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He is the best in the prem on current form, but we are going to turn into a 1 man team again, unless other players start chipping in with goals. He needs a quality striker to play alongside, but no quick fix, I'm glad we didn't get Dempsey cos he would of been another flop! No. 1 priority in jan is a striker! YNWA
Gerrard o ya beauty
13th Nov 2012 9:54
13th Nov 2012 9:59
"i agree with you gerrard o ya beauty"
13th Nov 2012 10:11
"and why didn't anyone celebrate the goal with him at the corner? everyone just jogde back to the other half.i don't think his efforts are appreciated"
13th Nov 2012 10:13
"hey guys,chk the news...we have agreed to monitor performance of Traore and we can get him end of season..his agent has confirmed it"
13th Nov 2012 10:26
"Anyone think we should be looking at the lower leagues for players? Charlie Austin has been rumored aswell as Will Hughes. John Aldridge came from Oxford, Steve Nicol was with Ayr United. Peter Beardsley started with Carlisle. "
13th Nov 2012 10:26
"Totally agree with you Carra! Luis is by far the best and most influent player in EPL, goals and assists speak for him! I predict Luis score more than 30 goals this season, if not more, and a landslide of assists! Keep supporting and loving Luis, he will compensate you! YNWA"
13th Nov 2012 11:08
"ssmithy11, I agree, BR should be taking a look at this lad. I'm sure the price would be reasonable and he seem a natural goal scorer!"
13th Nov 2012 11:37
"We need strikers in January and Man City want rid of Balotelli. He's young, got precocious talent, knows the premiership and likes the UK! He'd LOVE playing for Liverpool and our fans, that would bring an extra 10% out of him AND Brendan will get him playing. Go get him FSG! YNWA" "
13th Nov 2012 11:39
"Yes Luis is the best! So, next time he scores celebrate with him all together and stop that Twitter crap about he is not popular in LFC dressing room! And if he is really unpopular... then all of you could leave but Luis has to stay! YNWA "
13th Nov 2012 11:45
"Indeed he is. Need to make him my captain for my fantasy team."
13th Nov 2012 11:46
"suarez is the best at the moment but wasnt torres the best thing since sliced bread and left lfc coz we never got back up for him lets hope suarez dosent go in the suummer also get sterling sorted be fore the vulthers come knockin"
13th Nov 2012 11:52
"Without doubt THE BEST, but unfortunately thats more of a problem than a blessing. He needs great players around him to have a chance of winning things and with our owners that seems unlikely so the lure of the bigger clubs will soon be too tempting. Such a shame. But so very true. "
13th Nov 2012 12:04
"REDSAGRE- I completely agree. Suarez needs more quality in this team. He seems very loyal..and I know how much he loves LFC. But if we stay in this era of mediocrity for too long..we'll have a problem. Even, if its a big wrench for him to leave..he'll know he has to leave to further his career."
13th Nov 2012 12:07
"That's why its been stressed by me and others..about the importance of the winter window. I'm afraid we shouldn't target good players..because what I've learnt from this season and past that good is not good enough."
13th Nov 2012 12:08
"We already have a great young talent in Suso to play alongside Suarez. Brendan needs to show more faith in Suso and play him in a central role alongside Luis. We should revert to 4-4-2 the traditional Liverpool way. With Assiadi and Sterling on both wings. "
13th Nov 2012 12:09
"We need to target World Class get us to where we belong..and show players like Suarez we still mean business. Now..that's the problem..without are we going to attract these players.That's the task that faces BR."
13th Nov 2012 12:11
"I still beleive there are World Class players out there who would join us. Even though Cabaye was not a worldie prior to him joining NUFC..he did leave a team about to play in the Champions League..for a team who wasn't..because he saw a project there. That's what BR needs to do...sell his vision to potential targets."
13th Nov 2012 12:12
"Whether FSG release the funds for these type of players is another matter. Big Window coming up for LFC and FSG. FSG, the world will be particular us anxious LFC fans."
13th Nov 2012 12:22
"In the meantime, we are starting to turn into the Arsenal of last season...relying on a striker (or one player) get us out of jail repeatedly. January cannot come soon enough."
13th Nov 2012 13:01
"BTFI - Personally I think its important to keep a good team ethic. He's too temperamental and has shown that he's more trouble than he's worth. Yann Mâ"
13th Nov 2012 13:11
"And that is because he's maybe not playing alongside the kind of players that, for example, the Chelsea players can play alongside. Thats a massive insult to our players. But he is saying the truth, but you don't say it out in public."
