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Well done young lads! What a great victory! 4-1 is really a good result even in terms of goals difference and keeps our hopes alive to qualify for the next round! Congratulations to Adam Morgan for the brace scored, Jones and Sinclair to have hit the mark as well! Keep up the good work young lads! Now bring on Borussia Dortmund! YNWA U19s Reds!!
13th Nov 2012 21:35
13th Nov 2012 21:36
"Made up for Connor Coady tonight - winning game on home town pitch. Well done lads good win"
13th Nov 2012 21:39
"I told you you'll win ;) Congratulations guys, just keep on doing & YNWA!"
13th Nov 2012 21:51
"good show, to think sterling and suso could add to this squad is frightening.. good show YNWA"
13th Nov 2012 21:56
"Important win, Rosenborg top against Liverpool who are bottom"
13th Nov 2012 22:00
"If Liverpool and Rosenburg will finish with nine points each, who will pass to the next round? Will it be decided by goal difference or Rosenburg will go on because they scored an away goal?"
Billy B girl
13th Nov 2012 23:14
"Excellent result kids and well done Rodolfo!!"
14th Nov 2012 1:47
"Considering the youngsters pulled into the senior squad this is a great result! Morgan sounding brilliant, which could be needed if Suarez needs a rest(and he will!) Qualify from the group for more important games."
14th Nov 2012 2:33
"Very nice indeed, but why no video today?"
14th Nov 2012 4:00
"well done lads.."
14th Nov 2012 8:14
"we want more....great generation"
14th Nov 2012 9:18
"congratulations young reds! i really hop they qualify next stage. congrats to morgo for scoring a brace i know this guy is great poacher n miht be 1 of the best 1st team strikers in future or maybe even now! congrats also to sinclair for coming on as a late subsute and scoring."
14th Nov 2012 10:58
"the future is defo bright well done youngsters keep it up "
14th Nov 2012 11:46
"Considering Rosenberg have won all of their games so far this is a fantastic result. Not sure how much the u21 Internationals had a drain on their team, but we played a very inexperienced side. Two more wins is a big ask though. Hope Rosenberg win their remaining games and we could qualify."