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Congrats to Raheem and Stevie G. Have a great game , but please avoid injury .
14th Nov 2012 9:22
14th Nov 2012 9:27
"Congratulations Raheem! If your mum's upset put her on the phone to Roy and he can take the ear bashing :D "
14th Nov 2012 9:38
"According to press reports Raheem is holding out for 50 grand a week before signing a new contract. It's imperative we tie him down to a long contract so if we have to sell him then at least we will get 20 mil plus."
14th Nov 2012 10:17
"We need to get young Raheem on a new contract. I am getting worried about the whispers of other clubs sniffing and that his advisors are not even close to agreeing anything."
14th Nov 2012 10:21
"Brillant Sterling, worth his weight in gold. YNWA"
14th Nov 2012 10:26
"Congratulations Raheem! A symbolic coincidence that to debut with the national team when Stevie makes his 100th cap! Good luck for your game young Raheem! I hope you will celebrate your debut with a goal or an assist! YNWA RS"
14th Nov 2012 10:29
"...please FSG, increase his salary wage otherwise we risk to miss him!"
14th Nov 2012 10:29
"Congratulation on your 1st England cup. Good luck, and make us proud. Ynwa"
14th Nov 2012 10:37
"Here is a player that represents everything that is grand with BR and our owners new philosophy. No one could predict the rapid emergence of this kid last season as he was held back. It just goes to show that the old adage: "being good enough trumps age". This kid should remind my friends like Rushjob why we are on the right track..."
14th Nov 2012 10:38
"if he is playing and Downing and Hendo are not, it is just COMMON SENSE that he MUST earn more than them. Simple. You dont need to be a brain surgeon"
14th Nov 2012 10:45
"L-MAN07 09:38. We dont have to sell him. Lets pay him what he is worth now and factor in what he will be worth in 5 years."
14th Nov 2012 11:44
"shame on you L-MAN07 raheem is a humble lad. Our kids never leave us unless in fact there is some miscommunication like in mcmanaman case. "
14th Nov 2012 12:26
"The first of the many, more to come what a TALENT sign this young lad to a long term contract HE IS OUR FUTURE. YNWA "
14th Nov 2012 13:10
"Happy for the young lad, and for Gerrard too. Reina still on sidelines but Jones is doing a good job. Is this extended run in the team laying the groundwork for a cash-in on Reina this January? Hope not..."
14th Nov 2012 13:12
"If we can pay Joe Cole 90K I am sure 50K for Raheem is not too much to ask.The only thing that irks me it the agents being too greedy. Raheem is 17 and still learning the trade. Anyways good luck for tonight together with Captain Fantastic. Please both come back injury free.YNWa"
14th Nov 2012 13:25
"LFC1958. The agents KNOW what he is worth and we also KNOW what he is worth. So why the pussy-footing. Pay the lad what he is worth and tie him to a loooong contract (these days that means nothing anyway. they go if they want to. irrespective)."
14th Nov 2012 14:32
"Definately has talent and potential, just hope he keeps a cool head and doesn't get too much too soon."
14th Nov 2012 18:25
"Very proud of you Raheem, do us proud tonight! He has a contract with Liverpool until: 30.06.2015. Not sure why people are worrying too much. If he wants 50k a week, then I'm sure he will get it at the end of the season when he has proved himself more. "