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The pitch was terrible like 1970s cabbage patch Some good performances from the Lads FOR SOME THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT YNWA
9th Nov 2012 9:54
9th Nov 2012 10:24
"The display of Conor was very encouraging and without shyness, the pitch was awful but Conor's passing quality seems to have not been aware of that! The future is bright for Conor and many more chances to play in that stage will come! YNWA Conor Coady"
9th Nov 2012 10:28
"BR is only showing faith in the youngsters because he has no choice but to. If he didn't we wouldn't have a team as we let all our regular goalscorers leave last season and didn't replace them. We might have looked ok last night when we had the ball in our own half, but were clueless in the opposition half, no creativity until Suso came on."
9th Nov 2012 10:46
"Suso and Brad only at the pitch yeasterday. Coady debut game was ok but he has to look forward to place his first team by hard work and dedication. Future is bright but I reall miss the winning team. YNWA "
9th Nov 2012 11:05
"Overall it was a poor performance. No cutting edge - tika-taka football at its worst. Best summed up as turgid and uninspiring. There were a few positives, but it was far from a dream to watch."
9th Nov 2012 11:36
"We played not too bad apart from the blip by Coates. Second half we were better in the final third. Joe Cole continues to disapoint and should not be given any more playing time. We really need to accept it ain't going to happen."
9th Nov 2012 12:24
"Joe Cole needs to go.."
9th Nov 2012 12:42
"The young lads done OK,one or two of the older players with the more experience must take a look at themselves. too much back passing along the back line for me,I hate it, we have to create spaces in mid field for the forwards to penetrate the last third and we are not doing that. "
9th Nov 2012 13:17
"Thought COADY MORGAN and FLANAGAN did the city and club proud.Played some great footie. Hope to see more of these three. Great to see local lads getting a chance."
9th Nov 2012 14:31
"Joe Cole time is up... or rather was up long time ago. Pacheco should have given more time instead of Cole. And Henderson... his decision to pass the ball when he's 1-on-1 just says it all isn't it?"
9th Nov 2012 17:01
"Yes RedOptimus it shows that the lad is very short of confidence and frightened of making a mistake for fear of being torn apart by our "famous" supporters a lot of whom do anything but SUPPORT."
9th Nov 2012 18:00
"I'm loving all the chances Brendan is giving youth!"
9th Nov 2012 21:51
"I feel it was a major mistake by kenny hendo and a c. Shoud of stayed at there old clubs there not ready for a big club and downing just aint got the bottel for it "