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14th Nov 2012 10:00
14th Nov 2012 10:14
"One of the greatest ever. Loyal, True and able to win important games. Eleven like SG would be unbeatable. YNWA"
14th Nov 2012 10:18
"Good luck for tonight friendly Steven! 100th cap is an unbelievable achievement and I hope you will celebrate it with a great performance, maybe an assist or a goal! YNWA Stevie Legend"
14th Nov 2012 10:30
"6 or 7? mate if its out of 10 then I'd say 100 :) best CM in the country - and now that Zizu has gone best CM in the world. I hope you get an assist like the one you setup for Carrol or a goal tonight to mark the occasion! YNWA Steven Gerrard is our Captain Steven Gerrard is a Red, Steven Gerrard plays for Liverpool, A scouser born and bred! Na na nana na na nana "
14th Nov 2012 11:14
"since he's been named as a captain england seems to score atleast once in a game from his set-piece! "
Rush job
14th Nov 2012 11:19
"Any other country in the world would have built a team around Stevie G- but not England. Hence, as a country, we never, ever achieve....."
14th Nov 2012 13:10
"Arise Sir Steven Gerrard."
14th Nov 2012 13:21
"Nothing to add except THANK YOU Stevie for all you have given and all you continue to give."
14th Nov 2012 14:02
"Correct again Rushjob! Only England would persist in playing Stevie G in any other position but his very best. The best English central midfielder of his generation by a country mile."
14th Nov 2012 14:19
"26 more caps after tonight would make Stevie G the most capped England player of all time, I pray that God will give him the strength and fitness to achieve it. Sir steven Gerard 'Steven The Great' The Pride of Merseyside, Hail the conquering Hero."
14th Nov 2012 14:31
"Think he can certainly go all the way to No.1 on the appearances table."
Gerrard o ya beauty
14th Nov 2012 15:15
"I'd love to meet the person who turned him down at the national school, haha what a clown! Good luck tonight stevie YNWA "
14th Nov 2012 15:35
"I think Stevie is the greatest player England has ever seen. Had a wobbly start to the season but he's playing great again now and we all know he can play even better. Play Stevie alongside Suarez Brendan!Well done Stevie we are all so very proud of you. "
14th Nov 2012 21:01
"There is only One Stevie-G, There can only be One One One! "
14th Nov 2012 23:27
"Rumours circulating of a £40m transfer of Suarez to City in Jan (Post, Times are reporting the apparent interest). Go and Fck yourselves Citea. If Luis does go I can see another march..."