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Keep going Lucas!!! You'll be back to help us climb the table, but don't rush it! We're all behind you to play again soon! YNWA
20th Nov 2012 16:15
20th Nov 2012 16:34
"some good news but just make sure he is 100% before he comes back "
20th Nov 2012 16:35
"some good news but just make sure he is 100% before he comes back "
20th Nov 2012 16:38
"great to see lucas coming back but he should be given plenty of time between games until crimbo as he has missed a lot of football over the last two seasons"
20th Nov 2012 16:41
"just hope he isnt pushed in to early and ends up with another long injury , top guy we missed him greatly but need him 100%right this time , "
20th Nov 2012 16:58
"cant wait for you to come back mate but please dont come back till your ready and fully fit YNWA"
Gerrard o ya beauty
20th Nov 2012 17:06
"I don't understand why this injury has kept him out for so long, it's a torn thigh but he's bin out for months. I just pray he comes back the Lucas we had at the start of last season, and not the one at the start of his LFC career! YNWA Lucas "
20th Nov 2012 17:07
"Lucas is a warior. If there's even a hint of a twinge, please, stay off the field. If you get on the pitch, no long lunges! We want you here for a long time! Heal and be well. YNWA"
20th Nov 2012 17:13
"great to see lucas back in training will be good to see him back in the first team ynwa"
20th Nov 2012 17:14
"Keep working hard Lucas and ready for first team return! We wait for you with open arms and hope you'll come back to give your precious help to the squad! We will love and support you forever! YNWA Lucas!!"
20th Nov 2012 17:45
"Fantastic News."
20th Nov 2012 17:49
"Great news!! We have definitely missed Lucas. Once he is back in the first team I think we will see Gerard playing further forward and scoring a few goals again. Onwards and Upwards. YNWA"
20th Nov 2012 18:04
"Please don't buy sturridge. He is doing on another team. Look at ferguson he buy a 30 goal season striker. It is this kind of business we must do. sturridge is not even half of that. so MR brendan you are a man who have his shoulder well on his head and will not do the mistake daglish done by buying average players at heavy price"
The Naysayer Slayer
20th Nov 2012 18:14
"Buddha - youve accidentally left out Hendo's name! You are getting lapse in your old age."
20th Nov 2012 18:39
"woohoo! great for lucas n liverpool. he needs some match fitness and playing with the reserves is safe n will help."
The Naysayer Slayer
20th Nov 2012 18:41
"Buddha -To be honest I think Stevie needs a rest-see him more of a supersub for some games. I like Jonjo and Suso. Jonjo just needs to manage his aggression a bit better and Suso needs a bit more of it. (contd)"
The Naysayer Slayer
20th Nov 2012 18:46
"Allen is going to be solid but I think the imminent return of Lucas is knocking his confidence. I know I will always get stick for this but I see Hendo more in the attacking role."
The Naysayer Slayer
20th Nov 2012 18:51
"To justify the comments before the backlash - Stevie is an impact player, What have we got left on our bench most games? The teams we play must laugh when they see our selection of subs.Normally a load of centre backs and a winger. "
20th Nov 2012 18:52
"Neverman 20th Nov 2012 17:07- Well duhhh :) "
20th Nov 2012 18:57
"redahead- Never fear a backlash. As you can tell.I'm never too far from saying something controversial (never on purpose of course lol). I don't care if people disagree with what I say and you shouldn't too. It's your opinion..and you have the right to express them. Cont.."
20th Nov 2012 18:59
"Having said that..I disagree with what you say loooool. But as I like you as a poster..I'll turn a blind eye x_x."
20th Nov 2012 19:04
"Buddha- What's wrong with you??? Can't you just leave slating Hendo for one day. You're always slating either KK or you're so called 'misfits'. Please stop its starting to get nauseating. Stop..or I'll call stratoscouser on you. Gosh."
