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I cant understand why BR open cards and talking about tomorow tactics???
7th Nov 2012 19:30
7th Nov 2012 20:06
"Give Adam Morgan a shot up front! Want to see him getting on the scoresheets before he comes of age"
7th Nov 2012 20:58
"Keep your cards close to your chest. The opposition and fans do not need to know your game plan."
7th Nov 2012 21:40
"He's hardly giving away his gameplan. It goes without saying that we'd try to close down space for their key players and control the pace when we're in possession..."
7th Nov 2012 21:41
"its going to be high scoring game for sure but all i care this week is Sunday game v chelski and a win is a victory :)that much i know score one more goal than the other one and your there common you mighty reds Y.N.W.A. "
7th Nov 2012 22:00
"brazilian player called: WILLIAN the shahktar player"
7th Nov 2012 22:01
"brazilian WILLIAN who [plays for shahktar"
7th Nov 2012 22:08
"Saying you plan to stop their players having space and to pass the ball is hardly setting out his tactics! Are we going wide, passing through the centre,etc? He's not saying. I hope Morgan gets some game time and we get 3 points(the others draw and we're in a v. good position)"
7th Nov 2012 23:12
"I can't understand how we can go in Russia with that selection of lads and pretend to get back home something from the game! Too many fringe players for me, at least we had to bring there Agger or Skrtel given our proverbial defensive issues! Look at the Chelsea game won't resolve our problems! Anyway best of luck for the game lads! YNWA "
10 gd
7th Nov 2012 23:36
"huntelar ou cavani e LW precisamos de um bom ponta"
7th Nov 2012 23:44
"why should brendan tell the whole world how he is going to approach the game? is that inexperience on his path? i think so"
7th Nov 2012 23:47
"Chucker way game. As you implied Buck, no real goal threats. But like you I'm feeling lucky."
8th Nov 2012 0:54
"Young Reds will roar in Russia....YNWA"
8th Nov 2012 0:56
"I applaud this tactic, 2 points clear we can be bold as Chelsea is the priority on Sunday. Go for it young reds."
8th Nov 2012 1:10
"It is going to be a hat-trick of defeats this week. I hope the young lads prove me wrong because I know the first team won't. "
8th Nov 2012 1:35
"heaven help us! i hope i am wrong.."
8th Nov 2012 1:40
"too many changes, too many youngsters, but good luck young guns,please prove me wrong."
8th Nov 2012 2:25
">> Arhat... that's cause everyone already knows how we play now. So there, to a certain extent, no point hiding the known fact."
Kelvin Malaysia
8th Nov 2012 2:54
"This has a "Lord of the Ring" feel about it and we all know what happened in the end. Come on lads, this is your chance to shine."
8th Nov 2012 6:45
"BR should take into account that WE NEED TO START WINNING.. donno how good the idea of disclosing our strategy is or playing with a younger squad when even our seniors are not winning.. but I really hope our young lads win tonight"
skrtel 4 liverpool
8th Nov 2012 6:58
"We are going to moscow 4 de 3 points. Goooo young reds and make us happy. YNWA"
8th Nov 2012 7:32
"brendan has to improve in the league and seems to feel that he would probably struggle to get a result away from home v anzi so is willing to take a gamble on fringe players, good decision. the lads are deserving of a chance to prove their worth and maybe catch brendans eye. "
8th Nov 2012 7:48
"Sounds like another reverse looming. So depressing."
The Doctor
8th Nov 2012 8:32
"It's going to take more than just spirit. What planet's this guy on? No wonder we're struggling the way we are."
8th Nov 2012 9:03
"Our plan is to get the ball off them, and try and get it into the back of their net! (Ooooopps sorry, I've given our gameplan away...dammit!)"
8th Nov 2012 9:18
"I fully agree with this squad selection. Far too many games at the moment for such a small squad that carries too many passengers who refuse to contribute. Ah, "contribute"! A word that will have the "Rounders Boys" locking up the cheque book."
8th Nov 2012 9:31
"It is right decision play youngsters in Russia....there is possibility to make 1pts...for next stage we need 4pts...we beat YB at home...and if we lose in Russia ...we going to Italy with first team. Chelsea looked tired against Shartar and Sunday should be worse...other hand we should be fresh :)) chelsea-lfc 0-2!!!"
