loz99 - I too very much want Torres to come back to Anfield. But, with the prospect of Rafa becoming Chel's new manager, that move would become virtually impossible. But, LFC should try. Their crazy owner's hiring & firing stuff plus the pressure of not playing upto the expectations & propset of falco's arival might prompt torres to consider his future. Hope LFC makes a move & Torr accept's it."
21st Nov 2012 16:44
"Suarez is arguably the best player in the world right now. He's is attracting a lot of interest. Sterling might beon the radar of a lot of clubs. Cannot let them go at any cost. They are priceless. If they go, winning the league will become a distant dream. Come one owners, if you invest now, this team will be able to reach the heights achieved by the LFC 70's & 80's team."
22nd Nov 2012 6:01
"we should be in the champions league soon Man City has been wasting our spot in the CL for two seasons now"