The Naysayer Slayer
20th Nov 2012 19:07
"I thought you may take the bait Buddha. And now I know you are watching along with LDW I may give you a 1st look at Buddhas story Part2. before it airs officially on Saturday and before the lucrative filming contract is signed."
20th Nov 2012 19:08
The Naysayer Slayer
20th Nov 2012 19:09
"Buddha story Part 2 When Buddha met Kenny. Buddha met Kenny in a bar, Buddha was playing darts on his own but nothing was coming off for him. He then notices Kenny walk in "
The Naysayer Slayer
20th Nov 2012 19:10
The Naysayer Slayer
20th Nov 2012 19:10
The Naysayer Slayer
20th Nov 2012 19:11
"I see your playing darts my wee ladyâ"
The Naysayer Slayer
20th Nov 2012 19:12
"Kenny was always on the ball. â"
The Naysayer Slayer
20th Nov 2012 19:13
"Do ya mind if i have a throw while i wait for my wee lassy? No problem Buddha said. Kenny hit three in a bed"
20th Nov 2012 19:14
"redahead- Who are you?? Lol. You're starting to intimidate me..and trust, not even the thought of standing in a ring with Wladimir Klitschko..intimidates me. The quality of your posts are comical and strangely intriguing. "
The Naysayer Slayer
20th Nov 2012 19:15
"Buddha couldnt even hit a double. Kenny then drank buddhas chateauneuf de pape unknowingly and this really miffed buddha as he was trying to look sophisticated and he didnt have any money left for another drink"
The Naysayer Slayer
20th Nov 2012 19:17
"And then as if to rub salt into the wounds -who turned and linked Kennys arm - no other than Buddhas old form teacher Miss Fitzgeral!"
20th Nov 2012 19:19
"Lol, Before we get arrested for going off topic. I just hope we haven't rushed my namesake back. Hope this time he's actually 100% fit."
20th Nov 2012 19:20
"Well obviously not 100% know what I mean :)"
The Naysayer Slayer
20th Nov 2012 19:22
"Sorry Chaps - I pre-wrote it in wordpad when the shrinks werent looking and copying and pasting caused a few bugs. It only really works with Part1 of the trilogy. "
Billy B girl
20th Nov 2012 19:22
"There is absolutely no way that Allen will be benched!!! Anyone see the Brendan and Joe show - me and mini me springs to mind!"
The Naysayer Slayer
20th Nov 2012 19:23
"Oh yes Best of Luck Lucas Cant wait to see you back!"
Billy B girl
20th Nov 2012 19:23
"Sorry forgot to say welcome back Lucas - please stay well as you are an important part of our club. YNWA"
The Naysayer Slayer
20th Nov 2012 19:40
"Buddha what do you mean? I only wrote down what I saw and it certainly didnt take me all weekend. Remember we were in the same form together with Miss Fitzgerald? Or MisFits as you used to call her."
The Naysayer Slayer
20th Nov 2012 19:46
"The funny thing is Part 2 of the trilogy actually involved you and LDW,A pondering question of how to afford tickets to the CL final. Some Burberry Hats and Tracky bottoms. A trip to canal street, questioned sexuality and exchanged notes."
The Naysayer Slayer
20th Nov 2012 19:47
"but then I grew to like LDW so I deleted it."
20th Nov 2012 19:48
"Fantastic news. Hopefully he can be gently eased back to full fitness before playing compeive games. We need him so that Gerrard can play upfront with Suarez or right behind him to provide support and get goals until we reinforced the striking options "
20th Nov 2012 20:02
"LOOL Redahead 19:46 & 19:46.- Thank You..I think."
20th Nov 2012 20:04
"Ok I'm done on here for the day. Take care Redahead and Buddha."
20th Nov 2012 20:05
"oops meant to say 19:46 & 19:47**."
The Naysayer Slayer
20th Nov 2012 20:17
"See you later LDW. Its strapping in time down here also. My padded room is so comfy!"
