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If we had some decent strikers, we would be more clinical. Who's to blame eh???
Hend of
9th Nov 2012 12:15
9th Nov 2012 12:23
"Suprise Suprise you say that all the time carra lad - whats this lfc will get 3 points removed over this dempesy stuff fsg cost us this !! over that webleak"
9th Nov 2012 12:32
"Wise words from Jamie. It was good to see him getting forward."
9th Nov 2012 12:34
"The same old story, we lacked of goal finishers and this is blatant! We can't do any other than keep working hard and try to do something with what we have, Luis and other two-three talented youngsters, then in january we will see... YNWA"
9th Nov 2012 12:43
"the problem is out of our front line its only suarez thats a goalscorer, sterling and suso are good creative players but we need people playing there that will chip in with plenty of goals"
9th Nov 2012 13:00
"A win v Young Boys and a draw in the other game qualifies us. But all those who thought that Young Boys were the whipping boys in this group are now starting to worry about them coming to Anfield!"
9th Nov 2012 13:05
"Anzhi are a team that has been assembled at quite a cost. Ehhm,, so was our squad last night Jamie Downing 20mill, Hendo 20mill, Cole 90kpw etc"
9th Nov 2012 13:15
"Just a Pity Morgans attempt didn't go in. What a goal it would have been.The fact he had a pop says a lot. Thought local lads MORGAN COADY and FLANAGAN did us proud last night. The belief in local talent was appreciated."
"Quite right Hammertime102, but BR is not responsible for buying that bunch and unless they are showcased in these games they'll never be sold. As it is, on last nights performance, £5 each is about right."
9th Nov 2012 13:17
"come on people you were crying out to give the youngsters a chance, now that they are getting their chances you want to buy a striker who if we had one would probably stayed at home along with Suarez and other first team choices. Anzhi done their homework and hit us on the break a number of times, the young lads will learn from this, man of the match Brad Jones kept us in this match. "
9th Nov 2012 13:59
9th Nov 2012 14:08
"same old story,fans are paying good money to watch games,that manament ie br, not bothered if we win,swansea/ and last night fans travelling to russia, you should play best team in all comps as we will not win prem league, players last night have chance after chance no need to name them not good enough."
9th Nov 2012 14:12
"Nice words carra, but all i ever see you do is pass BACKWARDS it bores me to tears."
9th Nov 2012 14:19
"Carragher is stating the obvious ! We desperately need a striker.Please Suarez convince Cavani to come."
9th Nov 2012 14:55
"we need to create more than 2 chances in a game you mean! or convert the ones we do create! if we go out blame BR, to many kids in one go!"
9th Nov 2012 16:18
"t28- you cannot play your best team every week, so dont say such things because its noyhing"
9th Nov 2012 16:56
"There were definitely some positives from the match yesterday-Coady, Morgan, Suso, Jones all played well. Seb had a bad day at the office. Hendo needs more confidence. Traore scored a beauty, but also missed two he should've scored, so noone is perfect."
9th Nov 2012 17:19
"I can understand the owners. Both Hodgson and Kenny have used vast amounts of money on average players and sold them for nothing. Almost all our top players today was bought by Benitez. Let's just keep supporting and wait for January."
9th Nov 2012 18:30
"Very disappointing match. Henderson should have put his chance in the net instead of trying to make the pass. That was the only good opportunity. Over all poor performance. Assiadi should have started."
9th Nov 2012 19:39
"Would someone please get rid of this stupid comments section. These comments should be left in the negative forums. After every artcile there is always some backhanded negative comment."
9th Nov 2012 23:33
"Well Carra we went to Anzhi chasing a draw and failed. That is a failure due to our 'Fancy Dan' manager. Why chase the game with Suso and Paco after we go down? Why are we more attacking after we concede (also, like with the Newcs)? This club needs an attacking manager, not a sit back, wait and react manager. "
10th Nov 2012 6:49
"The truth is that LFC are not good enough to win anything. Managed by a man who does not know how to win games - one average season with Swansea does not make him a good manager. LFC is too big for him. No forwards !!! What is A.C doing on loan. Why wait for the transfer window in Jan. "
10th Nov 2012 6:59
"There is no guarantee that FSG will buy in January. They have spent next to nothing on players when you calculate what they've got back from sales they've made during their tenure in charge. Better PR but no difference in player spend than H&G so far. So much for the American Revolution #anotherfalsedawn"