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Hehe "peeled away"
12th Nov 2012 11:11
12th Nov 2012 11:12
"We played really really well, controlling the tempo of the play and keeping possession for most of the time played, we had more corner kicks, a better passes completion, a better accuracy, but a lesser number of shots on goal. For this I say the draw was fair..."
12th Nov 2012 11:59
"Ok, keep working hard, YNWA"
12th Nov 2012 12:16
"Under KK Enrique was an important player in the early part of last season when we started well and showed again yesterday he's ready to come back into the team this time hopefully he will be rested when needed."
12th Nov 2012 13:01
"What utter garbage, it means nothing if the can't win! "
12th Nov 2012 13:17
"Jamie Carragher what a professional. So many players could learn a lot from our Jamie! I thought Jose had a cracking game too. YNWA"
12th Nov 2012 13:18
"Stats, stats and damn lies. Again possession does not translate into goals. Lets start winning our all important home games and playing away like the 2nd half against CFC. Then show me these stats. Forever Red!"
12th Nov 2012 13:18
"We need more passes forward!"
Rush job
12th Nov 2012 13:24
"Stats are just a cover up for whatever you want them to be. The league table is the only stat worth viewing....."
12th Nov 2012 13:28
"Yes a lot of possession in first half but no penetration, i doubt we had a shot on goal first half. You can have 90% possession and no penetration = no goals. Add to that defensive lapses and you are likely to lose! Chelsea should ahve been 3 0 up after 60 mins. However we came back well so well done to the team"
12th Nov 2012 13:31
"lol 'peeled away' Hat's off to the author! I think peeling an orange is gonna start getting pretty messy by this definition :)"
12th Nov 2012 13:53
"Outpassing any team means sweet F A.We do it to most if not all teams we play,It's the big problem of NOT SCORING that has cost us so many points.I would love it if all teams out passed us as long as we got the GOALS to win the match!!"
12th Nov 2012 13:54
"The important thing now is to follow up this well earned draw with Chelski with a solid victory against Wigan at Anfield. 3 points next week is absolutely crucial to build up some momentum and get some confidence back. "
12th Nov 2012 14:18
"Rodgers. "We finished eighth last year. If we can improve on that, it'll be fantastic for us." Forget about top four."
12th Nov 2012 14:26
"By passin it back or sidewards. Hardly ever forwards. Chelsea where out passed but looked more dangerous. And created more chances. Explain that fact. "
The Doctor
12th Nov 2012 14:29
"Yeah And Brendan admitted we passed too much, as we didn't achieve anything.Passing is no use unless it has an end product which ours doesn't. Our goal came from a set piece (which makes a change) but we got nothing in open play."
12th Nov 2012 14:54
"This is getting ridiculous Arsenal 'Outpassed' Norwich last week and lost!! Barcelona 'outpassed' Celtic last week and Lost Barcelona Outpassed Chelsea in the CL final - and LOST We have 'outpassed' almost every team we have played in the Premier League this season and won just 2 Games!! What matters in football is WINNING"
12th Nov 2012 14:55
"The league table. The points we have is the only stat that matters. All the passing in the world don't mean a thing if we ain't winning. "
12th Nov 2012 14:58
"I hope we stick with the 352 formation, it works well for us. We dont have quality wingers, but in Enrique and Johnson we have 2 good attacking full backs who can get up and down and offer support in attack whilst also dropping back when needed at the back. Forget this 433 lark until we get some real attacking quality along side Suarez."
12th Nov 2012 15:30
"murphz1 & WhelanR We don't beat all the teams that we face and outpass because we lack an AM/RW who gives penetration and a finalizer, I hope that in january the owners will give us the responses! YNWA"
Billy B girl
12th Nov 2012 15:41
"I'm sick of this tika taka passing - did the players take the initiative and change the second half? For me Rodgers is not doing it and you know the man I want back at Anfield! YNWA"
12th Nov 2012 15:44
"well that was a good point earned 2nd 45 we faught hard for the point ,glad br had the balls to change things around ,we need more goals and the only way that will come about is if fsg put the money there in january we need 2 strikers and a good winger desperately ,and by strikers i mean best quality we can get , "
Billy B girl
12th Nov 2012 15:47
"Carragher the Legend and Enrique superb, I hope Jose gets a good run in the team now. Brendan don't make the same mistake as Kenny and play £15m Allen when his game is off - do the decent thing and sub him!"
12th Nov 2012 16:00
"Any chance some of this garbage written here ending in the shredder Iv'e seen the moaners in the pub sitting with a half and never uttering a word. Get a life get behind the team!there is danger some of you will be joining the bitters goodbye "
12th Nov 2012 16:18
"Pass the ball into the net more and we will be flying!!"
Afrika Kop
12th Nov 2012 16:18
"I for one like this analyses to keep coming. Of course I want to win but ytou can't fault someone who is doing a fine job in telling us how we played. The article even starts by saying teh only thing that amtters is the final score!"
12th Nov 2012 17:05
12th Nov 2012 17:25
"We played well, so what!!?? We are thirteen in the table. Miserable truth??!!."
12th Nov 2012 18:34
"it was a poor performance for 60 minutes but we came away with a point, probably a good point away and the league form is improving. the next game at home is a must win as we cannot afford to drop back into those relegation places as that would be a disaster"
12th Nov 2012 20:15
"Agree with Rushjob9. I also think Some fans are getting to carried away with these possession stats. Yes we dominate this stat in most games, that's only because we keep the ball going backwards along the back 4."
12th Nov 2012 21:31
"enrique is a world class full back when hes on form, just need him to carry on playing that way every game :)"
Buckie LFC Supporter
12th Nov 2012 23:52
"I thought we played ok good possession, but until the CM receive the ball higher up & turn & go forward with it looking to play in wide men & front 3 we have no chance. Stats are great "Suarez had 2 shots, 1 was the goal," well the other was from the halfway line! contd"
Buckie LFC Supporter
12th Nov 2012 23:53
" "Agger had 100% tackles" except the 1 against Terry! "Agger had most shots." Yer from 45yards, both ending closer to Anfield then Cech's net! "Wisdom only misplaced 1 pass" Brill that was the 1 that gave us the corner to score, it would never have found a red shirt as there was no one in box at the time. The beauty of stats!"
Vosta Lee
13th Nov 2012 1:10
"Excellent. All we have to work on now is passing the ball to where the opposing goalkeeper can't get it until it is stopped by the back of the net."
13th Nov 2012 4:17
"I'd like to see the completed forward pass stats and the territory heat map. And Gerrard's heat map and the stats for time on the ball between passes. Gerrard didn't get into enough attacking positions. Allen was too ponderous on the ball. Either that or his teammate's movement was poor. Gerrard was playing the Alonso position too much. We need an Alonso and we need Gerrard to be Gerrard."
13th Nov 2012 6:00
"Jamie is a great player . You cannot help but respect the man ..such a professional "
13th Nov 2012 6:09
"As much as I still like Torres being a very good striker (and his contribution to our beloved club), I think he's desperate to score against LFC, as mentioned in the stats. I wonder how will he celebrate..."
13th Nov 2012 8:54
"Just two more proven experienced strikers up front would be enough to complete the squad! YNWA!"
13th Nov 2012 9:14
"At the start of the season the stat was, "if you are better with the ball, you win 79%". It's now 78% thanks to LFC."