13th Nov 2012 13:14
"Sod, Traore he is not all that. Go for Demba Ba 7 million, proven PL. Go for Huntelaar 8-16 mill. And Theo Walcott 8-12 mill. That will see us until Summer."
13th Nov 2012 13:25
"I am getting nervous about the January transfer window. All that FSG have to say for the present is that a reasonable amount of funding will be available and put the mind of us poor fans at rest after the summer debacle. It would also be a bosst for the current team to know that someone is coming in."
13th Nov 2012 13:39
"Why the hell didn't anybody celebrate with Suarez. Were is the passion lads?? to be honest i actually felt sorry for Suarez and embarrassed as a Liverpool fan. It wasn't like we were getting beat 4-0 he got us back into the game. Looks like the only people that care are the fans, BR and Suarez. "
13th Nov 2012 14:02
"EvoFc - agree, thought that was shocking! That needs an explanation! Although never alone with 5000 fans down at the shed end :)"
13th Nov 2012 14:26
"Ballotelli??!!! mate ur nuts - why would you want such an undisciplined player at the club? we've got enough non footballing headlines and player bans that we've had te deal with this muppet is just gonna bring is suitcase of issues with him, leave him at the mancy part of the country and focus on other talent - I say we break the bank and bribe Neymar's agent! :)"
Rush job
13th Nov 2012 15:21
"Patience on the Kop is starting to wear very thin. If FSG dont sort this mess out- they'll face a civil war from the fans. This is a definite fact. We've already been lied to and deceived once- we wont let it happen again."
Rush job
13th Nov 2012 15:22
"All the spin that they fed us at the start has worn off- consultation and communication with the fans- where has that gone? Dont even go to the games any more. These guys have bitten off far more than they can chew IMO."
Rush job
13th Nov 2012 15:24
"And still no proper presence in Liverpool. You CANNOT run a business as big as Liverpool via email. I have zero to no faith in FSG at the moment. Im prepared for dissapointment and excuses in January."
Rush job
13th Nov 2012 15:26
"Aside from them saving us from administration- as a team on the pitch, there has been zero progression since they took over. We are aiming for 7th place! This is not what LFC is about. Fail in January, and see what'll happen FSG...."
Rush job
13th Nov 2012 15:27
"As 'educated' as LFC fans are- we dont accept B/S either. WE ARE ONE OF THE BIGGEST CLUBS IN THE WORLD- AND WE DESERVE TO BE RAN LIKE ONE........"
13th Nov 2012 15:46
"Rushjob9 - well said, i have a bad feeling about the next window though, reckon no more than 10m will be available and we'll let joe cole and downing go out on loan. Ba alone would be a great addition. "
13th Nov 2012 16:33
"Well said Rushjob! :) I couldn't have put it better myself, but I'll try anyway :) I don't trust FSG!! There ya go, straight to the point in four words. Sometimes less is more my friend ;) Hehehehe "
13th Nov 2012 16:39
"Torres must now realise what an idiot he is. Kenny's plan was for them to be double strike force. Financial greed from Torres has wrecked what could have been the best strike force in the world."
13th Nov 2012 16:45
"Suarez and Walcott would make a deadly strikeforce. Hope it happens. I'd snap up Nathan Dyer for the right wing as well. "
Rush job
13th Nov 2012 17:02
"redbart1- Or Torres looks at his Champions lge winners medal, FA cup winners medal, and then hears our manager 'aiming for 7th'. Who do you reckon is laughing at who????? Im getting utterly fed up with FSG's silence."
Rush job
13th Nov 2012 17:04
"They claimed to know what wound us up with the last lot- yet appear to be doing exactly the same. January deliverence, or get out of our club. Simples......"
Gerrard o ya beauty
13th Nov 2012 17:32
"I think we've just got to wait till January to see wot happens in terms of transfers, but one thing is for sure we have to get a proven, experienced striker, not some kid with potential. The summer signings was ok, but there's only so far u can go with youth, we need experience and quick! YNWA "
13th Nov 2012 17:43
"well said carra"
13th Nov 2012 18:14
"Well said Carra."
13th Nov 2012 18:31
"Why didn't Luis Saurez's teamates join him in celebrating scoring against Chelsea? My wife keeps asking me why but I don't know why either, surely someone can answer this? Is there a rift in the camp? Hope not."
