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We've Actually beaten Marseille by 4 goals away from home as well, in the 07/08 season (Gerrard, Torres, Kuyt & Babel)

21st Nov 2012 9:43
21st Nov 2012 9:46
"LIVERPOOL LEGENDS....we salute u Pepe & gerrard"
21st Nov 2012 9:58
"I am pretty optimistic for tomorrow clash, Young Boys attack is quite fearable, but if we will line up a compeive squad with some regulars specially at the back and some hungry youngster think that we will be capable to grab the full spoil from the game. Anyway we have not to undervalue the elvetics and be careful of them. Best of luck for tomorrow lads! Do us proud as ever! YNWA Reds"
21st Nov 2012 11:04
"Talking of European goals, rememeber Bestikas? Ahh, great days..."
L0\/3 4Nfi3LD
21st Nov 2012 11:46
"Brendan I hope you and the team are thinking of the same thing as me.! Its just as an important game as is the swansea game on sunday. Let's make it nice mix (experience & youth) win is a must. Jones,wisdom,carra,coates,downing- henderson,Sahin,shelevy-suso,assaidi,pacheco.. Subs-G,King,Rasta,Joe. Ps, if we beat swansea & spurs we deff get 4th with Jan approching.."
21st Nov 2012 12:04
"Bobadilla is not bad .. shouldnt we have a look at him for the transfer season..25 yr old 6 goals in europe so far "
21st Nov 2012 12:55
"what about real in cl"
21st Nov 2012 13:12
"cordoso that was at home not in madrid"
21st Nov 2012 13:57
"We need to play experienced players in the 1st half and get the goals and then experiment in the 2nd half.YNWA"
21st Nov 2012 14:45
"WE will win. YNWA"
21st Nov 2012 14:47
"My congratulations to Stevie and Reina. Great achivement. Keep up the good work. YNWA"
21st Nov 2012 15:27
"chelsea at the stupid bridge!!Rea forgot to do his homework :P"
21st Nov 2012 16:26
"We need more goalscorer, no discredit to Luis..but that's the truth!"