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YAY congratulations guys :D Absolutely and fairly deserved! Happy days ^^ YNWA Martin & Martin!!
13th Nov 2012 8:40
13th Nov 2012 8:44
"Well done lads!!!"
13th Nov 2012 8:50
"superb!!!!they made it!!!YNWA"
13th Nov 2012 8:56
"Well done to the 2 Martins. Both richly deserved winners YNWA"
13th Nov 2012 9:20
"that's wonderful news. they deserve it. voted for them like so many times. next season probably suares, suso n raheem as contenders."
13th Nov 2012 10:04
"congrats to the 2 martins well deserved winners ,YYNWA"
13th Nov 2012 10:09
"Well deserved awards Martin & Martin! Congratulations! I am really happy as I voted for them! YNWA Martin Skrtel & Martin Kelly!!"
13th Nov 2012 11:26
"Nice! Congrats to Kelly and Skrtel, and LFC & Standard Chartered! Well deserved everyone!"
13th Nov 2012 12:05
"Well done lads. YNWA."
13th Nov 2012 12:13
"Many, Many Congratulations to Everyone who picked up an award on the night and Unlucky to those whose weren't so fortunate. YNWA REDS"
13th Nov 2012 13:14
"This year will be Suarez and Sterling. No doubt"
13th Nov 2012 14:34
"Well done the Martin!"
13th Nov 2012 16:08
"Skirtel has been a rock this season and deserves this accolade. I am also shocked at the way Carra has responded. he now plays short accurate passes, is always available and has even got more assists than Joe Allen"
13th Nov 2012 19:23
"Double congratulations to the two Martins and all who supported them, well done to all concerned.ynwa."
13th Nov 2012 20:51
"Congratulations to both. Well deserved and nice to know enough LFC fans voted for them. Hopefully the awards will lift the team, raise confidence levels and go on improving in the EPL."
Dede 7
13th Nov 2012 22:08
"Congs to the duo. this is a sign of a super Liverpool side a few months from now. YNWA."
14th Nov 2012 2:34
"well done Kelly and LFC fans .."
14th Nov 2012 5:42
"YNWA!!! :)"