Gerrard o ya beauty
20th Nov 2012 20:40
"Only stevie is better than Lucas in the holding role, so we have plenty of options in midfield when Lucas is back. We will see just how good joe Allen really is when he's pushed forward cos he has been the holding mid all season and I'm sure there's more to him than that, we will see! BR has some big calls to make, he should pick players on form! YNWA "
20th Nov 2012 21:08
"Best of luck lucas you will be a great addition to the midfield once you get back back to full fitness "
20th Nov 2012 22:03
"Well done Lucas, we've missed you. Fantastic mental atude to have taken the stick you got in the early days and then the two long term injuries, to have battled through all of that, you are a great role model to the youngsters. "
20th Nov 2012 22:43
"We should bid for Cesc Fabrigas ..Klass ...please owners .we know Liverpool is not Redsox to you but for heavens sake innvest on the team... "
20th Nov 2012 23:07
"Need to ease in 20 minutes at a time. No need to pick up silly injuries like last time."
20th Nov 2012 23:09
"Will have increased options for attacking midfield when Lucas comes back. Interesting to see who will make way> I would prefer Gerrard further upfield and then make way for Suso in the last twenty for younsgter to get chance. Playing from the star doesn't suit Suso at the moment.YNWA"
21st Nov 2012 2:37
"Nice to hear .. but don't rush it give it more time so you could come back with a bang ... YNWA"
Papa Syed
21st Nov 2012 3:37
"Good! Welcome back Lucas!"
21st Nov 2012 5:29
"Karibu Lucas! Now Gerrard can now get into more attacking roles. Oh boy! I see us moving up the tables....."
21st Nov 2012 6:07
"Oh dear!!!!How we missed youâ"
21st Nov 2012 6:08
"Oh dear!!!!How we missed youâ"
21st Nov 2012 6:09
"Oh dear!!!!How we missed you!!thank god u came back. Hey Rodgers, please donâ"
21st Nov 2012 6:10
"Oh dear!!!!How we missed you!!thank god u came back. Hey Rodgers,please dont rush Lucas back into team quickly.Give him some time to gain match fitness.It is better to play him for 45min in reserve games for next few days&then slowly shift him into first team by giving chances in final 20/30min.I hope we wont miss him again so badly. YNWA LUCAS!!!. "
21st Nov 2012 6:40
"welcome back lucas my boy"
21st Nov 2012 7:00
"Hey guys,jst to knw ur opinion.Is this our strongest line up with subs??(includng injuries). Reina,Kelly,Skrtel,Agger,Johnson,Lucas,Allen,Gerrard,Sterling,Suarez,Enrique. SUBS:Jones,Wisdom,Carragher,Coates,Robinson,Henderson,Sahin,Shelvy,Suso,Caody,Assaidi,Pacheo,Borini,Morgan,Yesil,Ngoo. "
21st Nov 2012 7:13
"(contd)i hope to see one quality goal scorer(CAVANI or KLAAS or BONY),one talented goal scoring winger(Please god!!DRIES MERTENS, my fav(no one else)),one attacking midfeilder(ERIKSEN) to be added to that group.(clearing dead wood..cole,downing,spearing,caroll,doni).Then i think we will be in top 4 and can challenge for pl le & champions league le. wat do u guys say???am i correct.....??"
21st Nov 2012 8:16
"we love you lucas, now we can hand gerrard the role further up the field! behind luis, sorry for sahin though"
21st Nov 2012 10:16
"Welcome back Lucas!, at last all the fans now realize what a great player you are and what a fantastic defensive midfielder you are. We are getting back to a full first team squad and will become a Bastion of Invincibility again."
21st Nov 2012 10:51
"Be patient Lucas! "
21st Nov 2012 11:10
"We'll see if Pepe's great feet are moving again. Give us 2 or 3 weeks we'll let you know. And Lucky dm."
21st Nov 2012 11:28
"Buddha, you've a good chance for a refund."