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What? Really bad! Just 15. I expected at least 50 keepy-uppies from you Oussama! You have to train this skill!... anyway never mind, what matter is that you beat players and whip inside the box good deliveries during the game! There you have not to disappoint us!.... starting from Anzhi game! YNWA Oussama Assaidi!
6th Nov 2012 12:34
6th Nov 2012 12:41
"After seeing what Oussama can do with a football and to the opposition, I am not worried about his tennis skills! Looking forward to seeing him play again for us soon and scaring the defenders! Thursday perhaps!!"
6th Nov 2012 12:46
"No Left Foot!! Shocking for the money they get paid, half my under 13's team could get more than 15 using both feet as well! Lets just hope he can use both feet with a full size ball! "
6th Nov 2012 13:25
"Those trainers look a bit chunky for the keepy up challenge! Get some Sambas lad.Ideal!!"
6th Nov 2012 14:24
"He should get Henderson to show him keepy uppy with a tennis ball - and in return he can teach Henderson how to kick a football."
6th Nov 2012 14:30
"At least we're not paying him £90k per week. We may as well ask Coley to have a go at this, he's doing nowt else!"
6th Nov 2012 15:35
"LOL! the game isn't called tennisball."
6th Nov 2012 15:36
"LOL! The game isn't called Tennisball."
6th Nov 2012 16:34
"keepy uppies are obviously not a measure of footballing ability as hendo has proved so hope to see you more oussama we miss your undoubted ability you should be played on the left with raheem right and luis middle every week "
6th Nov 2012 16:59
"unlucky Oussama, chin up becaucse you had the wrong footwear on haha :)YNWA "
6th Nov 2012 19:20
"Forget this ball skill I am convinced Oussama will shine in a Liverpool shirt it is only a matter of time"
The Naysayer Slayer
6th Nov 2012 19:46
"Thats where we're going wrong. We cant afford proper footballs to practice on.Please FSG buy us some footballs and you will see the lads shine."
6th Nov 2012 22:34
"Probably shouldn't have showed that one. But I do like the guy."
7th Nov 2012 0:24
"What is the purpose of having this sort of records if they espcially Henderson, can't score in the pitch."
7th Nov 2012 14:17
"how many club in the world use this training method?"
7th Nov 2012 14:18
"Look forward to see the kid play in the pl "