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Great news! I'd love to see him score against them again :)
9th Nov 2012 16:02
9th Nov 2012 16:16
"Oh yeah baby, Glen is back :D"
9th Nov 2012 16:23
"Surez to out shine Torres.1 0 to Liverpool. You saw it here first."
9th Nov 2012 16:35
"great news to have johnson back :)! hope reina is too"
9th Nov 2012 16:37
"Glad to have Glen back! Now the question is which side he'll be on?"
9th Nov 2012 16:42
"Great news wuld love to see him come back and score"
9th Nov 2012 16:53
"now i understand why wisdom played the whole europa game. glen was prob better on wednedsay or so ready to claim his place on sunday. i must say im happy b i dont think pepe feature as keeper. im kind of missing him now."
9th Nov 2012 17:16
"I'm sorry to upset fans but I really don't see us winning...a draw would be appropriate...why raise ur hopes when the players won't show up on match day? Chelsea is in form and I am sure they will put at least 2goals in our net..the Lord help us...I would love to be proven wrong anyway.."
9th Nov 2012 17:22
"That's good...we really missed him!!"
9th Nov 2012 17:41
"Great news for Glen! but pretty disappointed for Pepe! Anyway we have a reliable keeper in Brad Jones and at least for the moment we have to be pleased of that! All the best wishes to Glen, hope he'll find the back of the net as it happen last year against the blues! YNWA GJ & PR"
9th Nov 2012 17:41
"would be nice to get an update on MARTIN KELLY given our current defensive frailty"
9th Nov 2012 17:52
"Both important players. Hopefully back for Sunday! :)"
9th Nov 2012 18:06
"Glen is back which has to be good for us although he is being asked to play out of position; as is Stevie G and we aren't getting the best out of either of them. That Luis desparately needs some sort of support means that Stevie should be playing in a more advanced position. We aren't scoring so we won't win unless something changes"
9th Nov 2012 18:10
"got a feeling we will win this one 2 or 3-1 think luis and stevie g on the scorsheet come on you reds keep it tight at the back "
Mr Ostrich
9th Nov 2012 18:45
"Jones Johnson - Skrtel - Agger - Enrique Gerrard - Allen - Sahin Suso - Suarez - Sterling"
9th Nov 2012 18:46
"Want Glen in RB and Enrinque in LB. I feel Wisdom needs a break to refocus"
9th Nov 2012 19:57
"Whats the latest on Lucas? Looking forward to him returning"
9th Nov 2012 19:57
"Whats the latest on Lucas? Looking forward to him returning"
9th Nov 2012 19:57
"Whats the latest on Lucas? Looking forward to him returning"
9th Nov 2012 20:24
"Vamos Glen :)"
9th Nov 2012 23:15
"Pepe will test your judgement as a manager and nuts as a person. My bet is you'll fail with both, but excel in the excuse department. Also I have noticed something about Glen. He is attacking which I like, but his attacks seldom, lead to goals?"
9th Nov 2012 23:34
"Actually i expect draw is better than a lose for chelsea game. expecially Chelsea is on song nowaday. And considering BR record against big club...he never won any big club before since managing LFC...I do hope there's a miracle to happen and we won at the end....YNWA"
9th Nov 2012 23:35
"Hubfan: which side will he be on???? What kind of question is that?!"
9th Nov 2012 23:47
"Chelsea 3 (Torres,Hazard,Mata)- Liverpool 1 (Suarez).....sorry to say this....the reality is Liverpool is still recover from defeated last time and Chelsea is in a good form right now. "
9th Nov 2012 23:52
"However the best first line up next Sunday Match: 4-2-3-1 GK: Jones DEF: Jhonson(LB),Agger(CB), Skertel(CB),Wisdom(RB) DM: Coady(LDM),Allen(RDM) MF:Sterling(LM),Sahin(CM),Gerrard(RM) FWD: Suarez(ST) "
10th Nov 2012 0:25
"glenno right back and jose LB MAKES A GOOD ATTACK. HAHA"
10th Nov 2012 5:44
"Hope Pepe regains his top form after his return from injury."
10th Nov 2012 6:57
"I am sorry 2 say 3.o 2 chelski lets be realistic ok"
10th Nov 2012 7:36
"Well,B.R. DID rest key players this week.I understood that chelski game was one of the reasons for Russia's defeat.Let's see what we could make on plastic bridge....Draw would be success,for me.If we'd loose,B.R. need to be asked for his strategy and plans.There is no point loose twice in week.YNWA>"
10th Nov 2012 8:55
"What a bunch of pessimists on this page, the guys do not need such negative support. Let us all put our trust in Brendan, our support for the lads and our faith in the Lord to guide LFC to an outstanding win. I believe our lads can do it. Where do you stand?? "
10th Nov 2012 9:31
"usually when a player comes back from injury it takes him time to perform, its good to have Glen back but don't expect him to be at the top of his game. "
10th Nov 2012 9:47
"Glen!!!! :)"