Rush job
13th Nov 2012 18:40
"Loz99- I wouldn't read anything into it. They probably expected it to get flagged off-side 10 seconds later. I reckon after they all went Ape at Neverton, chasing Luis, jumping about etc, they've prob all thought- never again. It's something of nothing......."
13th Nov 2012 18:42
"My fear is Lui Saurez has become severely dissalusion with FSG SHOCKING lack of ambition (Ala Torres) and it has leeked out in the camp he wants to move on to an ambitious football club. the rest of the players know this and he has been sent to Coventry type of thing and feel him to be disloyal to them , hence no mutaual goal celebration? paraniod? anyone confirm otherwise? Thanks Yanks! :("
13th Nov 2012 19:06
"Rushjob9, maybe you're right, I've had these paranoia kneejerk hunches about LFC before (FSG for Pete's speak up!) had a bad feeling about FT before his left, the body language with SG, was so noticable at times. FSG don't help being so far from the club, ala absentee landlords. On a positive note sometimes 'No news is good news'. Jan 2013 may be a VERY defining moment, let's see. "
13th Nov 2012 19:19
"redbart1- you're telling me..the world was truly deprived of a Torres-Suarez partnership."
13th Nov 2012 19:19
"Actually this was an article on Carra saying Luis was the best in the League.....not too sure if everyone commenting bothered to read it, judging by their moans I guess not!!! Anyway well said Carra..nothing we don't already know...."
13th Nov 2012 19:22
" Quote: EvoFC "Why the hell didn't anybody celebrate with Suarez" um, was it not because they were celebrating Carragher's like 3rd assist ever whereas Suarez scores every week? he's a big boy I'm sure he'll cope."
13th Nov 2012 19:26
"Remember MATAMATAMATAMATA? then plastic Chelski get him, we are so lacking, so dull and unambitiouus in the transfer market? Leading up to these windows I get really anxious, numb as the window takes effect, then afterwards so let down and disgusted. O.K. FSG, a really good window is long overdue, don't let us down this time, fans get fed up one too many times, we ain't stupid, nor are we fools. "
13th Nov 2012 19:58
Rush job
13th Nov 2012 19:59
"Rumours in the NW of a possible swap deal- Downing for Walcott! How good would that deal be!"
Rush job
13th Nov 2012 20:03
"Loz99- Let us down again, and they won't know what's hit them! If they think the 'carrot' of a redeveloped Anfield will keep the Kop quiet- they haven't got a clue! This is make or break for me January."
13th Nov 2012 20:05
""Our players were absolutely terrific, the performance and the tempo of our game tactically has been superb". WE WERE UNFORTUNATE. This is what I am hearing week in week out. I am so disappointed by the recent news that we do not have enough funds to bring in world class players, the likes of lacina (skinny carroll) traore and charlie austin??? REALLY??? God please help liverpool."
13th Nov 2012 20:24
"We are so lucky to have Suarez playing for Liverpool. After the 2010 WC I knew we had to have him. We just need to get him another scorer he can have fun with and win trophies with sooner than later."
13th Nov 2012 21:00
" Why on earth did we let Tom Ince leave?"
13th Nov 2012 21:04
"FSG Please Help Suarez He Deserves It, Also Help Steven Win The League I'm Scared And Going To Be So Sad If He Leaves Without The le He Deserves It"
13th Nov 2012 21:19
"dunzs, Indeed Sir, especially with ol' bloated bacon face showing such keen interested in him, apparently with the idea of using him to replace 'Cry Baby' Nani expected to depart asap. Think we should have loaned him to Blackpool instead of selling him. Wouldn't it be ironic if he went to manu? His dad Paul was unhappy about his son's wages at Anfield I read last year sometime. "
13th Nov 2012 21:26
"For sometime now our dealings in the transfer windows have been an absolute disaster, embarrassing to say the least. It has been a fact of life for ages now that a club's dealings in the transfer windows are a barometer of what the following season will be like. Our only true quality signing for sometime has been King Luis but we must surround him with real high quality."
13th Nov 2012 22:14
"We can only hope this happens, starting in Jan Loz.Y.N.W.A"
14th Nov 2012 1:04
"For everyone asking why the team didn,t celebrate with suarez, it's because maybe they thuoght Carra has scored or at least assist a goal a rarity for Carra."
14th Nov 2012 3:27
"Superb,Luis Suarez."