8th Nov 2012 9:33
"can't understand why brendan rests so many good players. surely he is taking a big risk playing a week team.we are not assured of progressing further just yet. scouse dave"
8th Nov 2012 9:33
"Well,it seems to me that BR has already waved white flag at Russia.We won 1-0 with 1st team at Anfield,soit will bw very hard to achive goal with less experienced players overthere.Draw will be VERY GOOD result tonight.YNWA>"
8th Nov 2012 9:39
"Cntd....We could get this draw with 5-3-2 form,only.They are differnet team at home and play faster with more attacks and counterattacks.Once again,our goal need to be -draw.Brave and smart,REDS!YNWA>"
8th Nov 2012 10:01
"he sounds rather nervous and twitchy not sure i like that ,but some good young uns there hope pacheco and morgan get a chance to shine good luck young reds , YNWA "
8th Nov 2012 10:24
"Nowadays, spirit wont see anybody right Brendan, its MONEY. We dont want to hear something about spirit or historical stuff anymore."
8th Nov 2012 10:38
"Tough ask for the young players..i think Rodgers should have sent more experience but it is what it is and young players will have to stand up. In relation to having a thin squad perhaps Rodgers is partly to blame for this..I think its time for him to talk less and do more results wise..anyway best of luck to the young guns. A draw would be a cracking result in my view. YNWA "
8th Nov 2012 10:55
"Good luck in the game lads!! Win! Boys win! As an aside, congrats to Celtic on a brilliant win against Barcalona! Well done!! I bet our Kenny was jumping for joy! So pleased for him. Well done Celtic. "
8th Nov 2012 11:11
"BR is very open with the media concerning tactics and I don't know if it's helping us. Someone needs to ask this question at the next pre or post match interview."
Rush job
8th Nov 2012 12:18
"BR- You are currently dammed if you do. I say fair play for the selection. Sunday is much more important given our poor start to the season. Dani Pacheco for me after Mondays brilliant performance!"
8th Nov 2012 12:34
"it's a good squad idea for me regardless of the result. this season is about getting as many points in the EPL as possible and giving the young players a go and some experience in Europe."
8th Nov 2012 12:41
"Stevie, suarez , sterling at home ...forget 4th spot we aint be there. Rubbish strategy. We will miss out EL final. No medal 12/13."
8th Nov 2012 12:54
"Its a bad idea to spill all your tactics before a game! But Rodgers mouth is and has always been a leaking tap. I am still waiting for his "DEATH BY FOOTBALL" strategy and his 8 SECONDS WIN BACK style. And Michael Ngoo might as well leave LFC now as Rodgers will never look at him."
8th Nov 2012 12:57
"Everytime we play on a Thursday our 1st Team suffers in the next league game so good to see Brenden giving the youngters a chance. I believe there is enough quality in the squad taken over to get something from the game. Sunday is more important.Contd"
8th Nov 2012 12:59
"Chelski had a though game yesterday and will be tired for Sunday whereas we should be OK. Lets just hope that the defense is up for it on Sunday. We seem to be going on about lack of Stikers and goals but this year our defense has been th biggest problem.YNWA"
8th Nov 2012 13:07
"Falcoa, Alonso, Willian, Neymar should be the players we go for because to be the best you gotta compete and these for me are the top calibre players we should have at LFC. I believe it's achievable to sign at least 1 or 2 of these players. I don't want to hear the kind of names being banded about that were last summer like Dempsey! "
8th Nov 2012 13:20
"to all lfc players. ferguson said he is on his way to break lfc records. if you are man enough. start to win games before that comes true"
8th Nov 2012 14:08
"krtech It took Red Nose the best part of his life to break one record. He will not get past our five european les."
8th Nov 2012 14:14
"Are we becoming a weakling these days? The war hasn't even started and some of us r conceding defeat what a joke. If that's your child, will u encourage or curse them. Now I know why we keep losing nowadays.... "
8th Nov 2012 14:57
"BR, personally, can only win with this squad. If we do not lose, then it's a great result. And if we lose, then Brendan is brave as he is giving the young players a chance. I'm afraid that we are throwing away every trophy we are capable to win this year for the sake of saving BR chair."
8th Nov 2012 15:22
"Its Graeme Souness all over again. "
8th Nov 2012 15:55
"you will need more than spirit, lack of experience will be our undoing, but we have no alternative but to keep trying."
8th Nov 2012 16:27
"Ok I know we have Chelski comming up at week end and we are saving ourselves in the hope of stealing a win. Fact is if Chelsea dont beat us they are not the team they pretend to be or we get very lucky. Tonight BR is sending our kids on a suicide mission , lot of good that will do them and our european rep!!"
8th Nov 2012 18:59
"what a non performance! we could have played all week and not scored!! terrible, if that's our future we are in big trouble, not a shot, pathetic! we are going out of this competition, if not this round then the next, bigger teams will humiliate us...gutted"