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Come on people if you haven't backed it it takes 2 minutes
12th Nov 2012 18:33
12th Nov 2012 19:15
"I agree with gaznumnine! takes less time that a cup of tea! I hope she gets the justice that she deserves! A real Hero!YNWA!"
12th Nov 2012 19:22
"Signed, gaznumnine is right it takes minutes, come on guys sign up and best of luck Anne. YNWA."
12th Nov 2012 19:25
"Done! Stay strong Anne, my thoughts are with you. Forever Red!"
12th Nov 2012 20:02
"Done (with absolute pleasure). It's the least she, and the other families deserve. YNWA JFT96"
12th Nov 2012 20:11
12th Nov 2012 20:26
"done by me my partner and my partner's son. come on all red people nearly half way there 47,000+ at this rate you will have 100,000 signatures by tuesday morning, it only takes a minute(less than that)"
12th Nov 2012 20:30
"Cmon reds fans if you r reading this then make sure you go onto the peion and sign it. It takes 2 mins. Cmon reds. We look after our own!!! YNWA Anne Williams "
12th Nov 2012 20:37
12th Nov 2012 20:50
"For the people outside the UK. You can also sign,just use the adres of Liverpool : Anfield Road, Liverpool, Merseyside L4 0TH, UK "
12th Nov 2012 20:51
12th Nov 2012 20:53
"I signed the original peion, so happy to sign this again. YNWA"
12th Nov 2012 21:23
"We have all signed it here.I hope the inquest is brought forward for her. "
12th Nov 2012 21:38
"Done. Justice for Kevin. "
12th Nov 2012 21:43
"Good looking out, DutchRed 1978. Done and dusted. YNWA"
12th Nov 2012 22:55
"I have put this link on a football forum site to collect more signatures."
12th Nov 2012 23:08
"Let's hope people will understand the importance of this petion and back it! YNWA Anne Williams JFT96"
12th Nov 2012 23:42
"cant people who live outside UK sign the peion? i would really want to sign it b they say u only have to be living or visiting there."
13th Nov 2012 0:12
"I would sign, but I am not a British Citizen. I have forwarded the link to a friend who is a citizen and asked her to sign and forward it on to her friends. YNWA, JFT96 now! "
13th Nov 2012 0:37
"Signed. So easy and so effective. Sign, sign, sign....."
13th Nov 2012 3:28
"I would like to sign the peion but unfortunately, I am not a UK citizen nor residing in UK. Anyway, I give my morale support to Anne and this cause. May British Government play fair and mete out due justice to all the victims. YNWA"
13th Nov 2012 4:33
"already signed and shared a couple of weeks ago. It's a shame that issues like this are only open to UK residents, as I know several LFC supporters in Greece, Italy & USA plus 2 in Brazil who would sign and get their Supporters Groups to sign. Also, look at the huge fanbases in Ireland, Scandinavia and now the far east who are not allowed to sign"
13th Nov 2012 4:37
"copied from earlier comment by Dutchred1978... For the people outside the UK. You can also sign,just use the adress of Liverpool : Anfield Road, Liverpool, Merseyside L4 0TH, UK - whether it will work or not I don't know, but worth a try! JFT96 / YNWA"
13th Nov 2012 6:37
"I am not a UK resident but, as previously posted, using the address of Liverpool works and I am glad to sign it!"
13th Nov 2012 8:58
"Good Luck Anne. Your massive Liverpool Family all behind you so you'll never walk alone. xxx"
13th Nov 2012 9:33
"Also remember it's open for UK Citizens and not just"
13th Nov 2012 9:57
"Done =) YNWA JFT96"
13th Nov 2012 10:16
"please all sign ynwa"
13th Nov 2012 10:18
"I want to sign the peion, but I'm not a UK resident! :("
13th Nov 2012 10:19
"peion* "
13th Nov 2012 10:27
"sorry to keep commenting... for some reason it keeps auto-correcting it to peion. I meant to write p.e.t.i.t.i.o.n... I used Liverpool's address so anyone not in the UK it works :) I feel honoured to have signed this p.e.t.i.t.i.o.n from Australia! May justice be served to Anne YNWA"
13th Nov 2012 10:39
"If any of you have family or friends who want to sign and don't have an email address then use"
Mason 7374
13th Nov 2012 10:49
"Done. YNWA"
13th Nov 2012 10:51
"thanks 'Dutchred1978'.....2 mins well spent...YNWA Anne Williams for the 96 from Down under"
13th Nov 2012 11:15
"Trying to sign, but hav to live in the UK to do so. YNWA! "
13th Nov 2012 11:30
"Come On Attorney General , get it sorted asap ..... God Bless Anne ..... YNWA JFT96 OVERSEAS FANS - USE THIS ADDRESS .. Anfield Road, Liverpool, Merseyside L4 0TH, UK"
13th Nov 2012 11:38
"Berg if you have a UK passport you can sign...just click on 'country' and choose the country you reside in and the address there...viola :D .... "
13th Nov 2012 12:03
"I signed it last week."
13th Nov 2012 12:06
"50,000 and climbing.Let's make it 100,000+. YNWA."
13th Nov 2012 12:11
"Signed. It's on 50,993 at 12:10pm Tuesday 13th November."
13th Nov 2012 12:34
"Good luck Anne I sincerely hope that this goes well for you. Come on guys get it out there to help her get what she fully deserves, along with all of the families affected by this tragedy.."
Mines a pint in the Sov!
13th Nov 2012 13:15
"All done. Text all your mates to go online too. "
Billy B girl
13th Nov 2012 14:30
"signed last week - keep strong Anne, what a fantastic mother you are! A true hero YNWA x"
13th Nov 2012 14:35
"you can only sign if you are a UK citizen which i am not :("
13th Nov 2012 17:26
"No,can't because I don't live in the UK. What a pity. "
13th Nov 2012 18:32
13th Nov 2012 19:57
"signed and every other lfc fan needs to! this is not like any other football club, me make things happen!"
Coolock Red
13th Nov 2012 20:32
"LFC8YNWA thanks for the tip off for the address come on LFC fans lets get this done.Stay strong ANNE YNWA "
14th Nov 2012 1:30
"signed ynwa anne"
14th Nov 2012 3:25
"For those of you who are not British citizens, please note you can help by circulating a message giving the peion link eg if you are on Twitter, please please tweet and ask your followers to RT. Many thanks and good luck, Anne!"
14th Nov 2012 6:00
"How deable are all those involved in the cover up.After the Goverment saying ALL doents will be realised to the Panel it comes out yesterday that they didn't recieve them all!!!!!!!...and if by any small chance you needed another reason to sign this peion well there it is.....Please sign now and spread the link on all networks you use....YNWA "
14th Nov 2012 6:01
"Sorry 'deable' "