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Keep them coming Luis....YNWA
12th Nov 2012 16:12
12th Nov 2012 16:15
"Kiiiiiiiiinnnnnngggggggggg Looooooooouuuuuuuiiiiissss!!!!!!!!!"
12th Nov 2012 16:16
"Let get Hunterlaar and Walcott on that list of goals and then we are Top 4"
12th Nov 2012 16:21
"Fire on, El-Pistolero! Your recoil is never going to wane."
12th Nov 2012 16:37
"Luiz suarez...dadadadadadadadadaLuiz suarez. Can't just get enough.... "
12th Nov 2012 16:39
"A better conversion of Suarez's Total shots into goals and we'll in top half of points table"
12th Nov 2012 16:41
"Keep it up king Luis...YNWA"
12th Nov 2012 16:44
"if only we had kept hold of Torres. Can you imagine Suarez and Torres together. Unplayable."
12th Nov 2012 16:51
"If only we won all the games he scored, we wud b tops! Keep them flowing, u define the passion we r known for.. Ynwa"
12th Nov 2012 16:56
"Magic Man."
12th Nov 2012 17:23
"You will always be a the great strikers Suarez and we love you so very much! YNWA!"
12th Nov 2012 17:38
"would love to have huntelaar and walcott accompany luis up front, would show we mean business"
12th Nov 2012 17:55
"Is there anyway I can download this video? "
12th Nov 2012 18:03
"i want you to be the first to score ten goals this season luis"
12th Nov 2012 18:36
"you forgot his 3rd goal vs Everton"
12th Nov 2012 18:37
"Just another 7-8 weeks to keep up the scoring rate until you get some help!!! 2 new forwards needed to help him out. But overall the team is doing well considering the lack of firepower. "
12th Nov 2012 18:39
"Is there anyone know why the others did not celebrate his goal against Chelsea?"
12th Nov 2012 18:52
"Having the top goalscorer and a negative goal difference is quite embarrasing, really do hate us being labelled a one man team, if only other players can take a leaf out of suarez's book."
12th Nov 2012 18:53
"agree Tommy1979 rest of lads should be kissing his boots let alone celebrate with the lad will in Luis ledgend keep um coming YNWA"
12th Nov 2012 19:01
"Your goal v Newcastle has to be the GOAL OF THE SEASON! Keep it up....thurns these into winners.lad."
12th Nov 2012 19:03
"I think Luis needs a strike partner. Why not play Suso alongside him? Put Sterling on one wing, Assiadi on the other. Gerrard and Agger in the centre which would give Stevie a chance to drive forward and attack. Allen and Sahin should be dropped they're both playing poorly at the moment."
12th Nov 2012 19:04
"Bien Lucho!, vamos por màs."
12th Nov 2012 19:05
"Good looking king Luis.® #YNWA #LFC"
12th Nov 2012 19:13
"Funny listening to Gary and Jason that the Dutch League doesn't create top players! "
12th Nov 2012 19:17
"Did someone say he was not a real striker? they were right he is much more deadly "
12th Nov 2012 19:41
"I'd like to see Suso playing forward with Luis. You can tell they understand each other very good. They even have the same kind of style when passing. "
12th Nov 2012 19:41
"he would have had 9 if it wernt 4 that stupid linesman... anyway let bygones b bygones. congrats luis plz do us a favor n dont let persie b top scorer again this yr not when he's playin 4 our arch rivals. "
12th Nov 2012 20:06
"love it."
12th Nov 2012 20:11
"why not buy Wilfried Zaha" to give him a hand."
12th Nov 2012 20:50
"Probably ... The best striker in the world. No apologies to Standard Chartered."
12th Nov 2012 21:20
12th Nov 2012 21:41
"Should be top outright with 9 goals."
12th Nov 2012 22:09
"Today I read on a Uruguayan Newspaper that some Liverpool players don't like Luis too much....and suddenly I realize that no one else celebrated with him his goal...! What's going on???"
12th Nov 2012 22:16
"Hope you can add 32 more and out of that, a hatrick against both united and everton."
12th Nov 2012 22:51
" above comments, no idea y no one celebrated with Suarez, its ironic he is the only one scoring and still such a behavior from teammates is very demoralizing. Carragher is to blame for this, as he should go to Suarez to celebrate together rather than selfishly celebrating all alone. HOPE IT DOES NOT HAPPEN AGAIN :("
12th Nov 2012 22:53
"I certainly hope that the story about his teammates not liking Luis is false. Our season would be dire without him. Long may you wear red Luis!"
