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Anzhi played rubbish in the first half and was just decent in the second. They won't make me scared and won't let me down anymore YNWA Reds
26th Oct 2012 12:58
26th Oct 2012 18:03
"well done downing"
26th Oct 2012 18:37
"Well Stewart although you have your knockers,, your answer is 2 goals this year, from limited game time. Stevie has 1. Our new striker Boris has 1. And then the frightening Goaless Joe Allen. Correct me, are we short of goal threats? You are our strongest 2 sided player, by a mile. What we need is a manager who can utilise the talent we have. "
26th Oct 2012 22:58
"Our current position at top of the group just proves how resilient we are becoming. All the teething troubles will not disappear overnight but to be honest it's hard not to recognise the steady, hoever slow, progress we are making. Rome certainly wasn't built in a day that's for sure, keep it up lds, a win against the toffees is so vital for us, we can do it for certain."
Vosta Lee
27th Oct 2012 0:38
"Well done lads. Make no mistake people, Anji is not a rubbish team. Our lads controlled the game really well. Remember Young Boys who we scored 5 against? They just hammered 3 goals past Udinese. Bravoo! Bravoo!"