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You got the tools dani , "ynwa
20th Nov 2012 9:49
20th Nov 2012 9:59
"I would like to see this guy given a run of 4 or 5 games on the right or left side of the front 3 or even in an advanced central role as I don't see as he has ever been given a fair chance. That said I don't see him in training every day as the coaches and manager do. "
20th Nov 2012 10:15
"Credit to you Dani to have believed it, or probably you would not be here from a while. Keep learning and working hard as BR wants at least till january then you'll see what to do. I am sure in that while you will have other first team chances, maybe next thursday yet, you will have to take them to convince BR of your potential! Keep up the good work Dani! YNWA DP"
20th Nov 2012 11:12
"I still don't get why Pacheco is playing reserve team football, he atleast deserves to be ahead of Cole and Downing in the pecking order. Ngoo is another player that i think manager is ignoring and even he is better alternative to have than having no striker in the bench at all."
20th Nov 2012 11:37
"Keep working hard Dani, you've got the right atude, you just haven't taken your chances as of yet. In order to be a first team starter you have to have that something extra that makes you stand out form the rest. Fingers crossed you can get on the scoresheet when you get a run out and give everyone something to think about. YNWA"
20th Nov 2012 11:38
"He is good enough, no doubt. He just needs more game time. Curious that ball-winning is mentioned because this is one side of his game that has really impressed me recently. He can easily play the Allen/Lucas role; or the Sahin/Shelvey one. But his best role is left-midfield, as everyone knows. I must admit he has some competition though."
20th Nov 2012 11:42
"Ronny87 20th Nov 2012 11:12 - my sentiments exactly. I think Mr. Rodgers may be missing a golden opportunity by January to blood young Michael Ngoo, who could easily become in the box what Yaya Toure would have become had he decided to become a striker. "
20th Nov 2012 12:37
"DP is LFC's most underrated player. I would hate to see leave. Oy BR give the lad a chance as you have Hendo, Suso and the rest. Against Young Boys he was Fantastic."
20th Nov 2012 14:23
"Train hard and you will get your chance Dani, against Young Boys hopefully. Show us what you can do!"
20th Nov 2012 15:43
"Deserves at least part of the young boys game and some sub appearences in the league to give him confidence and playing time. Keep going!"
20th Nov 2012 15:46
"Ronny87..absolutely spot on mate..he should be playing ahead of joe"GREEDY BENCH WARMER" cole &downing. I still dont understand y every manager keeps on not giving him a chance to prove himself.He should get atleast continuous 6-7games, then we can see what he can do.I hope he may appear on subs bench atleast in next pl games & gets few subs app. Keep ur confidence level high &train hard dani!!"
20th Nov 2012 16:29
"Could not agree more with Ronny87.... watched him in the reserves again Wolves and that performance alone deserves a call up to the first team. Its the only way to test if he is good enough to cut it, its not like he would be taking a worth while players spot being on the bench!"
20th Nov 2012 21:23
"would love to see this lad come good. I feel he needs some games for his confidence "
21st Nov 2012 0:01
"Please, please let Dani play in the 1st team! He is a talent for the future! He loves Liverpool! YNWA!"
21st Nov 2012 2:16
"i wonder why Dani never got a proper run under RH, KD and BR .. What negative traits that they see in him which leavs him in the lurch? He was very good at the last u19 WC of the star player ... IF Raheem can break in at 17 ..why cant Dani ??..."
21st Nov 2012 6:42
"dont understand why pacheco isnt playing"