12th Nov 2012 22:59
"Josema17 , what paper is this so I can see it with my own eyes. Who doesn't like luis can uckf off as, beside sg he's worth most of the team put together. It's probably bitter downing, crap Henderson & joe chelski. Can't be SG as he recently said he's best he played with, glen, Lucas, Coates, skirts, and aggar I'm sure from what I read and see are pals, so anyone else including sterling, do one!"
12th Nov 2012 23:07
"If buck has any sense, he'll rid himself of players who have problem with king luis. By all accounts he trains like he plays. He optimises everything good about our club, passion, hunger and burning desire to win at ALL costs! The rest of the team need to learn instead of running away from a man who constantly gets us out of jail. "
12th Nov 2012 23:14
"Some boy you are Luis! YNWA"
12th Nov 2012 23:19
"Keep going so Luis, the golden boot is there! YNWA El Pistolero!!"
12th Nov 2012 23:26
"Suso has to be a player who gives penetration and fluidity to our play, he's not a striker, he's an attacking midfielder with a good talent to finalize! Strikers have to come in! "
12th Nov 2012 23:30
"Preety sure the players didn't celebrate bcoz thier not surprised he scored again! And they still had 20 odd minutes to play chelsey at the bridge. The papers just a load of proaganda to unsettle the club.Suarez in £££ remember "
12th Nov 2012 23:31
"This should be the team Reina, Johnson, skirtel, aggar, Enrique , Lucas (when fit) gerrard suso ossadi sterling and Suarez "
13th Nov 2012 0:09
"its only the ufkc ing media ,stirring crap trying to stirr nonsense cus lfc aint a london club ynwa suarez"
13th Nov 2012 0:25
"i dont think there was any prob between players at suarez goal, just wanting to get back & play 4 a poss win, but if their is a prob, the other players should appologise & explain themselves, theres enough unrest without the players giving the media more ammo to unsettle us. anyway, why, isnt br playing assaidi from the start?? we bought him, hes 1 of us, not a loanee like sahin"
13th Nov 2012 0:29
"Suarez alone will never enuff, this lad is more than just fantastic, but ne needs a real quality partner up front.....Liverpool needs to fix this, sign quality strikers...immediately... "
13th Nov 2012 0:33
"oh...sorry, I forgot : WE LOVE YOU...LUIS SUAREZ....YNWA"
13th Nov 2012 1:17
"LFC fans doing us all proud and showed what we thought of Fernando on Sunday... We don't want the CHELSEA RENT BOY back. Luis- I just can't get enough!!!"
13th Nov 2012 2:16
"Funny thing, no one celebrated the goal with him last sunday....."
13th Nov 2012 4:24
"Its like Torres and Gerrard all over again but this time its only 1 man army. btw, his alone celebration last sunday was epic haha I hope he didn't took it personally."
13th Nov 2012 5:42
"bravo el-pistolero..get edin dzeko for his partner"
13th Nov 2012 5:51
"One of the best strikers in the world... we need to improve the team around him .. top 4 is the place saurez and liverpool should be "
13th Nov 2012 7:03
"He is our best player, now he is carrying the team at times. Good for Suarez for doing all the right things on the pitch. YNWA"
13th Nov 2012 8:02
"Bring back carroll and give west ham cole for rest of season and get forlan on loan for 6 months- no silly january inflated fees and striker options sorted til next season.... Forlan will take no time to strike up partnership with saurez and wonA't be cuptied if we progress in europa. Or get defoe."
13th Nov 2012 8:16
"By the way, Liverpool F.C. Are second in the Uruguay Premier league.... And they have chosen an all red away kit this season in honour of their english namesake!! Perhaps they have an up and coming striker we could borrow?"
13th Nov 2012 10:12
"Give this man the right partner and he would own the world,,,suarez...YNWA"
13th Nov 2012 10:34
"should have been 10 everton first goal never an own goal and the last minute goal in the derby never an off side "
13th Nov 2012 10:36
13th Nov 2012 11:30
"I've had a brilliant idea!! Man City want rid of Balotelli. He's young, got precocious talent, knows the premiership and likes the UK! He'd LOVE playing for Liverpool and our fans, that would bring an extra 10% out of him AND Brendan will get him playing. Go get him FSG! YNWA"
13th Nov 2012 11:31
"Suarez, Balotteli and Sterling. Pace, skill and finesse! YNWA"
13th Nov 2012 12:15
"Cue Roman Abramovich bid in January. :) 50/60 million. Wonder what FSG would think?"
Billy B girl
13th Nov 2012 14:34
"Luis you are already a legend! sadly, I can't see any players coming from CL football to a 13th LFC ?"
15th Nov 2012 9:52
"Buy strikers who can't score, and sell strikers who do.. I honestly do not understand what the recent managers are doing.. Sometimes it seems as though each is trying to outdo the other to be the worst-ever LFC manager in history.. "