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Thank God!! hope he will be just fine..
12th Nov 2012 14:48
12th Nov 2012 14:54
"Forget about international duty. It's beyond belief that the FA can continue to play players just back from injury or on the brink of injury for meaningless friendlies. I can only hope Hodgson uses his brain."
12th Nov 2012 14:59
"I hope England dont take un nessesary risks with our captain , they have a habit of sending our players back injured. I would have pulled him out of the squad as a precaution."
12th Nov 2012 15:00
"Senseless friendlies....."
12th Nov 2012 15:06
"Sod the 100 cap that can wait. Stay fit for the Reds"
12th Nov 2012 15:06
"Sod the 100 cap that can wait. Stay fit for the Reds"
12th Nov 2012 15:10
"Everything crossed......."
12th Nov 2012 15:19
"Thank God a good news! I instantly hoped it was not nothing serious, and so it is, he will be fine for Wigan game surely!"
12th Nov 2012 15:24
"Stevie don't go for a friendly! We need you more than ever "
12th Nov 2012 15:32
"I think Stevie resting until the weekend would be better for LFC, why does he want to play in a friendly match? absolute joke"
12th Nov 2012 15:33
"At least Carra had his priorities right!"
12th Nov 2012 15:34
"I can't help thinking that due to the prestige of the England game that Gerrard would be played even if there is a fitness doubt. 100th cap, Sweden's first game at their new stadium, Ashley Cole out... I feel in football at times there is an urgency to get the big stars playing regardless of form or fitness. David Beckham was testament to this. "
12th Nov 2012 15:34
"Stevie is big draw, but any fitness doubts, particularly in a friendly then the player shouldn't play"
12th Nov 2012 16:00
"The 2nd half of the Chelsea game showed that SG remains a footballing giant and a powerhouse in the midfield. Fantastic passes and a disciplined performance. Just bcos he's not smashing 30 shots in doesn't mean he's any less important. "
12th Nov 2012 16:06
"Hodgson must employ common sense and only play Stevie if he is fully fit and not for the sake of the 100th cap. Other games will do that.YNWA"
12th Nov 2012 16:25
"having scans so close to the match tells me you are not 100% fit, you should definately not play, your 100 cap is assured, please be sensible."
12th Nov 2012 16:46
"Don't let him play if he's not 100%. He can get his 100th cap next game but we don't want to lose him through international duty again."
12th Nov 2012 16:48
"leave him at home so we can play him on saturday, dont even consider making the injury worse.... worthless friendly again in the middle of the premiership..."
12th Nov 2012 16:53
12th Nov 2012 17:24
"Am I the only person who thinks that Roy Hodgson is getting his own back on this club. Playing Steven Gerrard when he picked up a knock is stupied. It is only a friendly, but Hodgson doesn't care! We have more than enough problems at the moment."
12th Nov 2012 17:56
"If there's any doubt about his fitness he shouldn't be risked in this pointless friendly.That's all we need is for him to be injured pointlessly."
12th Nov 2012 18:05
"If the FA persist with playing Gerard an he returns unfit to play next game for Liverpool I hope they put there hand in there pocket an pay up the compensation. Rather foolish I think although it maybe his 100th cap it is not worth risking him just for the sake of that."
12th Nov 2012 18:07
"I love seeing Gerrard play for England, and I for one still like to see the National team play football unlike half the part time England fans, agreed he shouldn't be played when injured but he isn't, being a friendly he will come off and not play the whole match. you should have pride that our captain captains for his country and maintains his responsibilities, would you do anything differently?"
12th Nov 2012 19:03
"Good news. Hope everyone's around could still injury free and fit for the rest of the first face of this season, looking at our short list team. Have a fast and good recovery captain REDS. #YNWA #LFC"
12th Nov 2012 19:11
"I hope they won't let him play injured,there is way to much riding on him at home. It would be a catastrophe to lose him to injuries. "
12th Nov 2012 19:30
"very good news.thank God.Good luck stevie."
12th Nov 2012 19:36
"wish he dint have to go. what if he gets worst n he cant play our next game. i tot roy wanted to test the younger english players. know that sounds selfish b riht now there isnt realy any1 who can replace him"
12th Nov 2012 20:10
"Absolutley great news! Apart from the fact he'll be playing in a couple of days time. Why risk it for a friendly? His 100th cap can wait surely, to lessen the risk of injury. I wish LFC said 'we need time to see' and he was rested. If he's rested for LFC next game..."
12th Nov 2012 21:04
"Good news for England and of course LFC, just hope he doesn't do anything to aggravate the injury."
12th Nov 2012 23:15
"I thought Stevie had a great game against Chelsea despite playing too deep again. There's probably only two or three midfielders in the world near Stevie's level and I'd still rate him as the best all around player in the world. "
Buckie LFC Supporter
12th Nov 2012 23:37
"not interested in internationals. All the top teams pull their players out with a thin squad we can't afford young or old players playing twice a week, Hasn't Sterling got a slight knock? get them rested. Wigan this week, usually they play us off the park, when's the last time we beat them at home 3,4 years ago?"
12th Nov 2012 23:47
"Why is it that our players are soo eager to join up with the national teams, while Fergie can hold out the Man U players. Apparently Rooney and RVP are all of sudden hurt. I am all for players wanting to represent their country, but these friendlies are pointless. "
13th Nov 2012 0:26
"Praise the Lord...Captain Fantastic is all ok...YNWA"
Mason 7374
13th Nov 2012 10:51
"I'm worried for Stevie. Funny how i read Rooney and RVP have been pulled out their games through "Injury""