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God forbid both Gerrard and Shelvey are injured for too long! January can't come soon enough! How's Lucas coming along?
12th Nov 2012 11:01
12th Nov 2012 11:01
"Great news! So he can prepare and be ready for the Wigan game! Not bad at all!"
12th Nov 2012 11:01
"God forbid both Gerrard and Shelvey are injured for too long! January can't come soon enough! How's Lucas coming along?"
12th Nov 2012 11:23
"Agree with you Cloggs, especially Stevie G. Didn't think Jonjo did well in Russia, maybe there was a reason. And yes, what's the story on Lucas and also where's Pepe. KEEP THE FAITH "
12th Nov 2012 12:12
"Thought Shelvey had a commanding game in Russia, very impressive for a guy just starting out in his career. His spatial understanding and positioning is top class (he could give Stevie quite a few lessons if he would listen). Would be great if he had another yard of pace but if you a savvy enough you can get away with it."
12th Nov 2012 12:16
"on 2nd of Nov Rodgers said another 3 weeks for Lucas, so he should join the squad at the end of the month. just in time for December, which is going to be so critical (7 games) for the club before the transfer window opens again. I wonder how the Prem team midfield will shape up with him fit. ideas? Id go for lucas gerrard and shelvy. or allen and lucas with gerrard in the adcanced position. "
12th Nov 2012 12:16
"Just following on, everyone was saying that Anzhi were poor but they are second in the Russian league and were at home. I reckon we made them look poor by our tactical play, just like we took the edge of Chelsea at home on Sunday."
12th Nov 2012 12:39
"ive been harping on bout Jonjo sence Napoli game away a few years ago when 18 if he concentrates for 90 minutes and avoids crazy tackles Jonjo can be world class YNWA"
12th Nov 2012 13:24
"jonjo has the power and self belief to be a great for us, he is still raw and needs to develop a better defensive understanding. love to see him in that free role as he is the next best thing to stevie although not yet at that level."
12th Nov 2012 13:56
"Sadly missed on Sunday.One of the few potential goal scorers we possess."