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RESPECT, ZLATAN! You are one of the best player of this century!
13th Nov 2012 16:37
13th Nov 2012 16:37
"RESPECT, ZLATAN! You are one of the best player of this century! "
13th Nov 2012 16:37
"RESPECT, ZLATAN! You are one of the best player of this century! "
13th Nov 2012 16:38
"RESPECT, ZLATAN! You are one of the best player of this century! "
Gerrard o ya beauty
13th Nov 2012 16:42
"Nice words but could anybody say anything bad about are stevie lad, apart from that sewer rat El hadji Diouf! No he's just a nice guy and a Amazing player! YNWA "
13th Nov 2012 16:59
"Much respect to Zlatan for his appreciation vs a not normal lad as Stevie G Legend! After all he's a sign of praise from a number 1 to onother number 1! Thanks so much!"
13th Nov 2012 17:01
"come over lad - play with the best midfielder in the world :)"
13th Nov 2012 17:01
"You'd expect Ibrhahimovic to respect Gerrard. Stevie's a better player than him. Congratulations Stevie for your 100th cap!"
13th Nov 2012 17:13
"Zlatan have grown allot the latest years he is prob the best striker in the world and probly the only good one that never dives. I would love him in liverpool a garanteed Premiership le during his time. He have only lost one leauge le during his whole carreer and that was last season when Milan didnt win. "
13th Nov 2012 17:22
"best talisman.. no.8 always. Y.N.W.A"
13th Nov 2012 17:29
"totall respect for u zlatan nice to hear sg is the best player in the world and hes ours YNWA"
13th Nov 2012 17:36
"bra Zlatan! Du visar hur Svenskarna har respekt för Steven Gerrard."
13th Nov 2012 18:17
"While I agree some English players get by on heart and spirit along with talent, I feel a little offended that Zlatan seems to think all English are without skill altogether compared to, well, the rest the world and survive only on heart! "
13th Nov 2012 18:17
"Yeb, I would have liked to see Stevie have somone of Zlatans calibre on the other end of his passes. Bouth of these players show class every time they play. "
13th Nov 2012 18:44
"I think BR and the board needs to realise that Stevie G is a great loyal player to LFC and deserves to have top class players around him to give him the opportunity to win the elusive premiership le !!! Ynwa"
13th Nov 2012 19:39
""When he's not injured" - cheeky boy!"
13th Nov 2012 20:58
"I will and would do anything to help Steven Gerrard win the Premier League, and everyone should, he deserves it. I would sacrifice 10-20 seasons of no Premier League le when Steven hangs his boots, if we can just win it once With him."
Gerrard o ya beauty
13th Nov 2012 21:03
"Gthor- agree, can u imagine Ibrahimovic and Gerrard on the same team, that would be one of the best partnerships ever! It would be better than Torres and Gerrard. Ibrahimovic has got the best balance and strength I have ever seen!"
13th Nov 2012 21:50
"Probably the first sensible thing I've ever heard Ibrahimovic say!"
13th Nov 2012 22:09
"how ironical Zlatan talking about loyalty to club"
13th Nov 2012 22:32
""how ironical Zlatan talking about loyalty to club" I love that hahaha that's so true! Why don't you come play for Liverpool Zlatan? Come show your respect for the greatest Midfielder in the world! :) Gerrard deserves to have more world class players around him, because he is one himself! "
13th Nov 2012 22:41
"That video is amazing, brought tears to my eyes - and now I have to explain why I'm crying at work. Steven Gerrard is my hero - he's the greatest player I've ever seen - and we get to see him week in and week out. Thank you Steven. Thank you LFC. YNWA. "
Billy B girl
13th Nov 2012 23:15
"He's our Captain Fantastic - just hope he gets the chance of a premiership medal before retiring, that would be icing on the cake for him!"
14th Nov 2012 0:45
"This site starts to become unreliable. Either you should put all what Ibra said or to not put it at all, but to delete what it is inconvenience to FSG is shameful. Ibra also said that Gerrard should move to a big club that wins things. It seems that FSG reputation affects LFC off the pitch as much as their genius non profitable plan affects LFC results. "
14th Nov 2012 2:32
"Zlatan for all his perceived arrogance , is one hell of a player and with this statement on SG his stock raises further up in my eyes.."
14th Nov 2012 5:35
"Hang on, arent you the same same guy telling SG to leave the club and join a BIG CLUB? He is already in a Big club unlike you."
14th Nov 2012 7:29
"Just want to correct the writer of this article.. The match is NOT played on RÃ¥sunda stadium tonight.. its being played on the NEW Swedish national arena called: "Friends Arena" in Stockholm"
14th Nov 2012 7:30
"Stevie G the most creative atttacking midfielder in the world...Please dont clip his wings Brendon...Hes not bad at going forward and can pass the ball more than 5 feet !!"