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Very promising player with an eye for goal, reminds me of the great Peter Thompson the way he goes down the wing at pace and switches from left to right foot.
6th Nov 2012 8:45
6th Nov 2012 8:48
"hope assaidi gets to feature against chelsea so he can show the world that what hazard can do assaidi can do and do it better! come onn"
6th Nov 2012 8:58
"You are almost ready to be what we need on the wing. You got the move, the pase and the eye for a deadly pass. Just kepp working hard and we´ll be enjoying your game soon on the field. YNWA"
6th Nov 2012 9:08
"Keep working hard Assaidi... would like to see start instead of Sterling in some of the games"
6th Nov 2012 9:18
"Sterling, Suarez, Assaidi in a trio attack is what I want to see atleast until January. BR you need to play players in their rightful position or you're system will not work! "
6th Nov 2012 9:40
"we need use him playing more games and more starts for him, then he'll get necessary form and condition and adapt to EPL"
6th Nov 2012 9:41
"im worried that we might lose SUAREZ"
6th Nov 2012 9:53
"keep working hard Assaidi sir. soon, we'll see you play more and more."
6th Nov 2012 10:16
"This lad is going to be class and even from his appearances in the Europa you can see he plays with no fear, has good skills and pace to go with it. I think right now he is a better prospect than sterling, he should be played more...."
6th Nov 2012 11:43
"Keep positive and you will reap the rewards! Surprised you didn't get on against the geordies."
6th Nov 2012 11:51
"Is it just me or does anybody else think that the players and manager are revealing team tactic too much in the media? It seems to me that its better to keep tactics in secret."
6th Nov 2012 11:52
"The guy's a steal! He has that bit more experience than Suso and Sterling and would probably find the net a bit easier than they do. I hope all three of them get to play a good share of games this season. Great buy!"
6th Nov 2012 12:41
"Johnpaulgeorgenringo, I have been thinking that too. We know they are working hard in training and transferring moves onto the pitch, so there's no need to reveal tactics to the media to back that up."
6th Nov 2012 12:52
"Keep at it Assaidi - you're an exciting young player. Hopefully you'll have a big future at LFC."
6th Nov 2012 12:55
"Very promising young lad Oussama! but to step-up the further level you have to work on the quality of your shot on the training ground! This is the only way which will make you possible be more decisive and find the back of the net with consistance. So an advice for you should be: work on your conclusions! Keep up the good work lad! YNWA Oussama Assaidi "
6th Nov 2012 13:17
"Get some goals in mate!!... We desperately need em! "
6th Nov 2012 14:00
"Can't wait until he is in the first team on a regular basis-with him, Luis and Raheem, lots of skill and pace to go at the defense. "
6th Nov 2012 19:07
"good player got pace and skill, but he aint getting enough games to be honest, badly need another striker if we had got dempsey we would be higher up table but werte holding are own n playing good football, wondering why were playing suso on the wings when he usually plays as a attacking midfielder/second striker? should really play behind suarez and play assaidi on wing "
jimmy liddel
6th Nov 2012 19:11
"keep at it oussamaand the rewards will come,we all appreciate effort."
6th Nov 2012 19:12
" reina johnson agger skrtl enrique allen sahin gerrard/suso sterling suarez assaidi"
6th Nov 2012 19:17
"My line up - reina Johnson skrtel agger Jose , Allen(DMc) StevieG(DMc ) suso(Amc),LS(assaidi)ST(sterling )RT(Suarez)~ tis would b perfect line up, super sub shelvy, sahin n yesil.. YNWA !!"
6th Nov 2012 19:25
"Assaidi has been brought up the correct way to work hard and improve. He will be an excellent player for our team. YNWA"
6th Nov 2012 19:51
"Why do people keep calling him young? He's 24. That isn't old but he's past the young and talented phase. Although he's obviously talented!"
6th Nov 2012 19:57
"Why isn't he used in the EPL? I see him as more mature than both Suso and Sterling. He is forward moving, n pushing the ball back to midfielders or defenders"
6th Nov 2012 22:13
"i believe you can do it.. "
6th Nov 2012 22:31
"At the very least this guy should be coming in as a sub instead of Downing. He's had too many chances, time to give Assaidi one or two."
6th Nov 2012 23:58
"The reason behind Assaidi getting less minutes than Downing is because BR knows transfer window is close, and he needs Downing to play to attract the attention of other clubs. BR knows the only way to offload him is to play him and get other clubs come and knocking our door. I think after January Assaidi will definitely feature more in our starting XI. "
7th Nov 2012 0:13
"We might lose Suarez.. Start playing Assaidi !! I'm sure suso will be class but he is only 18. Give a chance to Assasdi "
7th Nov 2012 5:47
"would like to see a lot more of oussama as think he will frighten prem defences him on one side raheem the other and suso behind luis sounds scary to me YNWA "
7th Nov 2012 6:45
"He should by now be starting games in the league. whats the hold up?"
7th Nov 2012 7:14
"Sign Belhanda to!!!"
The Doctor
7th Nov 2012 15:33
"johnpaulgeorgenringo, revealing bour tactics isn't a problem as we don't have any, just keep on passing until the oppo gets fed up, takes possession and scores. Then panic, keep hitting balls to Luis and hope he gets us out of the brown stuff."