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Why KD has gone bald?? :(
20th Nov 2012 9:07
20th Nov 2012 9:24
"what a team, we used to have God playing for us, now we have (suso)playing for us."
20th Nov 2012 9:30
"Hey! what's the story with Gary Gillespie's right arm?...freak."
20th Nov 2012 9:48
"HA John Aldridge love his constant movember effort"
20th Nov 2012 9:58
"goala he's not KD, he's Phil Neal the bald man!... The good times have come back, I am sure..."
20th Nov 2012 10:06
"Good job Pointing dat Out Rosso"
20th Nov 2012 10:08
"what a team, we used to have God playing for us, now we have J.E.S.U.S (suso) playing for us."
20th Nov 2012 10:58
"just forget it rotchie. it aint happenin son."
20th Nov 2012 11:54
"Is this the Macca who cost Liverpool £12 million of transfer money then lied to the fans and joined Real Madrid for nothing, not many would welcome him back here, he should be in madrid showing the kids his medals "
20th Nov 2012 12:02
"mc'ateer was alegend of lfc,well blow me down with a feather,you learn something new everyday!lol"
20th Nov 2012 12:05
20th Nov 2012 12:33
"Speaking of legends where's THE KING?"
20th Nov 2012 17:10
"I like what Rodgers has to say here - and support him we will!!!!! :-)"
20th Nov 2012 22:31
"curlyted- Macca was going for £12m to Barca, but apparently it was just a smokescreen for other purchases. He left on a free, but he always said he'd been lied to over the new LFC contract after shaking hands on it."
20th Nov 2012 23:13
"Good too see the legends together again"
20th Nov 2012 23:17
"Good to see the legends together"
20th Nov 2012 23:19
"Good to see the legends together"